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Shampoo/Conditioner question

big bear

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Do you use the same brand shampoo all the time? I tend to change mine and just wondered what others did?

Also do you condition your hair?

I've never ever conditioned my hair and its normal, not dry/greasy or anything. Should I condition my hair?

Hello bear! I think changing shampoos is good for your hair! Sometimes cheap shampoos are better than the expensive ones. I sometimes (as I said I vary) use Radox shampoo and showergel with seaminerals (a blue bottle). It is about £1 and for some reason, the salts in it I guess?, my hair is lovely soft and manageable after using it! I would recommend to condition your hair ocassionally and I can recommend to use the ones which come with a hairdye and if you don't colour your hair you can actually buy them at boots or superdrug for blonde, brown or red hair. It is good stuff! Hope my advice helps a little.

Sab x
as long as your using the right shampoo for your hair then i dont see why you shouldnt use the same all the time or change it, makes no difference, but yes.. you really should conditon, its so much better for your hair with reguards to protection against heats, and weather.
I use a Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner as I have my hair coloured, and bleached. I wash and condition it every other day.
Saying that my children all use an alberto balsam apple shampoo and conditioner which is only a pound a bottle at tesco and they love it!
I have 3-4 shampoos on the go at ones and tend to use whatever one i fancy at the time :D

I condition my hair once a week

Totally agree with you! Keep the fun with changing shampoos and condition your hair once a week!!!


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I use LOTS of conditioner, i tend to get through 2 bottles of conditioner for every shampoo.
I believe it is good to change your shampoo on a fairly regular basis, as your hair kins gets used to one type and becomes greasier quicker.
I nicked my housemates today, and my hair does feel better. so will buy a different bran on next weeks shop.
I generally use the same brands, my hair doesn't care what I do really.

I washed it with only cider vinegar and bicarbonate or soda for 6 months a few years back (put some tea tree oil in so I smelt nice after lol). Apart from the week long greasefest at the beginning it stayed in awesome condition, I only had to wash it once a week or so :D

I'm back on the shampoo and conditioner now though
I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner. I don't change brands because the idea that your hair "gets used to" a shampoo has never made sense to me. How could that be possible?


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I hae been using Ojon restorative shampoo and conditioner for the past 18 months - it is the only thing that tames my extra thick and dry hair and I now have shiny hair for the first time

I also deep condition once a week


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I don't change brands because the idea that your hair "gets used to" a shampoo has never made sense to me. How could that be possible?
I think it is about product build up and sometimes changing or using a clarifying shampoo makes the hair look better but it is really down to ridding it of the build up
Mine gets washed once a week or less as it behaves better when it is a bit dirty.

I have just read that back and it sounds awful !!!

I vary my shampoo according to price !!

I always condition though a hairdresser friend did tell me that in his opinion we all oer use conditioner and it is responsible for a lot of greasy, lank looking hair.


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I have naturally curly hair which I can also dry straight. I have to decide when washing which I'm going to be and use the appropriate shampoo/conditioner. (OH says it's like having 2 women lol) :D


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I used to use whatever shampoo and conditioner I liked, but I had a dreadful problem with my scalp, where it would ooze :( Was due to build up, so i now use head & shoulders 2 in 1, and even my hairdresser says how good it is for my hair. In winter though, when the central heating is on, I often use a 'leave for 5 minutes' conditioner, or mud mask, every so often. All depends on your hair type and skin type. I've got very thick, dark hair, and what seems to be a sensitive scalp!


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I always use the same shampoo, but i'm a bloke!

However my ex alternates hers and sticks to 2 or 3 different sets of shampoo and conditioner. Has always said comes out less greasy that way.

lmao when I think about it, I once counted 30 odd bottles of assorted shampoos and conditioners in the bathroom!!!
I asked my mum about this, she used to be a hairdresser and she says that as long as you find one that suits your hair, you are fine to use the same one.

I used Treseme (the purple one) and the matching conditioner and I love it. Doesn't feel "right" if I use anything else, and I wash my hair EVERY day, otherwise it goes limp and feels gross!


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I also change my shampoo and conditioner each time depending on whats on offer, I also do the deep conditioning treatments every 2-3 weeks which makes all the difference for me as my hair is a nightmare with frizz and dry ends!

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