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SilentStrider's Diary


Keep on Truckin'
You may feel like crap now but in a few weeks/months you'll be feeling great! You look like you've got off to a really great start and the pounds are falling off you - long may it continue!!

I find it helpful to keeping me on track to keep a diary although reading back on it, I don't tend to write much about the plan itself - but even logging in here most days is helpful. One good thing about this site is that we are all going through the same things, generally have the same questions and have all been there, seen it and done it! Very unjudgemental which is in itself a great help.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best with your loss! :)
Thanks folks.

Lost another 4.5lbs this week. I really don't know how, I feel like I'm eating for England at the mo.

Just have to say that I'll look like a SW chip by the end of this lol...

Thanks Louise.

Lost another 3lb this week. I can't quite workout though, why I should lose especially after 3 days of birthday feasting on total cr*p food :-s

But beggars can't be choosers. Got to just accept the positives for what they are.

Someone up there was smiling at me this week :)

Only a single lb last week. The diet has gone a bit Pete Tong over the last week or two :(

Add to that, I gave up smoking at 5pm last night. Not feeling too bad, but the withdrawl sysmptoms have kicked in this afternoon.


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