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Shifting the beer belly..

Hi Folks, it's time I shift the belly and moobs. Have tried a few diets before but nothing extreme like this. Am quite an addictive person, therefore hoping that I can really get into this.

Anyway, 3 days down. I'm weighing each day (is that bad?) since I can't bear to wait a week each time. Kinda nice to see small results every morning.

234lb on Wednesday morning, 2 sachets and a bar each day. 230lb this morning.

I'm not a fan of the tomato or the mushroom but like the rest. Not cheated yet (have just gone out and bought some coke zero now that I know I can drink it).

Anyway, I dont have a specific target. Figured I would give it a bash for a couple of weeks, if I get on maybe turn that into 4 weeks and then see what happens for xmas. In theory if I go 4 weeks on the total solution that lines up quite well for the xmas week.

Some amazing people on this website who have lost huge amounts of weight. I'm never going to be (nor do I want to be) a skinny lad but I hope to lose a stone or two.
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Good luck to you. I've found it much easier than I ever expected to.
Good luck to you
id look at checking your weight once a week
and trust me feels great to see what you have done, and you know your losing cos of like you say the man moobs have gone down lol.
Thanks guys, day 3 complete and it is getting a little easier mentally. I'm not hungry - I actually just sat watching come dine with me without craving lol. A lot less washing up and my bins dont need emptying too. win-win
I guess I'm naughty weighing in daily but it looks to be 2lb loss per day. Going at this rate I will completely disappear in 114 days lol


Doing it exante style :)
Good luck dude :D
It does get easier. Oh and I'm a daily weigher too. Which can be bad at times but as longs you don't let the scales get you down you'll be fine xx
Just realised week 1 is completed. I feel great. Not hungry, during days 3 & 4 I did feel a bit hungry in the evenings but today and yesterday I had to remind myself to eat the evening soup.. Could have even skipped it crazily.

I will do my official weigh in tomorrow but look to have probably shifted 11 pounds during the first week. It will be interesting what I can lose in week 2 since it seems most people see a slow down - we shall see.

I feel surprisingly good. Have had the odd craving but superficial - just kept busy and kept going.

Never thought I would say it but... this isnt so bad.. :eek:

Yeah I know, only first week.
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you've done so well, well done :) my first week was great, but for some reason my second week really hasn't been going so well. Got to remember it's all peaks and troughs.
Keep up the fab work!!
Great start NRG, hope week 2 is just as good.
Good luck with tomorrow's WI xx
Thanks guys, I'm still going.. :)

-10lb in first week. Down to 222lb today so 12lb in 10 days.
Going pretty good. Not hungry at all. In fact, naughty I know but I was working so hard today I skipped lunch so only had a shake and a soup. 10:45pm and I'm feeling just fine. Have started looking at all of that edible stuff in the kitchen with dis-trust.. bad things. will hurt me... stay away.. hmm, lovely safe space-man food.. much nicer :)

As for the soups I have taken advice on here and tend to throw chilli flakes into the soups whilst blending. It completely changes them cos I cant taste anything but chilli lol but are nicer that way.

Have ditched cold shakes and instead mixing vanilla and choc shakes with a black coffee. Really good, if you have not already tried.

Have been a little bad with water during past couple of days, need to make a better effort there. Could do with a nice alcoholic bev but coping.
Thanks for the support guys.

Week 2 is a little slower isnt it! I stayed the same weight for 3 days. Figured it could only go down eventually and notched a couple of pounds lower this morning. Still feel really happy. Bumper pack will be with me tomorrow so going to keep going through December. Have to go out for food and drink on 19th so going to use that day for the start of my food week (couple days early). That'll see me through to Christmas and will then get back onto Total Solution on 27th. I'm happy with exante, it works and Im not missing anything - going to see this through to 200lb. new clothes will be required.. yikes!

Moobs have gone and belly has significantly reduced. Happy days!
Thanks for the support guys.
Moobs have gone and belly has significantly reduced. Happy days!
Yayy happy days indeed! Doing really well. Xx
Nice one NRG, enjoyed reading your posts. Nice and inspiring for me as I'm only on day 3 at the minute, and its great to read nicely documented posts like this :p I think it'll be a bit longer before I lose my moobs though :( but you are doing great, hope you keep it up! :)
My pleasure Aaron.. You'll do just fine. I seem to have hit a bit of a wall regarding fast weight loss.
Week 1 and 2 were pretty impressive with 10lb and then 6lb however I think I'm in a bit of a slow down now. Stood at 218lb for a few days and eventually moved to 217 this morning. I'm guessing I will lose 2 or 3lb this week and prob next. This seems to be a trend for many so not a surprise. Should be targeting 22lb in the first month still - not to be sniffed at.

Does anyone know if it is OK or bad to mix CD sachets into the diet? My wife has some left over from her diet in date still. Seems a shame not to use them..?
Oh look.. my BMI just dropped into the 20's. woot!
Hi NRG3. Congrats on your losses during your first 2 weeks. I was really impressed with the results on week 1 and 2, and for the first week I managed to avoid the scales. However now that week 3 is here I find myself getting up, immediately getting the scales out of the airing cupboard and hopping on them before doing anything else at all. I have weighed the same for the past 3 mornings but have remained 100% TS. I'm not sure that daily weighing is helping my motivation and I know that I WILL lose weight if I stick to the plan. I'm going to try and leave those pesky scales in the cupboard and not get obsessed with weighing every day - but alas, I fear I may fail as the habit is fairly addictive!
Like you I am not feeling deprived on Exante but I'm going to cut myself some slack over the Christmas week and get back on it in the new year. I have already succumbed to a few cheeky glasses of white wine, but as it is keto friendly it doesn't seem to have affected my losses. A few small glasses mind, not a few bottles as would be the case in the past - I probably drank 3-4 bottles of wine a week before getting on the Exante Wagon!
That'll be week 3 done then. I'm on a roll with this.
No cravings.. It's just become the norm.

21lb in 3 weeks - I'm starting my food week or whatever you call it next week.. Not really looking forward to it actually, would prefer to carry on but xmas calls too.

200lb target (-34lb) is def still realistic, I was surprised with such good weightloss in week 3 as started very slowly, 200lb for end of Jan easy me thinks.

Moobs completely gone. Belly significantly shrunk.
I think the 10lb resulted in no visible difference but every llb after is def noticed :)

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