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Should be happy but so sad!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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My mum & dad are relocating because of my dads job. They are moving from the northeast down to south wales. My mum phoned this morning to say that they have sold their house to a cash buyer so hopefully they will be moving within the next 6-8 weeks.

I am putting on a brave face for them but Im so upset. I am VERY close to my mum, I see her every day practically and we speak on the phone 3-4 times a day!!!

I know that it could be worse and they could be moving abroad but I cant get my head around the fact that I wont see them everyday.

Sorry for the ramble just writing how I feel x
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Yes it's a long way away isn't it? My son went to live on the Isle of Lewis, so I know how you feel! Have you got Skype? It's a cheap way of keeping in touch. (So I'm led to believe as I'm a technophobe!)


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skype is a brilliant way to keep in touch, or you could use MSN messenger or facebook and dont forget you can still phone her 3-4 times a day :) i know itll be hard at first but you will get used to it, and you will be able to visit each other every now and then. it might be worth having a little word with your mum and tell her how youre feeling, itll make things easier for you when they do move, hope you're ok love :) xx

big bear

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It's so difficult but as the girls above say skype, msn get a webcam. I've to do this for my parents in Ireland. Hope you're ok XXX (((((hugs))))


Yummy Mummy! xx
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:wavey: Thank you all!

Im feeling a little bit better just need to get used to the idea!

Skype sounds great. No idea what it is but will definatley look into it! xx


synful soul
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You poor thing. Mums are such special people and that bond between mother and daughter is like no other. Your mum probably feels as sad as you do.

Because you have such a fabulous closeness you will never lose your special relationship.

I agree Skype is a fabulous tool and so easy to use, free too.

Do talk to your mum, she might be very relieved that you have opened the subject.

South Wales is a lovely place for holidays !!! The Gower Peninsula is fabulous, the beaches some of the best in Britain.

It will be hard when you are so used to seeing her each day but you will get used to it.

Devon Dolce

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Big hugs hun! I'm very close to my family too and we're emigrating to Australia (well hopefully, if they let us in!) - Skype, MSN, phonecalls, texting etc. are all great ways to stay in touch as are good 'ole pen and paper! Plan in when you'll see them regularly and remember they need to live their lives as much as we do! xxxx

Mrs Harley

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Having been in the USA for a year and having spent the previous 7 years in Ireland, and being away from my daughter all that time I must agree with everyone else and recommend Skype....My daughter is an only child and as I was a single parent we are very close...skype is invaluable for keeping in touch with her and other family members....plus its free

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