Should we weigh ourselves daily?

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by Big-Pudding, 19 January 2007 Social URL.

  1. Big-Pudding

    Big-Pudding Dreaming of being slim!

    Cmbridge diet Sole Source.
    Cant even remember where I read it but am sure I heard to weigh yourself daily, at the same time each day-to prove to yourself that its coming off.
    Is this true as I cant seem to find out where I found out lol
    Also-is morning the best time to weigh in? After all your toilet business(sorry!!!:eek: ) and before the first shake and drink?:confused:

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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  3. sonkie

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    I would say not to weigh every day, I weigh myself on the morning I get officially weighed. I only do this because when I first started I didnt register on the chemists scales.....thankfully I had been to the drs the day before I started and there is 2 pounds difference so I have lost more than what the chemist have noted.
  4. flirty40greeneyes

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    It is recommended only to weigh yourself once a week - or let your counsellor weigh you. This is because your body weight can fluctuate with water retention ... and then you get down if you've "put on" when infact you haven't.

    That said a lot of people do weigh themselves daily ......... and yes first thing in the morning is the best time.
  5. artemis

    artemis Lil' Miss Naughty

    Lighter Life
    Yeah, i weigh every day. Then my counsellor does me on wednesday.

    I also joined weight watchers for the added weigh in (its on saturdays, where i struggle anyway)

    I sound obsessed but im not. :)

    Right after morning trip to the loo, naked is my counsellors advice.
  6. Big-Pudding

    Big-Pudding Dreaming of being slim!

    Cmbridge diet Sole Source.
    Noooooooooo not naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant bare to do it naked.
  7. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    First thing in the morning, after the loo, NAKED:eek: I'm afraid, and take off any jewellery, false teeth, hair pieces etc you may be in possession of! :p

    Be warned though daily weighing can become obsessive and can be upsetting if you're weight goes up or doesn't move one day, and for some people this leads them to fall off the wagon. Your weight does fluctuate and it won't necessarily go down every day. If you can hold on I think you should weigh once a week with your counsellor, but I'm a terror for jumping on the scales so I don't really practice what I preach!
  8. Gray

    Gray Regular Member

    Hi there. I weigh myself every morning and my scales also calculate my BMI and water content. Then I take my blood pressure and heartrate. Then I log it on my computer and make it into a chart. Then I compare the chart to the previous weight loss when I was on Lipotrim last year.

    Obsessed. Deffo.:eek: But for me it helps to see the weight coming off and it keeps me from going off the rails. I could not only weigh myself once a week. It would drive me crazy, although I can see the advantages of not becoming obsessed with daily weight loss.

    For the record I usually lose about a pound a day, but every now and again I will not lose anything for a couple of days. The overall weight loss is exactly the same as it was last year, down to the nearest pound, so if you don't lose any weight it does even out over the course of a few weeks.

    I am off to weigh myself again to see if this typing has burnt a couple of calories. :)

  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Gray you are so funny lol. Well I wouldnt know where to start on using computer to put my weight loss on a graph.....but oh well we cant all be good at everything can we ?

    eh !
  10. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Hi, First of all, when you weigh is up to you, but if you weigh weekly, daily, every other day then its not going to make the blindest bit of difference.... as long as you are doing the diet the way it should be done.

    May sound harsh, and I dont meant to, but hopping on and off the scales was my hobby at first, and then after a while it jumps right back at ya!!! My advice is to stick to once a week, at the same time, I do it Saturday am, after a wee and in my nightie, my scales are in the kitchen so dont want to be wandering around roody!!

    The scales arent the key to weight loss, wether you do it daily or weekely you will lose the same amount over a week!

    Summerskye is a daily user, and it works for her, I am a weekly user and it works for me, its what ever works for you hun, as long as it keeps your head in the right place. (A big loss once a week was best for me to look at!)

    Love x
  11. Russiandoll

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    Vicky is speaking good sense here. Whether to weight daily, weekly or whatever is totally down to the individual and whether they can cope with the fluctuating results.

    Cambridge talks about 'average monthly' losses for good reason - our body weights fluctuate daily (and even hourly) because of changing water levels. Also, with us ladies, we have hormonal cycles to contend with and these can play havoc from one week to the next.

    If you feel you can cope with seeing the numbers on the scales seemingly stall and still accept you're burning fat then maybe you can cope with daily weighing.

    Personally, it did my head in. I went into a tailspin the first time I saw what I perceived to be a rubbish loss and I almost chucked the whole diet in because of it. After that, I got the scales out of my house and stuck with once weekly weigh-ins at my CDC's house.
  12. kazz

    kazz Gold Member


    I weigh every day, after the loo and before anything be honest though, I wouldnt recommend it as a habit to get into.....its a bad habit and difficult to stop once you have started doing it every day

    Seeing the scales do something you dont want them to do can really affect your mood, which is why I have my 'proper' weigh in on a Sunday morning....

    If you havent started scale hopping then please dont....its just not worth the emotional rollercoaster that can go with it for some people....and you might think you wont let it get you down, but you probably will
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