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Has anyone else experienced this, am refusing to let myself get disheartened, am doing this programme to the letter, drinking my water, adding nothing to the packs apart from the merest splash of Tabasco, drinking decaff black coffee, doing over 10,000 steps a day, err, can't think of anyother rules, oh, having my 4 packs. And yet despite my dramatic pre-diet loss of 6lbs and a 8lb first week loss I've only lost 3lbs in week 2 and nothing in the last 5 days. I know if I keep going the weight will come off but I was really hoping for a steady 3 or 4 lbs a week, and I know the goals the important thing not the journey, but could really do with some tips to get my body into fat burning mode (know I'm in Ketosis as my sticks are nicely pink and my tongues furry, btw bought a fabby tongue brush which really helps) I think my body is just shite at burning fat :-(
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I know how you feel...Im currently on day 20 of CD SS. I lost an amazing 15lbs in the first week but since then have only lost 4lbs in the last 2 weeks!! I've been going to the gym 3 times a week and also walk to work everyday (about 1 mile each way), Ive been drinking about 6 liters of water per day and havent cheated once!

I have measured myself and have lost some inches since last week but I currently weigh 14st 12lbs so there is still loads of pounds to come off! Im not sure I will be able to stick to this if I only loose a couple of pounds a week. The goal weight seems soooooo far away when the weight comes off so slowly.

Is there anything else we could both do to increase our weight loss??


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You are doing everything right, Sometimes our bodies need a few days to catch up with our loss> you have lost a large amount in 3 weeks and the scales will drop again soon. I promise.


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You're obviously weighing yourself at home and in the early days, that really isn't a good idea (although I know it's tempting).

Weeks three / four are a dodgy time where the body seems to be adjusting to massive changes. Many people (including me) experience what SEEMS to be disappointing results at around that time. However, with hindsight (and you can only judge the average losses when you look BACK), I slotted right into line with the 'stone a month' average claimed by CD.

If you're in ketosis, you ARE burning fat - it's a biological certainty.

Have faith - this diet works if you let go of the obsession with the daily fluctuations on the scales and learn to trust it! :)


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yup, weighing everyday can be dangerous if you don't have the right way of thinking... basically you need to disregard what you see!

Also its very normal for the losses to fluctuate, I have had to learn to forget about worrying any one week and only look at the numbers across a number of weeks. At one point it took me 3 whole weeks to lose 5 LBs, then, the next week I lost 5 LBs in the one week.... theres no rhyme or reason to it.

I have learned to sit back and relax, if I stick to the diet the weight does come off and theres nothing else any of us can do. Also this is about much more than losing the weight, this can be a life changing programme if you allow it to be.

Chill out, it'll all be fine!


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First of all remember if you are exercising and building muscle tone, muscle weighs heavier than fat, also as happe said sometimes it takes a while for your body to catch up. I've had a couple of weeks during my journey when i felt that i hadn't lost enough, sometimes it's been just after TOTM other time for what seems no reason at all. My LL counsellor told me that sometimes being over stressed can make your body hold on to fluid, unfortunately i have a very stressful job so i'll be holding on to fluids for ever....LOL

Keep with it liypad, the weight will start dropping well again and if the inches are coming off that's an important factor too, showing that it is working.

good luck hun xxxx