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ProPoints Sinéad's WW Diary :)

Right, i'm going to start logging everything on here to keep me on the straight and narrow. I'm very boring when it comes to my food and normally stay with what's safe and what i know the propoints for.
If anyone does decide to read my food diary i'm open to suggestions on what i could eat instead or how i may do things differently.
I've being doing pro points for 2 weeks. I lost 7ibs in my 1st week, i was delighted with myself but alas it was short lived as i had my 2nd weigh in tonight and i was up 0.5ib. Okay it's not a huge deal but i just don't know where i went wrong. My leader has taken my food diary so maybe she will have some suggestions for me next week. I'm not gonna give up hope yet though! In the greater scheme of things its not gonna make me go off track. I just hate when I've been so good all week to get a gain, a sts i could understand but a gain i don't get at all!!!

Here's to a good 3rd week xx
Sinéad :)
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Hey Sinead,

Welcome to the site. You'll find some fab support on here.
I'm on the WW Discover plan so my points are slightly different to yours, but feel free to look at my diary, i put all of my food on there so you may get some fresh ideas :) I'm terrible for pinching ideas ;)

good luck and I hope it all goes well xxx
we all appear to be november starters :) xxx


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Here to follow, I've been doin ww quite a bit now, gained 2 n half after 2 weeks off plan! Back on track now tho and hoping to lose that next wk! Fab loss by the way, don't worry about the small gain, I'm sure that will b off plus extra next wk! :). Sometimes time of month affects my weight, usually when I'm due xx
oh thanks girls for your well wishes, we can all support each other. I'm so glad i found this forum, i find everyone so friendly and i genuinely want us all to do well xxx

anyway here goes;

500ml Skimmed Milk for cereal + tea throughout the day. I pour the milk into a 500ml water bottle so i know how much i am having. I love milky tea hence i use 5pp daily on milk. (5)
Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (3) Tea (0)
Mid Am: Apple (0) Tea (0)
1 L Water + Sugar Free Squash (0)
Lunch: 2 slices of Pat the Baker Wholemeal Bread (5)
1 extra light laughing cow cheese triangle (0)
Wafer Thin Ham (1) Tea (0)
15g Tomato Relish (1)
Afternoon: Tea (0) Banana (0)
1 L Water + Sugar Free Squash (0)
Dinner: 150g Steamed Potato (3)
Chicken Breast Grilled (4)
Carrots (0)
1 tbsp Ketchup (1)
2 x Tea (0)
1 Rich Tea Biscuit (1)
Snacks: Lidl Linessa Light Yogurt 125g (3)
Tayto Velvet Crunch Cheese + Onion 20g (2)
Small Glass Diet 7up (0)

I am trying to drink 2 L of water a day. I work in an office so i'm hoping if i leave the bottle on my desk i will drink the 2 litres that way on top of the gallons of tea i consume daily!!!
I was so shocked at the Lidl yogurts they are 3pp for 125g, the WW yogurts are 120g and only 1pp. I wont be buying them again as i don't think they are worth the 3pp.

I'm moving in with my BF tomorrow so happy days xxx
well done on your day :D diet 7up is so handy when your craving fizzy drinks I've been drinking loads of it!
Ooh, congratulations on moving in with your boyfriend - hope the move goes smoothly. :D

Your food diary for yesterday looks nice, I find having a low PP pickle or relish in my lunchtime sandwiches really perks them up, hehe. x


Finally Pregnant!!
Hey subscribing.. Good luck with yer weight loss.. I also have a diary on here so feel free to follow n hopefully we can giv each other tips n meal ideas..
I also have a little recipe thread with low/reasobable PP dinners that both u n yer BF can enjoy.. Altho they're low fat/point n healthy they're really tasty n easy to make too which is also a bonus :)
Oh.. Danona Activia 0% Fat yogurts are one 1pp too.. As the WW ones have little r no calcium in them so they'd b better for ya :D (hope ya dont mind me pointing out:) )
Many congrats on moving in with your boyfriend. I moved in with mine in August. He's suffering the Diet with me as well (well only at tea times).

Good diary for yesterday. I'm also trying to get a lot of water in. I have a pint glass on my desk and try to have 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, along with one in the evening. Some days I do it, and some I don't. xxx
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes xxx
Frances thanks for that about the 1pp yogurts. I will have a look at your sites during the weekend.
I'm in a mad rush tonight as a cousin of my boyfriends got married today and we are going to the afters. His parents were at the full wedding. I get on great with them but i had completely forgotton about the fact that it is a family wedding so all his relations will be there too. Appartently they cant wait to meet me ! Help!!! I don't even have a clue what i'm wearing, all my stuff is packed in the boot of my car lol... so much for a nice relaxing move in!!!

Anyway food wise this is what today's diary looks like;

2 Weetabix (3)
500ml Skimmed Milk for my Cereal + teas (5)

2 L Water + Sugar Free Squash (0)

2 Pat the Baker Wholemeal Bread (5)
15g Tomato Relish (1)
1 Extra Light Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle (0)
Ham Slice (1)

Banana (0)
Lidl Yogurt (3)
1L Water + Sugar Free Squash (0)

WW Meal Ocean Pie (5)
Carrots (0)

Total: 23/29
I will use the last 6pp on a small slice of wedding cake :)

I'm driving (my choice) so I will fill my belly on lots of diet coke !!!

Enjoy your weekend everybody, have fun ;)
hiya im same ha posting what im eating to stop me tricking myself, i love that everyone posts there daily menu here, it willl be so helpfull, im so boring when it comes to planning my menu.... usually just buy the ww ready meals cos im ot really sure how to point everything else... anyway good luck everyone and congrats on all the loss so far

Polly x


Finally Pregnant!!
Polly32 said:
hiya im same ha posting what im eating to stop me tricking myself, i love that everyone posts there daily menu here, it willl be so helpfull, im so boring when it comes to planning my menu.... usually just buy the ww ready meals cos im ot really sure how to point everything else... anyway good luck everyone and congrats on all the loss so far

Polly x
Polly if ya don't hav a calculator u can take the calories of an item n divide it by 40, then round it up r down depending wot its closest to. Dnt forget there's no halves anymore. Feel free to ask any q's n if I can help I will :)

Sinead diary looks good.. Enjoy the wedding :)
The wedding was great fun, danced the whole night long and the wedding cake was beautiful. i enjoyed every single morsel of it. It was very cute actually, they had 2 small fingers of cake (1 biscuit cake and 1 sponge cake) in a little box with the names and date on it. My box didn't last long!!!! Was not in bed until after 3.30am so am wrecked today!!

My food diary is as follows so far:

30g Nut Flakers from Lidl (3)
500ml skimmed milk for cereal & teas (5)

2 Pat the Baker Wholemeal Bread (5) I just discovered that 2 slices of the Johnson, Mooney & O'Brien wholemeal bread is only 3pp... always sold out when i go to buy it!!!
1 extra light laughing cow cheese triangle (0)
2 x ham slices (1)
15g tomato relish (1)
lettuce & cucumber (0)
Vitalite 0% fat strawberry yogurt (1)
poured over a handful of grapes (0)
and a chopped banana (0)

I found ice cream in Lidl ... Skinny Cow triple choc ice pop (2) only 93 cals & they are fab!!!

For my dinner i plan to have;
165g chicken breast (4) stir fried with a few sprays of low cal oil (0)
beansprouts, green pepper & mushrooms (0)
black bean sauce sachet blue dragon one i think (3)

i still have 4pp left over so will have 2 light rich tea with my cuppa later (2) plus i have milk left over so will do myself a hot chocolate with the milk instead of water (2) yummy !!!

I'm not in the mood for alcohol this weekend after doing the dog on it last weekend... god i'm getting old!!!!!!

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