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shakes n soups


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shall i write a list of what flavours i want to take with me to cdc tomorrow? im need 4 a day, how many do i need lol?


im off to my in-laws at weekend, going to take a hand blender lol, if i pour the shake into a tub thing, will it keep until i want it? i may get a tetra to try at weekend lol :cool:
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Mrs B

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I'd try all the flavours cos you really do not know which ones you will like. The ones you think you'll like seem to be gross.

You have to drink your shakes within 15 minutes of making them up so, no, they won't keep. Tetras are much handier as they are there when you want them. If you can bear just choc or banana maybe have just have them at your MIL's


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see im really picky about food, so only a few flavours i like, if i post the flavours i like, then you tell me how many to get of each


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Chocolate (also in lactose free)
Chocolate Orange (lactose free)

Chocolate Mint
Toffee and Walnut

Vanilla (also in lactose free)
Soups 7 flavours
Chicken and Mushroom

Spicy Tomato

Leek and Potato (lactose free)

Chocolate Velvet


As you like so many varients, I'd just mix and match each day - keep things interesting. I only like chocolate and choc mint flavours, so I get very bored after a while. The choc velvet Tetra is great when mixed with hot water - makes a velvety hot chocolate!


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i love the strawberry, choc&mint, and toffee
not tried soups as apparently theyre minging lol


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The soups arent to bad actually, I quite like the Oriental Chilli and the Vegetable, I tend to have these in the evening when my husband is having his dinner so I feel like I'm having a normal meal as well,

I'm addicted to the Choc Tetra drinks, each morning for breakfast I pour half a tetra pack into a glass, fill it with water then down it for breakfast then do it again so I have the whole tetra pack plus a bit more water (I struggle with the water so I dilute nearly everything down) for lunch each day I have a Cambridge bar, then in the evening I either have a soup or another choc tetra and for afters one of the shakes mixed with hot water or a mix a mousse for pudding :)

Good luck with going to you MIL's you might find that you'll survive on the tetra's for the weekend as they are quite handy. :)

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