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Siobhans Calorie Counting Diary :-)

Hello..! I'm siobhan I'm 24, mum to an 18 month old Eddie and student :) looking to shift some flab.. hopefully this blog will help motivate me!!

My calorie goal is 1600 regardless of exercise etc. I'm currently 191lbs and doing the 30 day shred along side my counting :) feel free to comment! Xx
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Monday 12th September
Net goal max 1600

Milk allowance: 270ml skimmed - 85kcals

Oats so simple (made with water) - 134kcals
Raisins - 84kcals
Coffee using milk ^^

Co-operative chicken and Bacon salad - 270kcals
Activia yogurt - 117kcals
Coffee using milk ^^

Snack pm
Raisins - 42kcals

Gammon round - 189kcals
Egg - 70kcals
Flora cuisine - 99kcals
Beans half tin sweet chilli- 154kcals
Mushroom - 10kcals
Activia yogurt - 117kcals
Jelly - 5kcal

Post exercise supper
Oats so simple - 134 kcals
Raisins - 84kcals
Coffee using milk ^^

30 day shred - 175 kcal approx
1 mile walk - 54 kcal approx

1594 before exercise
1365 approx net

Happy with today :) x
Hi Siobhan

I've just started calorie counting & am the same weight as you now after losing 2lb last week.
I'm finding it really good so far, much better than dieting & only being able to eat certain diet foods.
My calorie goals are 1,200 per day & I'm using My Fitness Pal.

How are you finding the 30 Day Shred?

Gemma x
Heya :)

Yeah I'm loving the shred. Bit disheartened as I've gained a lb this week but I'm figuring looking and feeling at my body this is water retention.

Decided to bring my call down to 1500 to see if it balances out a bit better I can't go.as low as 1200 just yet as I've lost 6st with 2 and a bit to go and need the low numbers for closer to goal :)
Good luck xxx
Good luck!
6st is brilliant! I'm quite a way off yet, I'm only 5'4 so want to get down to 140
Water is such a bugger isn't it?! I'm sure you'll see a bigger loss next week as a result x
Thanks guys! My current goal is 165, I'm large framed and 5ft7 wanna keep *some* curves ;-)

Here's yesterdays menu.
Went a little over but was out for lunch at pub so that considering!

Milk: 300ml skimmed - 102kcals

Oats so simple - 134kcals
Raisins - 84kcals

Lunch (pub)
Sweet chilli noodles with a whole chicken breast - 546
Diet coke

Ww chicken & mushroom risotto - 301kcal
Ww bread - 142kcals
Ww dessert x 2 (whoops) - 346kcal

30 day shred day 13

Total 1658
Net after exercise 1485 approx

Not so bad :)
I must stress before I put up this entry I'm not your 'usual' calorie counter. I give myself the goal of 1600 but actually set MFP as if I were trying to maintain.

Reason being I know my body., I.know my mind, and too much pressure is counter productive for me, just wanted people to kinda 'get' that :) I'm trying to steadily and sensibly alter my eating habits. So just so's you guys are aware to maintain is need to consume 2065 :)

Milk allowance:
250ml skimmed - 85kcals
Oats so simple - 134kcals
Raisins - 42kcals

Sweet chilli chicken noodles - 546kcal
Activia yogurt - 117kcals
Diet coke

Ww risotto - 301kcals
Bread - 142kcals
Yog - 118kcals

Yog - 118kcals
Belvita - 236kcals

Walking - 57kcals approx
30 day Shred day 14 - 157 approx

Total intake: 1819
Net after exercise: 1589

Happy with that xxx
Yeah, I did a similar thing when I was struggling a lot for a couple of weeks. Checked my maintenance and just aimed to stay under that. Really helped me not go haywire!
Defo helps me.. gives me the reality that it might take two weeks to see a loss although today have been measured and have a combined loss of 6 inches In 2 wks with the shred x
Well I'm back!! The good news is I'm STILL 191lbs :)
Went back to slimming world hence I'm stuck where I was!

Got my diary goal down as 'maintain' on MFP and am shooting for below 2060 anything below this is a bonus and should, even if snail speed result in a loss!

Today is Friday, day 2 of CC so il start by adding thursdays food....

60g of special k berries (220)
200ml skimmed (70)

Co-op layered chicken and bacon salad (270)
2 x ww yogs (110)

Ww chicken pasta bake (261)
Iceland BBQ chicken grill (128)
2 x ww puddings (370 oops!)

Snack evening;
Coffee (30)
Ww biscuits (85)
Friday 2nd December

Porridge 28g (120)
Milk 100ml semi (47)
Raisins (128)
Coffee using milk.

WW beef hotpot (238)
Mixed veg (50)
Bread x 2 ww (142)

Cod (230)
Tinned potatoes 1/3 tin (60)
Mushy peas 1/2 tin (115)
2 x ww yoga (110)
Frozen fruit salad (30)

1 x Pear (35)
1 x satsuma (20)
Ww biscuits (85)
100ml milk in coffees (47)

Happy with that :)
Christmas decor up tomorrow.. And lasagne for tea :) xx
Good luck!
Thanks :) those cool dude faces are actually meant to be number 8s.. Lol! Xx
Saturday 3rd december

60g Special K & 150ml semi milk
50ml semi milk in a coffee

4 x ww wholemeal bread
60g reduced fat grated cheddar
Conference pear x1

Indian chicken tikka masala
Boiled rice, chips & some naan.
Mini co-operative cheesecake

Totals out with exercise at 2089 Net.
Just over maintain cals but the best Saturday I've had in a LONG time! Back to between 14-1600 from today xxx
Sunday 4th December

2 x ww bread
I can't believe it's not butter light x 2tsps
50g special k red berries & 150ml semi milk
50ml semi milk & sweetener in coffee

Half pack chicken & mushroom pasta and sauce & 50g quirk chicken style pieces
Muller light & frozen fruit salad

1 x Iceland chicken garlic and herb breast & ww meal mushroom & broccoli bake.
1 x snickers flapjack

200ml semi skimmed in tea and coffee with sweetener
1 x satsuma
1 x sachets of choc orange hot choc options.

Drinks; NAS dilute & water.

Total as worked out by MFP; under 1600 just can't switch between apps curses lol!

Got there in the end! 1581 :) x
2 x ww bread
1tsp marmalade
Cappuccino instant with sweetener

Lunch (out at friends!)
Half a bag mini cheddars
3 x Jaffa cake
2 x cuppas with semi milk

Half pack of co-operative meatballs
Dolmio light
50g boiled wholemeal pasta
Co-operative fair-trade dark chocolate average 28g bar (yum!!)

1 x cuppa semi skimmed milk
Raisins (4 small boxes)

1581 net
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1pm down this week! Brill considering had a take away (accounted for!)

Today's food

2 x small boxes raisins
2 x ww wholemeal bread & icbinb light 2tsps
Coffee with semi & sweetener

30g ready Brek, with 150ml semi skimmed milk
Coffee with semi & sweetener

Iceland sausage hotpot (1/4)
2 x ww bread
2 x ww puddings

Coffees x 2 100ml semi skimmed milk

MFP calculates net total minus some light exercise as; 1381

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