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Shell food diary.

S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Up bright an early this morning and feel pretty positive about the day, going to do a body combat class at 10? they always kill me but after the class I'm always so happy I've been x
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Oops missed my class but done 1 hour in the gym instead. Been good with my food so far today,
Banana and apple
1 bacon scrambled egg mush and beans
Some grapes
Left over pasata and veg mix with spagetti
So far so good, not sure about dinner yet the ?
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Wasn't that hungry at dinner so just had a mug shot, might do some slimming world chips later if I get peckish.
Weigh in tomorrow night.. Don't feel like Ive lost anything this week :( hope I'm wrong tho.......
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Wow busy day.... Not really stuck to plan today and I'm being weighed tonight so I'm not feeling so great at the mo.... Here's today's food
Ham and crabsticks
Some grapes
2 hobnobs
4squares of galaxy
Hand full of chip shop chips
OUCH looks worse now I can see it written down, better get ready to get weighed.... I tell u something if I do lose tonight then I'm getting a bottle of wine on the way home yumm yumm xx
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Ok,... So I found my motivation I just need to stick with it now.? been 100o/o all day and I made it tp the gym done an hour and burnt about 500 cals . Am going to try and get up at 6 am tomorrow and do the gym b4 hubby leaves for work... All done before the Sch run ( sounds a little otomistic now I've wrote it down) but ha ho will try x
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Today has been pretty good so far.. Went to the gym this morning and done a legs bum and tums class, when I got back I had a wholemeal ham roll ( no butter) then we went shooing in town, the kids had a mcdonalds but I resisted and ate an apple? got back from shopping and had spaghetti an pasassta,
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Just got back had great time weather is sooo nice, and best of all I've been good with what I ate. The kids ate fish and chips while I had seafood mix... Well done me. Then while they had ice cream and donuts I pulled a banana out of my bag ha ha that saved the day. So all in all I've had pretty much a 100 o/o day do far
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Need to be 100o/o today.. Was ok yesterday went for a picnik with friends, and took all fruit and a yogurt so only picked om a few pringles, it is so hard when the kids r are not at school! got weigh in tomorrow and need to get at least 2lb off so on with today hay ho x
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Thanks Emma! it really helps when someone comments as now I know I'm being watched and will think of that when I'm tempted to nibble on something naughty..
Had breakfast banana apple and couple of crab sticks ( random I know ) been trying to drink extra water this week too, hope it helps so have had two pints already....
G: 10st7lb
Good luck with weigh in tomorrow :) Fingers crossed for you!

Well done on resisting temptation, good idea to 'fill up' with water, I do that also :) Congrats on gym visits and exercising, very inspirational for others...like me!!!! lol

I look forward to chatting with you and reading your posts. Stay strong!!!! ;)
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Hi rainbowrose thanks for your positive post, it really helped to keep me motivated this afternoon.
I've stuck to plan all day today exept one little bit of rice crispy choc cake that my son made! Which was delisious? I estimated 6 sins for that.
Not had dinner yet tho......hmmm maybe il just have a mugshot

Watching supersize bs superskinny very motivating, I wished there was a Chanel on the tv dedicated just for healthy living as it helps to be contently reminded......
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Yesterday went well! Had a ham salad for dinner in the end, was lovely (always seems to surprise me how much I enjoy a salad once I've started to eat it)
Have no plans for today yet need to keep the kids entertained somehow otherwise I tend to comfort eat my way through the biscuit tin. My boy has karate at 4.30 hopefully oh is home by then so he can take him them I can slip an hour in down the gym before weigh in tonight...

Really need to lose that 2 lb I put on last week, would love another lb on top of that but that's just wishful thinking.... Been good all week tho so fingers crossed xx

Good luck with your day everyone
Ps what's happened to the weather :(


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S: 309lb C: 175lb G: 159lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 134lb(43.37%)
I have been eating a lot of salads as well this week, have also been really enjoying them. Well done for all the water your drinking- thats something I need to improve on lol. Good luck for tonight. x
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
I'm bloody starving agh !!!!! Weigh in at 7 tonight woop!!!!!!! yummy steak n slimming chips when I get back, if I lose I might have wine Mmmmmm it's been a while lol
S: 11st4.0lb G: 9st5lb
Woop woop 2 1/2lb off

Ive set myself a target for next week of 3 lb a but optomistic I know.... But its my daughters 13th birthday on sataurday so I have all the family round for drinks and food then out to an italian restaurant on Monday where we r meeting all her friends sp must try hard,

Need all the support I can get... So wish me luck xx
G: 10st7lb
Well done on this weeks loss :) No harm in aiming for 3lb next week, you might surprise yourself! You are doing well, good luck :)

Omwards and downwards :D

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