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Sleep Eating does anyone else do this?

I have been doing this for years then it stopped for a while now its back along with my sleepwalking fell down stairs 2 nights ago, the last few weeks it has happened about 10 times although I seem to be having a alpen bar or piece of fruit rather than half a pack of biscuits or some lollies from freezer and the freezer is outside lol I dont remember what i eat until i see the wrapper the next morning on kitchen worktop or part of the food stuck to me in bed. I am 100% on plan every week but so scared that the nightime eating will put me off track xxx:break_diet:
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Scary what your body can do to play tricks on you!
Is there anything the doctor can do to help you sleep without walking? it could be dangerous if you fall down the stairs...
Hi Prawn
Have been to the docs before and she has said there is nothing she can really do if she gives me sleeping pills then it would make me more drowsy and and if i do get up to walk will do more damage, I stay with my gran a few nights a week shes 95 and on sunday I woke up in 3 different places didnt remember how I got to any of them lol
The sleep walking I can cope with its just the eating that seems to be on my mind
I don't know what you can do. You can hardly shop on a daily basis so you have nothing in. It would be difficult to just keep SW friendly foods in as well.

This is a tough one.
If you are worried about going over syns, why not see what you have eaten overnight, and then take it from your daily total? eg. If you have eaten an Alpen Light, either take it from the next days HEXB, or take it from your syns. So you would start with 12 syns for the rest of the day, rather than 15. If you don't eat anything overnight, you would then have your full 15 for the next day.

Thanks Filly and Lone
My head seems to understand that I cant have certain things ie: having alpen light or fruit just afraid my mouth will take over from my head have taken keys out of back door at night to stop me going to the freezer lol

thanks xxx
Hi Shell
I have a stairgate on to keep the dog downstairs through the day but I still manage to open it and go down its a blooming mystery, my gran lives in a bungalow but when I stayed the other night walked into 2 wall and a door that wasnt long waking me up lol just hoping it will pass again fingers crossed xxxx
i would get a combination coded padlock on the bedroom door, i am sure that would stop you walking out onto the landing and also sleep eating!

Its a terrible thing sleepwalking - can you get hypnotised to stop it???

Sending you lots of love xxx
Thanks Avisk will go and see doc and give it another go feel so bloody stupid at times

hugs xx
Good for you. A friend of mine had a sleep disorder (not the same as yours) and had to bully her doctor into referring her to a clinic. Once she got there, she found that her problem was easily solved. I am not promising that for you, but it is so worth trying. My friend had been suffering for years and was so relieved to find a solution.
Hi hun, I'm a sleep walker too but I usually just wake up in the corner of my room. Thats awful about you being a sleep eater as you don't even get to enjoy the food!! Hope you can get some help through your Doctor xx
Poor you eating something and not even having the pleasure of enjoying or remembering it lol.
I agree that you need to go to a sleep clinic to get it sorted.
:) It must be very frustrating for you hugs x

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