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it doesn't get rid of fat but will tone your muscles which will pull it all up a bit, and toned muscles use up more energy than saggy ones.


Skinny Soon ?!
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Well after buying one on ebay - I jolly well hope so!

I must admit to having bought it a few months ago now. I used it for about a month every night but my belly is so big it's hard to tell if it worked. My muscles did feel like I'd had a work out afterwards though.

I am going to get it out of the box this eveing and start doing it again.

If you stand in front of the mirror and pull your stomach muscles in you will see that the overhang bit goes upwards. Well it does for me anyhow. So I am hoping the same will happen with loads and loads of slendertone use.

We can but hope ehhh!:)
What I would ask of slendertone... is that it will help me avoid a huuuge pouch of saggy skin below my belly button...

I hoped that with weight loss and using slendertone daily it would kinda tone as it goes??? thus... eventually leaving me with a nice slimmed down tummy! :) (and no overhang)

I am concerned about forking out £100 (cos everyone seems to recommend the flex max one)... so at present I have decided to do a load of crunch exercises... Do it the old fashioned way???

What do you think?