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size of fibresure capsules

Hi I noticed on some of the other forums that some of you were taking the fibresure capsules. I have seen them and considered taking them myself but saw on the bottle the warnings about choking and difficulty swallowing. I don't have any particular difficulty swallowing but am really bad at taking capsules and tablets (fear of choking I suppose). Beyond a certain size and I really can't cope with swallowing things. I wondered if someone who has taken them could tell me how big the capsules are so I can judge if its within my limits. I didn't want to buy them and then find I'd wasted my money because they were too big for me to swallow. I'd rather take capsules them the fibre sachets made up with water or mixed in food. Thanks.
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Must admit I haven't taken the capsules, but I wouldn't expect them to be too big. It's just that that they always put this warning on this type of pill.

If I remember rightly, it's on the psyllium husk one too.

They are covering themselves as if the pill did get stuck and you drank water...obviously it would swell and could cause a problem.

The chance of it happening is probably very remote...but as I say, they like to cover themselves.

What is the problem with the powder. A teaspoon in your shake or bottle of water seems a good idea. It's totally tasteless, clear and disolves. You wouldn't know it was there.

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