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Skin Question


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Hello, This is just a general question about my skin..

Ok for the past couple of years, I have noticed that I have got what looks to be a rash down both of my arms, it is mainly the hair follicles being red, not ichy or infected, just red.. Like tiny red pimples all over my arms, mainly at the top of my arms.. Not painful or really severe, but it makes me hate getting my arms out..

Could this be due to me putting on weight?
As I can never remember having this when I was younger?
Does anyone else suffer from this and know how to get rid of it?:confused::confused:

Any help would be fantastical!!!

..Ohh 2nd week weigh in tonight too!.. Don't think I've lost loads cos I feel abit bloaty today... but ahh well, I'll be happy wih 1lb!;)

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I have the same thing - their ingrown hairs, I get them on my arms and legs quite a bit. Their not the kind that grow back into the skin, but they kinda fail to grow through, sometimes they occur naturally if you have curly hair, or if you eplilate or wax or just because their being difficult!

I find exfoliating with a good body scrub works wonders - the body shop cocoa butter one is awesome but any will do really, gives the little blighters a chance to grow through. Moisturise after exfoliating.

If you have some really persistent ones try a cream/moisturiser with an AHA glycolic acid content, no more than 10% - it's natural fruit acid and it works by ungluing dead layers of skin from the top layer - stuff works wonders! on the highstreet a tube will cost about £40, but stuff those guys - go to brintherapy, they to a great AHA Glycolic acid cream for £9.50 for a 60ml tub which goes along way and has worked wonders for me. You cn also use it as a fce cream, but if you've never used glycolic acid products before, make sure you do a skin test and leave 24 hrs before applying to large or sensitive areas.

Hope this helps hun x


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i have the exact same thing and have had it all my life. not sure if it's to do with weight as i have been obese my whole life (apart from about 5 minutes when i was 11 and had a growth spurt!)

I have been to the dermatoligist in australia and he said that it was a hereditary condition and skips a generation, so my grandma had it byt my parents dont.

there is no cure apparently but he told me to get some Cetaphil Welcome to Cetaphil® UK as it can reduce the redness etc. it worked for a wghile but once the first tube ran out i never bothered to get any more as i was too lazy! but i will have to get some more.

i think i also might get a second opinion as it was about 10 years ago that i went to the dermatologist and there may be something that works better now.

hope that helps!


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S: 12st1.1lb C: 11st9.1lb G: 9st6.3lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 0st6lb(3.55%)
oohh wow thanks for all the help guys thats wonderful.. I shall check them out!!!

Once I get skinny arms.. I don't want to be hiding them all the time do I?! ;)

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I've suffered with this all my life and I was a skinny little thing in my early teens (what went wrong??!).

I find exfoliating 2/3 times a week helps loads. You shouldn't do it every day. I use any of the body shop body scrubs in the shower. They have gritty bits in, I just use it with my hands.

It makes your skins feel so soft after. I then finish off with a body shop body butter.
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I've had it all my life too. Apparantly its dry skin but it doesnt matter which moisuriser I use it never goes away!


Look! A shiny thing!
S: 18st2lb C: 12st12lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 5st4lb(29.13%)
Oops... hehe

did a little research after replying to your post and it seems that it's not the hairs (blasted little things) but may be a condition called Keratosis Pilaris, apparently very common, spontaneous in developing and occasionally clearing, can be hereditary and dosen;t have a "cure" as such.

Don't despair though - we're in the same boat and the glycolic acid and exfoliation has worked for me and otheres, so it might be effective for you - best bet is to google it now you have a name for it and see what works for you

and there I was cursing the epilator :rolleyes:


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S: 12st1.1lb C: 11st9.1lb G: 9st6.3lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 0st6lb(3.55%)
ooh thats quite interesting.. I had a look at that, and on one side it said go to the dermatologist and they'll sort it with some cream..

I emailed a friend of mine who is a skin specialist and they suggested Retinol A cream.. cocoa butter or.. sunlight! can you believe, I'm probably making it worse by covering it up.. Next time there is sunshine.. due in this country about 2011.. I shall get my arms out!!!!!

thats for giving me the name Flaming Avine!



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My daughter has it and she is a perfect 9st and size 10 never been fat. Nothing works. Doc says leave it as it doesn't itch. Looks odd though.


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i have the same thing. it's pretty common and it is caused by the skin being too dry. apparently sunlight helps, so stuff like sunbathing is useful (well, probably not easy this time of the year:D), u can also use hard sea salt and exfoliate the skin with it, and i also used a special cream (bought it in Poland tho so don't know if u guys have smth similar), it is unfortunately based on urea, which sounds disgusting but it's pretty good stuff. it re-hydrates the skin.

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