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Attack sharon's diary

Day 1 of attack phase, I'm feel really excited and in finally in control. I've had a miserable few months at slimming world. So I'm pleased I'm feeling this positive.

Breakfast was a 3 egg omelette (no milk)
Dinner is roast chicken breast and leg followed by vanilla muller light.
Tea will be grilled salmon with prawns i plan to rub the prawns with garlic.
Already had 1ltr of water.
need to get some oat bran any suggestions on where to purchase it?
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Tescos or morrisons have oatbran
Forgot to say welcome :) don't be afraid to ask questions on the forum everyone is very helpful


Fighting the bulge
Hi Sharon, replied to you on my diary but have just found yours!! Welcome!!!

I loved SW but had been doing it for 2 years so i knew all the little cheats which in turn stopped me losing and started me gaining!!

The best thing Ive found so far is the motivation from weighin in the morning everyday and seeing a loss!! Im sure it wont continue to be a loss EVERYDAY but it definitly helps from the slimming world scales once a week not showing any difference!!

This isnt the easiest diet ive done but it is certainly the best for instant results!! x
OMG! 3lbs off in one day. Thats enough to keep anyone motivated!! I was feeling a little bloated when I first woke up but feel much better after a cup of tea.
Going to try some fruit leaf tea today and buy some oat bran! Also must remember to read the back of food packaging, as I was snacking on precooked salmon with corriander and chilli from Morrisons only to read that it also was cooked with sugar!! never mind lesson learnt (will cook my own in future).
I have been a bit worried to read that Muller lights are not allowed or are a tolerated item, and i've got a fridge full of them, so will limit my intake to 2 a day then once they've all been eaten search for ff yoghurts that are allowed.

Enjoy your day people :D
Hi Sharon

Well done in the days weight loss - I have also done s/w and like everyone I know the cheats - I think I know cheats to most diets now! I am positive for this one so fingers crossed - have a good day

:vibes: - I am in attack and its not coming off so quick so hoping my vibe smilie gets some good ones from you! lol
hi Charlies mummy and thank you for your smiles and vibes. i'm on day 2 today and feeling really motivated. hope you start to see the results your looking for, keep at it i'm sure it'll pay off. :)


Fighting the bulge
Well done for the loss Sharon!!! What a brilliant start!!!!

I am in the same situation as you with the mullers!! Ive stuck with the toffee & vanilla ones in attack and tomorrow once i start cruise i'll eat the fruit ones (limited to 2 a day) then make my own!!

Good luck for today!! xx
well nearly the end if day 2. been quite surprised how easy its been. Been out for a brisk 20min walk this am, then a not so brisk 20 mins this afternoon. feel quite energised which i didn't think i would do.

my meals today have been
B - 3 egg omelette with lean wafer thin ham, cup of tea with skimmed milk and sweetener, 1 pint of very weak low cal cordial
L - chicken breast and 1 chicken leg, 2 pints cordial made as above
S - oven baked salmon fillet, coke zero
D - extra lean steak mince withe spices going to try and make something with the oat bran to go with it kinda flat bready thing will search the recipe sections more cordial and finally a green tea or two

looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow.
I have a question i'm only doing a 5 day attack do i do a weekly weigh in every 5 days or every 7??
Lol Sharon - I had spicy mince too. Turkey mince going cheap at tesco earlier- put a swirl of yoghurt in it and then 2 chopped boiled eggs. Looked slightly yuk but tasted yum. Have yet to try and make a galette as I expect it may not be great. Just put my oat bran in some f/f natural yoghurt with sweetener actually really enjoying it. Cant believe its Friday tomorrow - its gone quickly and I am still feeling positive.:D
Well done :)

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