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Slimbridetobe's count down diary

Hi all, thought I would start a diary to keep me on track for me wedding in dec and the diet.

Today is my second day on attack, i have ate

B: ff yog
L: chicken, yog
D: seasoned steak and 2 eggs
w: 1.5 litres

I naughtily got on the scales tonight but after I had ate and was up my start weight is 13st 5.5 and i was 13st 6.3 but I usually weigh in the morning so i am taking this gain as not a true weight.

I have been struggling to lose weight for years and have 2.5 months until my wedding and really want to lose ideally 2stone but i have no idea if this is acheiveable so anything would be a bonus.
Tomorrow I will be back on the exercise bike and will up my water to min 2 litres, on the plus side i dont feel hungry.

praying for a good loss on saturday as this will be 6 days on attack, the only down side is it will be totm next week and i always notice a gain/bloating a week to 5 days before.

heres to being a slimmer bride :)
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello there - I just posted on your other thread re your target etc...

Where is your oatbran? your ff yog is which brand please? not a great breakfast. Your "seasoned steak", you seasoned it yourself? With what please? How did you cook your chicken?

Questions questions but I know you're in a hurry, so let's get this right, so try to be more specific with your menus please so that no errors slip in.

Did the official website advise 6 days attack? Seems a lot at your weight.

Welcome, and please check our FAQs if you haven't already
Hi there

Thanks for replying again and for your advice, this site is great for that.

My yoghurt was a muller vanilla, my chicken was the left overs from the whole chicken i brought but i had this plain and the seasoning was garlic and paprika

I didnt have any oatbran yesterday as it only came whilst i was at work and i dont get home until 8pm so oh wasnt sure what he was doing with it, but i have printed off recipes and have them at hand ready for today.

The website said 5 days but as it is soon totm i added an extra day to help speed things up hopefully tho i got on the scales this morn and i was 13st 5.8 and i am now 13st 4.3 so not a massive amount in 2 days - do you think i need to change what i am eating?

so far today i have had my litre water and starting on the second, have had chicken again - i know people say i will be bored but i have added a mariade i saw on here with 0% yog and for dinner i am going to make the meatballs and something with the oatbran.

I know i dont have long until the wedding but realisically do you think i could shed?

i am also going to do 30mins on the exercise bike, i would walk but i start work at 8am and finish at 8pm so 12 hour days 5 days a week is a killer and i do do 2.5 hours of manual work

thanks again


** Chief WITCH **
If you can produce something nice with your oatbran for breakfast (galette or muffins or "bread") perhaps, that will pad out your breakfast which is a little light. Otherwise looking good. Careful with the yoghurts, as he is now reticent about the Mullers he previously approved of, so for faster results go for Total 0% and flavour yourself perhaps if it's too nasty. Or even quark + sweetener. That's quite nice I think!

You will be a slim bride... (and not a "bridge" as I just typed!)
Tonight I have made the oatbran biscuit going to try it out after dinner I have also made the yummy meatballs. I have put some aside for lunch tomorrow

Can anyone advice if I can put anything in the 0% Greek yog as its quite bitter in taste.

Feeling good today less bloated, drink my water intake and hoping to less a loss in the morning
What a great start you have made. I am sure you will manage to shed the weight for December, you have a fab incentive. Check out Ladymahayla's recipes on this site, they are truly awesome. Good luck and I will keep a look out for your diary.
Best Wishes
Trudy c
Hi, thank you I am trying really Hard but a bit disappointed as I weighed this morning and iv sts :( I'm not sure if the upcoming totm next week has anything to do with this or the fact (apologies for details) but blockage as I haven't been toilet since sun so off to get some senokot at lunchtime, do you think this could affect it?


** Chief WITCH **
Definitely. Many factors (other than food intake) can affect our loss including cycle, transit, salt, water retention etc. After all, rereading your thread, it's only one day you didn't lose...

Once in Cruise, with salad and veg every day, you'll find the old transit issues improve ;)
gosh don't weigh each day, ignore those scales for a week and keep on with the diet, weigh in the morning and then resist the urge to get on them between times!!!! Your weight can fluctuate from hour to hour, I weigh on Monday morning first thing and then leave it alone - mind you it is my birthday on Sat and i intend to leave the carbs alone but am having my first drink in 6 weeks - vodka and diet coke - told everyone no birthday cake or chocs pls!!! lol, will see what the scales say on Monday! Keep strong slimbridetobe - you can do this.


** Chief WITCH **
Hey trudy - you can bake yourself a Dukan birthday cake!
I will stay off them now until Sunday morning which will be the end of attack, usually I'd b so disheartened and would eat rubbish but iv stuck to the protein and drank my 2 litres of water I haven't been this determined

Promise I won't peek and hope for a loss, think I gave myself A unrealistic Target for attack maybe but any loss is good
Todays been tough not the eating side of things but the weight is not coming off I haven't cheated drank my water but have only lost 1.5lb in 3 days I know a loss is a loss but after reading the amazing losses on here I had hoped to get the 5lb off to get me back in the 12stone barrier :( I know totm is approaching but not unfilled next Fri so I don't think this would affect it. O well keep going and hope for some good losses along the weeks was so hoping to be close to the 11's by my hen do in 5 weeks but not sure if this is possible
TBH you don't have a great deal to lose so your attack phase may not show huge losses on the scales - I WISH I was close to getting under 12 stone!!! LOL. Each time I think about how little I have lost I carry a bag of sugar around for 10 mins and realise every bit counts and I bet your feeling less bloated and more in control. Well done for sticking to it I know that you can get to your goal, just keep going.
Maintainer -was thinking about putting a candle on a muffin!!!! x


** Chief WITCH **
Hey there Mrs "Bridge" ;) - don't get despondent. At your weight, you won't see crazy water weight losses at the outset. Stick at it, and please keep posting your menus!

Trudy - how about a goji muffin at least, with some sweetened quark filling... a little butterfly cake with a candle on :)
Thanks guys, not getting down about it I just thought with being 13.5 stone at 5ft 4 I'm classed as obese, god that's horrible to say so was hoping for a little movement. I have my nurses appointment in 2 weeks as I was referred by my doctor and wanted a good loss for then try and get out of that catagory and reduce my bmi. Hate being this weight think its hard when your being told your ideal weight 4 stone lighter then you are, that's a lot to lose! but I won't be this weight if I keep at it :)
I have varied the lunch today to tuna instead of chicken.

Love Mrs bridge hehe
Well this morning was the end of attack and I have lost 5lb so all the worrying for nothing I have 1 more pound to be back in the 12st!

Got a friends meal tonight at an Italian set meal so have chosen veg soup and suprise suprise chicken and veg so hoping this won't damage the hard work. Starting 30 day shred again tomo so I know my exercise is working.
Congratulations, hope you had a lovely meal. What a great start you have made. As you said all the worry for nothing.
Hi trudyc, the meal was lovely the soup was big chunky carrots and was a watery broth, the chicken came in a tomato sauce but there wasn't much and I only had the veg no potatoes and I resisted cake! So all in all a good meal.

Today iv not eaten a lot which I know isn't good, but just finished day one of 30 day shred and having steak and eggs for dinner.

How's your day/week been? X
Filling in two days report, yesterday was an ok day I had yog for breakfast. Ham and sf jelly and chicken in tomatoes. Garlic chilli and onion I packed this up for my lunch today.

Did second day of 30 day shred yesterday can't wait to start seeing results as its a killer! Did fail and have a few chilli doritos but have drew a line under it and getting back on track.

It's totm coming up this week and I'm craving chocolate and bread but being very strong by the crisp slip

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