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Hello to everyone!

I'm new to the forum, so apologies if their has already been a thread on it. But i was wondering if anyone has any advice/tips/stories or personal experience, regarding loose skin from rapid weight loss. I don't have any yet but it is a constant worry in my mind that I'm going to end up like a shriveled up prune! So if any of you can recommend good tightening creams or special exercises etc... or any personal experiences would be great to hear! :D
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Winning a losing battle!
I've been doing toning exercises since week 1 and yes, I do have some saggy skin but not a scary amount.

I also use lots of body lotion (various types) and am going to start using bio oil although it is very 'oily' so not to sure if I'm going to get on with it!!
Exercise helps a lot. And the younger you are, the better your skin 'bounces back' Creams & lotions can help the look of your skin, and they can make you feel better, but they have very little effect on shrinking your skin back into shape. That said, I'm using Soap & Glory's Firminator, it smells great & feels lovely & tingly.:)
I know I'm going to be left with a lot of loose skin. But I'd rather have bingo wings than be still trapped by my weight.


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I don't know whether this works for everyone but I did read somewhere that for every stone you lose you have to give it a month to see what you are going to end up with longer term on the skin front. So if you lose five stone, give it five months from the end of the diet and skin will in that time shrink back about as much as its going to. Age is on your side if you are younger, but tbh a lot of it is genetics - how much collagen you have in your skin and how elastic it is, etc.

Having said that you can help along the way: salt scrubs and dry body brushing can help improve circulation and external skin condition. Keep hydrated inside and out - any body cream will do - apparently there's no magic bullet in the posh expensive ones so you may as well use basic cocoa butter or similar. Bio Oil is great but it IS greasy so you only need a little bit, or put some in your bath.

Exercise helps as well - walk as much as poss, and do some toning exercises; swim.

I am going to get some Bio-oil. It doesn't sound much but I have become very concious of 3 vertical lines directly under my chin. I know directly before starting this diet I had bloated up and had a double chin but as that was only for a matter of weeks I didn't expect to have what look like stretch marks on my neck. I couldn't care less about marks anywhere else but these are making my neck look old and I don't like it.
Got my Bio-oil and WOW I noticed a difference as soon as I put some on compared to moisturiser so If I use this twice a day then I think I will be happy!
Ive been trying nivea my silhouette, its meant to reduce your body by 3cm and tone u up. Its nice as its a gel, so soaks straight in! Il keep up with it until the end of the tube and see if i notice any difference.

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