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Size 18 to 14 (In Jeans)

I'm currently a size 18 and fed up of my unhealthy lifestyle. I'm unemployed and rarely leave the house.

I despise going shopping for clothes because I can never find trendy clothes that look my age (21). I've been on numerous of Plus Size Websites, and the style of clothing on there just isn't me. I always get down about wearing boring clothes that just make me look alot older hence why I don't like leaving the house.

Republic and BANK clothing have some really stylish stuff (Cuffed chinos with braces, cuffed jeans etc) that would look really nice tooked into my Adidas Hi Top trainers however, the sizes are 14 and the ocasional pair of jeans at a size 16.

It's coming up to Christmas, and because of my lack of clothes, I will be getting some new gear which is going to be incredible hard. I've recently joined the local Gym and I'm hoping I could go from a size 18 to a size 14-16 by Christmas.

My Question is, is this a realistic goal? How much stone do you need to lose to go down a size in jeans?



In tops, I am a size 26. (Big boobs). Again, the clothes on the Plus Size Websites are just not me. The hoodies are awful with glitter patterns, and rubbish patterns in general.

The coats and jackets are dreadful! I had a chuckle and thought I wouldn't be seen dead in any of these. Then the chuckle turned to depression. It's really hard finding things. I'm not really a girly girl either.

Again, BANK and Republic have some gorgeous hoodies and jackets.

I know I need to seriously slim down.

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it is tough, and i can't think of anywhere that sells you style (hoodies etc) in plus sizes. You could look at Joe Browns which sells through the Simply Be catalogue/website, and perhaps ASOS curve if you wanted something a bit more 'party'.

regarding dropping dress sizes, i have found there's about two stone between sizes, although for very slim women the difference is more like a stone.

I don't know if you're on a diet as well as your exercise regime, but most diets, plus regular exercise - can hope to lose about 2-2.5lbs a week. VLCDs (very low calorie diets: food relacement products like Cambridge diet or exante) average a stone a month (more in the first month), but you have to give up eating and alcohol.
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Hi Kimmeh

Wow you sound like me sooooo much... I hate shopping that bad I try to send my husband to do mine or just live in the same rubbish.... I find next quite good for following trends and providing the sizing but it's each individual

I'm trying to drop a dress size by y Xmas. Party on 17th december and so I've hit the gym again and begun eating sensibly.... I'm not even sure I'll drop a dress size but hoping to lose 14lbs in 6 weeks .... Im currenty an 18 all round in clothes

If you Wana keep eachothers momentum going I would love a buddy??? My hubby gets tired of hearing the weight loss talk and me whinging about clothes etc and I wish I didn't have to go to the party but he is forcing me!!!!

Good luck with your journey

xxx Laur
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I've gone from a size 18-20 to 16 after losing three stones (It's taken me since Feb but I'm a lazier dieter so I'm sure others could do it quicker!)

I'm 5'9" and the same size on the top and bottom with big chest and big hips. I actually tried on those Soul Cal chinos with the braces in a size 16 - they buttoned up but they were very small fitting at the time (I've lost maybe 5lbs since then). I got a men's pair from USC instead - because I'm tall I can wear the blokes ones and they look good - there is a lot more variety aswell, the cuts are better and there is more stuff with the drop crotch (which I know lots of people hate but I love). Men's trousers may not be a possibility for girls who are shorter or pear shaped though.

I totally agree with what you say about women's clothing, especially plus sized clothing - it is awful, covered in hideous embellishments and seems to be aimed at women who like to dress the exact opposite of me. If I could burn every floaty, long-sleeved chiffon tent of a top designed to make every fat woman look repulsive, I'd be so happy! :D

Even when I was bigger my philosophy was to try on everything I liked - ignore the size on the label, if you like it and it looks like it might fit, try it on. If it doesn't fit or looks bad, it's no loss because you wouldn't have ordinarily tried it on anyway. I have clothes in all sizes from all shops. A lot of tshirts are designed to be long and very loose fitting, so they will just look like a more fitted tshirt on those of us who are a bit bigger. I wouldn't wear anything ill-fitting, but if I like something I will try it on and see if I can make it work. ASOS Curve do some decent stuff too. Ooops, another long post from me. Sorry for rambling on.


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I'm a size 26 as well - I get my hoodies from sports shops, mens ones. Some of them are a bit manly, obviously, but not all of them! You can get quite a lot of stuff - if you're into that sort of style - from there, and not all of them are expensive.

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