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shouldnt but would (not cd related obv!)


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JEREMY CLARKSON??? good grief lol


jeremy kyle....yes i know thats awful but if he kept his gob shut and never spoke a word he'd be utterly yummy!


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Hmmmmm where to start...lol

Robbie Williams
Justin Timberlake
Will Smith
Chris Tucker
Bruce Willis
Johnny Depp......phoar !

This will do for now...lol.


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its meant to be people who arent considered classically yummy sonya lol. we'd all do ur list im sure :D now admit to the ian mcshane photo by ur bed in the heart shaped frame :p

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
JEREMY CLARKSON??? ....How could you chuckie....lol

Mine is, dare i say

Donny Osmond

I know, I know...but he was yummy when i was younger, MUCH younger...lol xxx
ohmigawd i forgot i LOVE donny osmond!!! tee hee awwww


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lol. i swear im too young to know who u r talking about!
lol im a 21yr old with a crush on donny osmond and jeremy clarkson lol

a rarity lol
william petersen (grissom from csi) phwoarrrrr
Ditto! and Nicholas Cage..... :drool:

Don't know what it is about him, but there's definately SOMETHING!;)
Dennis Quaid - love that smile
Ben Stiller - short & dark, but I think he's gorg.


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bluddy hell! nicolas cage is flipping gorgous! I have the hots for him summit cronic! surely he is truely too yummy to be considered a "shouldnt but would???"


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gawd...and dennis quaid. hes sooooo nice. i have a huge thing for ray liotta as well. dark hair and blue eyes get me every time. to be honest...i only go for odd(ish) looking men. cant stand pretty boys or the classic chisel chin blokies. blech!


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ray winstone


Serial Foodie!
gawd...i could keep this thread going forever with my taste....not to mention how many blokes i fancy lol


The Diet Guy
Dawn French
Penny Smith
Davina McCall
Mrs McClusky from Grange Hill!

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