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Size 10 Skirt Chuckle! Still laughing my butt off! :)


WILL be Slim!
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ok, so i'm an AVID ebay shopper....
I get as many clothes off there as possible, some are fabulous, others not so fabulous!

So, i won this lovely Next black skirt with super big bright flowers on it...size 10! It arrived this morning, i tried it on, it was a little snug over my hips but still fit and i decided that i would be wearing it to work tomorrow morning..only to then take it off and see the label!

SIZE 8!!!

I cant believe for the life of me that i just tried on, did up and paraded round in a size 8 skirt from Next!
There is no way on earth i'm a size 8....but do you know what? It just goes to show how wrong clothes sizing is!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Still chuckling!

Not bad considering i was an 18 4 months ago, and a size 24 3 years ago! :D:D:D

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fantastic enjoy walking around in a size 8 you have worked for it
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Hi Lizz - I love reading your posts, it's like I can hear the enthusiasm jumping off the page and spuring me on!!

Congratulations, size 8 - VERY impressed!! :) :) :)


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Woohoo!! Well done!!

I always thought Next clothes were quite small... mmm, strange that?!

(Not that I would know mind you - I gave up even looking in Next a LONG time ago).

But i did buy a pair of white size 12 trousers on the weekend - and they fitted and everything!! I was quite pleased with myself.

Size 8 tho - that's some achievement!! Congrats!!

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Well done Lizz.... Next and warehouse are slightly more generous with their sizing.... But you are in an 8 whoo hoo, you'll be in an 8 from Jane Norman soon lol



One day at a time!
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OMG, can you wear it with the label hanging out?! Or inside out? I would, LOL. Congrats:)


Enjoyin' my journey....
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It it says 8 then it is 8 Liz! Huge congratulations, whenever I see your posts I just hope I will be telling your stories to others on MM in a few months time. Tx


Happiness in a shake!
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If it looks likean 8 and talks like an 8, it is an 8!!!!! well done, enjoy and shake your size 8 ass all over work tomorrow! x
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I cant wait for my post to say 'I'm a size 8!!!!!!'.

If I were you I'd wear that skirt to death. lol.



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Yay, briliant stuff Liz. That is your secret is it, laughing your butt off as well as sticking religiously to CD??

Enjoy the skirt...
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Size 8 NICE!!!! U go girl lol xxx


can see the end in sight!
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Well done liz! Amm, warehouse are NEVER generous with their sizing!


is back on it...
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Congratulations... !... you have worked hard for it.. :) xx
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Must be my shape!!! I can get into sizes in Next and warehouse and not in other places even Marks!!!! Must just be me!


size 8 skinnies ..yesss!
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Well done huni ... you should be dead proud an 8 is n 8 shout it off the rooftops i would !!! :eek:)


please try again
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wow size 8! whats that like?


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
wow size 8! whats that like?
the skirt or the feeling of being a size 8? lol

The skirt is black with big bright flowers on, its lush!

The feeling....shock! lol! I stood there mouth open for a good half hour holding the skirt looking at the label just in case it changed!
ha ha ha

I am indeed wearing it today though, and it looks good if i do say so myself! but no way on earth will i get in any more size 8's!!!


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