side effects & general hints from those that know!

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Well I'm getting a headache just thinking about it lol!! Have heard various rumous about the side effects of LL & would be good to have a list here as notice there are alot of us starting and also those with experience! So to those who know what advice would you give people starting out? What was a no no & what was great? Hopefully it will make the road to contentment a little less rocky! Thanks in advance!
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I've been doing LL since 11th January so I'm no expert.
The first weekend I had a headache.
I know some people have upset stomachs, but I've gone the other way and have had a bit of constipation. A sachet of movicol sorted that out nicely!


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Headaches in the first 3 days are common due normally to carb or caffine withdrawal - take normal headache tablets and drink plenty of water.

Tiredness/lethargy in the first week to 10 days can effect some people. Take things easy - don't decide to join the gym yet - and drink more water.

Constipation - again some people get it some don't - ducolax if a one off or very uncomfortable, PHusks if persistant ... oh and more water!

Excessive trips to loo - due to more water!! But does get better.

TOTM - some women stop, get lighter, some women get heavier.

Bad breath - due to ketosis, use gold spot or something that doesn't have citric acid in - oh and drink more water!

Think these are the main side effects - and not everyone gets them (men especially don't get TOTM!!) and if you get some you may not get others. I have read about other side effects like thinning of hair, etc but these are rare.


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I'd really appreciate some feedback from those who are at the far end of the programme, either at or past the 100 days, regarding loose skin.

I'm 30, so I'm hoping I'll still have a bit of that youthful elasticity working for me (some hope!) but I know that particularly on my inner thighs and the tops of my boobs, I have stretch marks, which sends me into a bit of a panic that I will lose all this annoying weight and then have spare flaps of skin all over the place!

So any expert advice very welcome - the more detailed the better!


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Hi Vorlina,

I have done 168 days SSing and lost five stone....after that lost another stone and half and regained back up again and have played around with two stone for a few months.

I am no spring chicken...but my skin for having lost five stone is fine and it does shrink back I found.

Now I am on to lose some more weight, looking at, between four and a bit more before I finish.

I think genetics have to play a big part in it. Having said that it does worry me, it is always there and some times it does upset me to think I might have some loose skin.

But then I have only one of two stay obese or two have a healthy BMI...

I personally feel that massaging myself with moisturizer after having a shower does help as does body brushing...light weights, thigh exerciser...walking and drinking water.

I definitely found that Bio Oil faded the few stretch marks I had. I don't really notice them now as it takes the red out of them.

For me worrying about loose skin is a problem as it has aloud my chatter box to come out and play and really depress me.

Do what you can now and at the end of the day I feel it is a much healthier choices to be slim.

Love Mini xxx

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Thanks all, keep em coming! I got some firming cream today & asked my GP if I could get tummy/boobs done on nhs after I finish but apparently you cant now - unless its essential they've cut down on allowing surgery which is a bit depressing as I am eligible now, never mind in 5 months time!!


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I'm post 100 days too - lost count of how many days I've done. Lost over 6 stone now (oh my god that sounds scarey).

Side effects now are pretty minimal for me. Feel the cold, sometimes have very loose watery bowels (sorry for being graphic), but poos are generally normal . Smelly breath occasionally (I ask hubby to tell me when its bad) but certainly not as bad as the early days of ketosis.

Loose skin - well yes my tummy is still flabby and my thighs and my upper arms a bit, but I still have a stone+ to go. I use Clarins toning or anti eau oil mixed in with Superdrug vitamin E cream (cheap at £2.29 a tub) or Clarins toning balm (expensive but lovely) and that really has helped. My skin is certainly soft and the elasticity is not bad. When I get to goal and maintain then I can review how flabby my skin is. For me its worth a bit of loose skin not to be morbidly obese.

The positive - I feel great - much more energy, my skin is clear, hair is fine, look much better in clothes, feel HEALTHY and in control of what goes in my gob. That is empowering.

Hope this helps.


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Hiya Fish

I finished the diet just over a year ago and still have the loose skin I had when I finished. yes I found that biooil and other products make the skin smoother, softer but even though i drunk 6 litres of water a day, did loads of toning and tummy exercises it didn't make any difference. I am now booked in for a tummy tuck but that doesn't remotely make me regret losing the weight as no one ever died from a bit of loose skin.


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Thanks all...its good to get the low down (literally!) as felt abit like the woman was on more of a sell than anything else! Would rather start informed & know what I'm letting myself in for than be in for a shock!


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These were/are mine...
1. Constipation
2. Headaches
3. So So Cold all the time
4. Lightheaded
5. Emotional hunger pangs
6. Physical hunger pangs
7. Moody
8. Tired
9. Social life put on hold
10. Lots of loo trips

Now I am nearly half way through Foundation the only ones I have left are

1. Constipation
2. Cold all the time

.........but the benefits far out weigh these and they are

1. slimmer
2. healthier
3. more energy
4. new clothes
5. compliments
6. more active
7. happy (most of the time:eek: )
8. in control
9. think alot more about my actions
10. have goals
11. reach goals:D
12. sex life!!!:eek:

to sum up a new ZEST for life, every aspect of it!!!!!


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The first week was the hardest........emotionally for me. The only under side effect I suffered was cold and constipation..........however that was easily counterbalances by bundles of energyxBettyboo


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Hi Toots

I am on day 50 of LL and am still waiting for that increase in energy to kick in - is there anything I can do to get it going? We have 3 flights of stairs at work and where before LL I could run up the majority of them, now I am struggling to walk slowly up them!?!

Any advice would be great.


Sharon x

hiya Slim.... people react in so many different ways when in ketosis. Are you have all your packs? are you doing any excersise? that will really boost your levels. i know when you feel lethargic its hard to get motivated but it really does work hun xxx


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Don't really know slim, sorry. Our LLC did say that to only do gentle excersise to begin with. I would suggest that you have a chat with your councellor. Good luck x


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Right, well I'm in week 4 or 5 of Development now... so I guess I've been doing this around 4 months and a week. I've lost just over 5 1/2 stone so far, and the side effects to date have been:

1) A little bit of nausea in the first few weeks, but only in little waves.
2) Going to the loo a LOT, but also has slowed down considerably after the first few weeks.
3) Wind! From both directions, quite a bit... apparently this is quite a common one.
4) Loose skin - like Mini said, I think a lot of its bound to be genetics. I'm 21 and my skin's a state, to be honest. I will absolutely be considering a tummy tuck/body lift when I'm finished, if the NHS will do it. As a rule of thumb, if your skin was tight before, it should come back to being similarly tight after a few months of finishing.

I think that's about it. None of the negatives come close to the positives, though. Hope thats helpful!


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I dont know how I forgot to mention this... but the side effect I've found most traumatic is the hair loss.

I used to have quite thick hair, and would molt a certain amount every day... but towards the end of foundation (maybe week 11) I've lost ridiculous amounts in the shower and am pretty self conscious about it. No one else has noticed, but I feel a huge difference in the amount thats there.

However, it IS temporary. It WILL grow back, and it's normal for this to happen.