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Hmm I cant stand normal tomato soup, so I wouldnt dare go near that one! However....I just had the oriental chilli soup...and..wow!! Its soooo nice! I love coriander and its loaded with it, I really want a second bowl now but I know I cant :(


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ahhh the joys of tomato! I concur, its disgusting!
I loved the walnut shake, and the banana one, vanilla is nice too... I rarely have shakes now, just tetras, soups and bars.. might re-visit the toffee and walnut if the weather ever improves!


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I don't like the Spicy Tomato either but that might be because it went very wrong when I made it texture wise. I had Toffee and Walnut last night for the first time and really didn't like it, could just about stomach it though.

My favourites are Oriental Chilli soup, Chocolate Mint and Strawberry shakes I think. And the orange bars!
Whats the difference between the shakes and the tetras? Is it that one is ready made and one isnt? I see quite a difference in the price too :confused:


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yeah the tetras are ready made and sooo handy! theyre great, discreet, and make awesome hot choc if you half them and add hot water!
my CDC charges the same for everything, so its all good...
its worth having a couple, theyre so handy to chuck in your bag if youre going to be out for a while..
the chocolate flavour is the only tetra i like though!


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Yup, tetras are ready made, stronger and thicker consistency. I personally don't like them, not sure why. I never liked the choc or banana one but loved strawberry, but then after my holiday came back got some and they made me feel physically sick. They're great for putting in the freezer and having as ice cream though!
Ahh I see...do they have more calories? Can you have them straight away or are they limited for a bit like the bars? xx


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Some people live off the tetras and don't have the powdered ones at all.

I have a few as spares for when I am at work (nights) so I don't have to make anything up. Yep they are a bit more expensive, but they are convenient when going out or at work.

Think they are slightly more in calories too, but not sure on that one. I find they haven't got the powdery taste that the shakes have.

Charlie xx
Both me and the OH live off the chocolate tetras with a bar everyday! We pick up 42 of them from our CDC each week. Its an on-going joke because someone has just joined who does the same... plus others love them so our CDC has a MASS of them delivered.
I haven't tried any tetras yet - I have an emergency chocolate one in the freezer which I haven't succumb to yet, I have to say that I LOVE the soups especially the Spicy Tomato
Love the spicy tomato soup although I did forget a couple of times to make it up according to instructions (paste with cold water, then add hot water) and it was dreadful but otherwise I think its great, I add a bit of black pepper.
When i met my CDC last week, I asked for at least 1 of every soup so that I could try them all.

I have tried all of them and I have to say (Apart from the most vile oriental chilli) I like all of them!

The only shake sachets I have tried is choc mint and that is lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

The choc tetras and the strawberry tetras are soo nice too!

Thanks for the tip on halving the teras with hotwater, I never thought of that!

Guess what Im having for lunch lol xx


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I like the choc mint too, def my fav! I turn it into the shake, a hot chocolate and mix a mousse. Always enjoy it!

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