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Size 10 screaming to get out!!


Loves Minimins long time
Right, the first time I did Cambridge, I did a blog and found it very helpful, essential in fact. The second time I did it my motivation slacked and I ended up putting it back on fairly quickly. So I'm hoping that this is third time lucky (although swapped to Exante) and doing all in my power to stay motivated so a diary may help.

So hello everybody and let's all get on with this ridiculous journey so we can get on with the rest of our lives for good.:grouphugg:
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Loves Minimins long time
Received the packs yesterday and have ordered some PH which fingers crossed should turn up soon or I'm going to run into problems. Ummed and Ahhed, considered "am I doing the right thing?", "can I do this again?", "do I really need a VLCD?", "should I go on this at a later date?" etc etc. Tried chatting to Boo last night but no help at all. Nobody else to talk to :( So this morning packed some packs into my handbag and said I'd make up my mind at work. So many things coming up to drink/eat for but then, as always, there's never a good time is there? Always an excuse. Two bank holidays and no booze, hmmmm. Still, I really want to be slimmer for:

1) Weekend in Bristol with old friends mid May (one commented last time "what happened then about the weight loss?" Grrr).
2) Spa day with mum 27/05/11.
3) Party 30/05/11.
4) SUMMER!!!

This does mean nothing at Camden Crawl and potentially nothing for my BBQ/rounders on 07/05/11 but then I can sneak a chicken leg I suppose. I'm planning to do mainly the Total Solution but have some meat and veggies as I go along. It's not really best for me - I did it incredibly strictly with no cheating the first time and cheated a bit the second time and find it crumbles my resolve a little, however my BMI is only just 25 so we'll see.

I eventually decided to have my first shake. I was going to have it discreetly in the event I changed my mind about it all but then everyone in the office said "back on the milkshakes again then?" and then someone bought cakes in (typical) and it looks like it's official. Didn't want a cake anyway....!

So, the verdict? It was a chocolate milkshake and far more "milkshaky" in texture than Cambridge. A different taste - not unpleasant, less sweet and less rich but more filling instead, if that makes sense? I can live with it. I have a choice of Thai soup (my one and only soup for the month), banana or strawberry with me for lunch. The bar looks yummy but I only ordered one as I wanted to see if I liked it first. Might save that for Friday night dinner :)

Need to get FAR more water down me in preparation. I wonder if I'll be able to get up to my 4-5 litres a day I did back in 2006? I'm feeling queasy already which is not good but then VLCDs do tend to make me feel a bit sick for a few days intially so I'll just have to grin and bear it. I think it's something to do with the mineral content? xx


Loves Minimins long time
Aww thanks Dreamingmaid and good luck to you too. I was slightly peeved when everyone at work complained that my milkshake smelled like SOIL??!!! People are always quick to make a big deal of everything here....x


Loves Minimins long time
Right, lunch has been and gone before 2pm as I tend to have it early (need to sort that out as now only one more shake to have before bed time. Might be an early night I reckon. AND I have to concentrate at chiropractic "health talk" this evening). I had a banana milkshake which is very similar to the Cambridge one. Would be nice as a mousse, need to dig out the bit of mix-a-mousse I still have. Oooohh, might have strawberry mousse for dinner. Although feel a bit quesy now....

Boss has sneered in disgust at milkshake already. Ironic really as she did Lighter Life. Everyone is asking all the usual questions and making me feel self-conscious! Why does everyone also have delicious smelling lunch as well on the first day of your diet!

Funny how the old habits kick in as well. I'm sure people wouldn't be so grossed out except that I like picking the lumpy bits of milkshake out with a spoon!! One thing I could really do with is a Cambridge Diet choc-mint, my fav.


Loves Minimins long time
PS Dreamingmaid, I totally LOVE your avatar, it made me die :) :) :)
Hello wow i live in Chelmsford to such a small world. Good luck with exante i find the packs just as nice as cd. Ypu know you can do it as you have done it before just keep thinking that x


Loves Minimins long time
Oh you're all lovely *blushes*. Maybe we should set up a Chelmsford VLCD group or challenge ;)

I'm hungry...


Loves Minimins long time
Day one been and gone, onto day 2. I never find the first day that bad, I know that tomorrow will be the worst! Last night I dug out my old mix-a-mousse from Cambridge which was still in date. Did all the freezing water etc etc from the Minimins site recipes with the strawberry shake but didn't blend very well and ended up with a bowl of frothy strawberry soup with big lumps of globby, rubbery gelatine in it. Absolutely foul. And the strawberry's not all that either. Didn't even finish it. Reckon they'll be hanging around until I've run out of other flavours although yet to try vanilla. Sooo looking forward to my bar tomorrow :)

Woke up hungry but not chewing the pillow. Concentrated fine on the chiropracter last night and he gave my back a massively good cracking :) Man, did that feel better. Chocolate shake this morning, really mixed it in well and the texture is splendid. I think I like the chocolate. It reminds me of something else, not Cambridge diet, but can't quite put my finger on it? Would have been nicer with a croissant though ;)

What is it when you're on a diet you realise how much food is about? Today we have biscuits at work (muffins yesterday). Last night I was offered tea (I miss tea, why oh why can't I have tea :() and a biscuit at the clinic. Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits....A plain chocolate digestive would have gone down a treat but very full of saintly resolve and motivation. Feeling good. Having said that I make myself laugh as I spend one day being strict and then expect to be about 10 lbs lighter ha! I weighed myself this morning and was 1 lb lighter than a few days ago although the scales couldn't quite make up their mind and kept flickering between different weights (I would have liked to take the lightest but took the middle one!).

Boo had sausages last night with spaghetti hoops on toast. I love the way he's reverted into bachelor/student food when left to his own cooking devices. He was very sweet and said he felt bad eating in front of me - I said that it was fine and the very fact that he said that meant a lot to me (previous boyfriend useless and stuffed all manner of junk food into his mouth in front of me from day 1, seemingly oblivious to the fact I was on a diet). Sausage did look good though!

Busy bee this morning. Must get on with some work. Will be back to update after lunch. Thai chicken soup or vanilla shake, hmmmm? x


Loves Minimins long time
ABSOLUTE YUMMO!! I'm a fan of the vanilla shake. And I don't even really like vanilla. This is good news.

More cakes at court sitting there all chocolately and evil.

One thing I am struggling with is the water. I was brilliant at this the first time but not so this time. Drinking more than I usually do but nowhere near 3-4 litres. One nice incentive is the lovely clear skin though. Must get on it more...
Hi Jubbly

I live near Chelmsford too. Is there something in the water perhaps that makes us all a little on the chubby side..........oh no I hear you say it's just all the fattening stuff we all like.

I am on my second week and lost 10lbs last week so hoping to shift 4 this week to make my first stone. As you can see I have a lot of weight to shift.

Good luck with your journey. :)


Loves Minimins long time
Wowee Antari!!! 10 LBS??!!!! Very well done you, I love hearing stories of these enourmous losses. I have always had piddling little losses compare to everyone else but then I have had less to lose perhaps (although lost almost 50lbs the first time and that took me 4 months I think)? I lost 3lbs in the first week the first time I did it but then weirdly tend to lose more in the second week?? Hope you lose 4lbs next time but if you don't, it's only a matter of (a very short) time! :D

As for Chelmsford, I can't blame Essex entirely as I has moved around a lot and this is not where I'm from. I have got fat in Marlow, fat in Bangor and fat in Leicester before. The only place I managed to stay slim in was Suffolk!! As soon as I moved here there were a lot of changes in my life, including a significantly reduced social life (still trying to work on that) and a job where I am in town and can buy ANY food I like at lunch, combined with an office tuckshop......So I can sort of blame Essex but essentially the blame lies at my feet for being so damned uncontrolled when I'd kept it off so long!! xx


Loves Minimins long time
Oh. I just had a sad thought. I thought seeing as Boo got paid today and was in a foul mood this morning (due to me oversleeping and he's droppping me off at work currently, whoops) he might want to take me out for a drink, dinner or cook something nice for us. Damn it. I forgot. We shall have to come up with another sort of entertainment from now on ;). Not looking forward to watching him inevitably getting drunk tomorrow night. The one most dismal thing about being on this the first time was watching my partner get ar*eholed every weekend. In fact I think that kind of put me off my boyfriend a bit last time and then when I'd lost all the weight, he was done with. Poor him, having your girlfriend turn into a hottie after years of parading an elephant around only for her to leave you...Such is life.....xx


Gold Member
Welcome and Good luck - your thread is making me :giggle: and :drool: (avatar) in almost equal measure



Loves Minimins long time
Thanks Toots, I love your behind ;) Gosh, don't you just wish your bum looked like that (actually it may well be your bum in which case lucky you, but don't lose that 14lbs!!)? Mine certainly doesn't. It's not aided at the moment by a great big lumpy mosquito bite on it :(

Day 2 is becoming a struggle. Day 3 tomoz not looking forward to at all. I had my dinner tonight at about 6.30pm, far too early. I had a hot chocolate milkshake which worked nicely actually. Tomorrow I'm off to prison to do a full assessment so figured I might have half my bar in the morning for the long drive and the focus I need.

I'm very cold but doubt I'm in ketosis yet. It's just this cold house brrrr. Boo is gardening outside whilst I'm here trying to maintain good posture and reading in an attempt to not think about delicious food. The Dice Man, Luke Rhinehart, is very good. If you think a VLCD is mental, he lived his whole life at the roll of a dice! Craziness! xx


Loves Minimins long time
Oh, oh, oh, I'm soooooo excited. I just remembered I can have a cup o' Bouillon which is knocking around in the pantry somewhere. Mmmmm, lovely vegetable stock :D xx


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I love the thought of your excitement mounting as you hunt for your bouillon......... lovin' the diary...... another one to keep up with! Diaries and the arcade make up much of my entertainment while I avoid the telly and those darn blerdy ads not to mention the food porn. And yes, the most shocking thing about doing a VLCD is the realisation of just how many times we go to eat in a day........ ah well, retraining should fix that (????)


Loves Minimins long time
Sometimes I wonder if you can ever really re-train your brain to prefer mung beans and wheatgrass juice over pizza and maltesers but I'll keep on trying...! I had forgotten all about the Bouillon as I just got totally immersed in Facebook for a bit (how does that happen?) so I'm off now. Wish me luck - it's hiding somewhere behind crackers, cereal, cake mixes, tins of tuna, gravy powder and chocolate spread....xx


Loves Minimins long time
Mmmmmm, bliss :) :) :)


Loves Minimins long time
Day three oh why are you so awful?? Couldn't sleep at all last night then woke up with banging headache (not unusual though, may not be related to diet). Long old drive to Kent, felt very funny on the way, like I was getting hypnotised by the traffic. Had my bar in the car on the way and have to say I'm impressed. Totally different to the Cambridge bars which appeared to be made out of that stuff you fill holes in walls up with and lasted 2 seconds, this was almost like a big rice krispie cake. I love choc orange anyway so the taste was good and it was nice to chew something. Still that weird almost "floury" texture when you swallowed but then that's because although it looks like an innocuous rice krispie cake it is full of secret strange ingredients. I am ordering more of these for defo though.

Just been to the loo. Wish the PH would hurry up in post.

Had vanilla shake for lunch very late as got stuck in traffic on way back. Was practically chewing arm off. Then we had a big long talk about what food we'd have for our "Death Row dinner", I think mine would be a loaf of Tiger bread and a pack of Lurpak!! Didn't help distract me from my hunger though. Roll on ketosis!!

I am off to Colchester tonight to watch a load of people get drunk. That'll be fun. At time like this I wish I had very sensible friends! xx

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