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***smashing our goals sunday hour by hour ***

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Morning everyone

Hope you are all well and have another good one today. I imagine most people wont be around alot because of the nice weather and I am one of them.

We are off to the beach in a bit - just need to finish sorting stuff as I did too much yesterday felt peculiar all day. Hope it doesnt return later when Im at the beach in the sun and will be PLASTERED in sun cream as I dont tan at all (am jealous Lisa)

Will be back around later to see how you are all doing

BE GOOD we are all getting there and will be at goal soon enough....

GO DIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

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This is the last time!!
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Morning. I must be in a good water mood as I have already downed a litre! Go me. HOping that yesterday's food demons do not haunt me again today, strange how they pop up from nowhere and then whisper in your ear all day long.

I did tackle the ironing yesterday so all that's left of that is hubby's army uniform which he does himself. He mowed the lawn, I hooverd the house, did the laundry and went shopping, so today is a day of rest in our household. Although I am sure I'll end up finding some kind of work to do, I just cant sit still for very long!

Hubby is taking our little one swimming today. Wish I could go but I look horrendous in a costume. Size 20 with thighs bigger than most folk's waists. I'll just potter round here I think.
Have a lovely day at the beach. I'm jealous, Germany is pretty much coast-less. Ah well, the perks of living here outweigh that litte fact so I won't complain too much.

Hope everyone has a successful sunday


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Hi all,

We're off to the beach later as well. I'm not looking forward to being lobster coloured tonight but the children will have so much fun.

Day 3 and I've peed on a stick and it's a lovely salmon pink :). I'm hoping this means it will be easier from now on.

Have a great day everyone! :cool::cool::cool:


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Hey all,
Just popping in as i will be busy all day in the sunshine too!!
Twins are much better today but didnt want to bake them in the sun after their 24 hour bug so will bring them to the cinema and the park and a walk by the river.

Im feeling much better today despite my little blip, even the scales are down!!! will be 100%. I promise!

Have a fab sunday everyone!!!


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Aw Jabba - just go. No one at the pool will care what you look like, and if they do screw em. Your wee one is only little once, go with her!

Even go and watch from the observation deck/area.

Here - I have my driving lesson at 10. Just drinking porride/drinking tea (green tea with mint) and then going for a quick shower.

Then home, pack lunch bag (water, tetra) dog bag (poop bags, dog bowl water for dog) and its off to the park for a couple of hours in the sunshine!

Debating with myself whether to stay off the scales this week. I don't like suprises but last weks scale battle really demotivated me. Hmmm, shall think on. Perhaps weighing a normal and then stopping if I begin to get demotivated. Compromise is the name of the game ladies!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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Morning all..
Loving loving the sunshine........... Spent all day at the park yesterday with the boys.............. feel all nice and tanned today......

Jealous of all you going to beach wish I lived near the beach.......
Hope this weather lasts its amazing...........

Im on anti bs at the moment from 4 weeks into the cd I had bad gums and they have got soooooo bad... Bleeding horrendously all the time and just so swollen.. so hopefully they will help but they are making my tummy hurt also totm should be arriving soon.

Have a good 100% day today everyone............. and enjoy the sunshine x


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Morning all, hope you all have fab days, HB away with car today and DS can't really spend that long outside in sun so I'll be around but will head out for a walk soon I think.


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morning all
apart from the horrible cold sore i have taking over my face (its not that big but it feels like it) i am doing good day 5 and feeling positive.

We are heading to halfords to get bit and bobs to fixed the kids bike then maybe heading off to the kite festival.
that is of course as soon as my hubby gets back from his motorbike ride out he was up at the crack of dawn but should be back at 12pm.

so girlies enjoy the sun, keep drinking the water and stay positive


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Ooh I'd love to go to the beach but it's so far away and I really don't want to drive for 2 hours in this weather with a small baby. Might take a trip to the forest though and go for a nice walk :)


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I'm stuck in again trying to study for a couple of exams next week (what am I doing on here????? :) )
Weather is fab though again so I'm thinking I might just haul the books outside onto the decking and study out there. I've only had one glass of water today so I need to get going on that, think I'll have a porridge soon, trying to leave it as late as possible.
So jealous of you girls heading to the beach, only two more weekends of studying until I'm free, woo hoo


likes to post
afternoon all, been out walking in the lovely sunshine, lagging behind a bit on the water front though so will have to catch up with it now. those of you that live close to the beach are so lucky.


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Afternoon ladies! Thought I better pop on- I've been a bit naughty this morning without even realising! It's worth it though, Lexie's Sexy thread is worth 20 minutes outta the sun at least;)

Been out in the splash pool again today, kids love it. H2b isn't happy because he was working yesterday and for once in our relationship I'm browner than him and his olive colouring! Oh yeah!!! He is still out there now trying to catch me up but keeps ending up covered in water from the hose ;) ;) Problem is that daft idiot Lisa here has been drinking big glasses of water with ice and lemon/lime wedges in them. Didn't even think about the citric acid. I doubt it will knock me out of ketosis (I seem to be very resistant to falling out once I'm in) or do any major damage on the scales, I'm just a bit annoyed that I wasn't even thinking.


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See a bit of man candy? Cheers everyone up no end.

Stoating around house wearing vest top, shorts and sandals. As long as I don't need to go out I'm fine.

Not long back from long walk with husband and dog. Good times. Starving though. Hving a cup of herbal tea to take the edge off an hang in there til 5:30 when hubs has his dinner. I like us to try and have something at same time see...

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Good afternoon everyone,

What a gorgeous day sat out in the garden....I could get used to this :) bliss.

Sounds like everyone is making the most of this lovely weather.

Have fun xxx


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Just been for a walk, not a huge one, about a mile and a half, but God I feel shattered! I guess after walking around all day Friday and being busy all day yesterday it's hardly surprising I am drained now! I just dont seem to have that buzzy energetic ketosis feeling I had last time, but I MUST be in ketosis as I am not feeling hungry. Odd.
Off to make hubby and son some tea now, then I suppose I will have to tidy the pit that is also known as my living room...it was spotless yesterday but somehow today between them they have made it look like a bomb site. Getting really fed up with feeling like their skivvy, me thinks there will be words exchanged soon.


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I managed to get out too, a walk this morning and then sat outside while DS had nap inside, I would have stayed out longer but theres not really anywhere in the shade for the little man in our garden.Might get a sunshade thing so we can enjoy the beach if the weathers like this next weekend when we're away.


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Thought I would give the thread a little 'bump', say goodnight and sign off for the night. Night y'all!


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nighty night


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:zz:Night night Lisa!

I've had a great day although have drunk a bit too much Coke zero tonight. Was planning on having one glass every night but ended up drinking a bit more and feel bloated now.

I've been to Whitstable today and sat on the beach watching my family tuck into fish and chips and I wasn't even tempted. OK that's a lie - there was a moment once the kids had run off and left their half eaten food that I picked up and sniffed the still crunchy batter, but I put it back without tasting it as I know it wouldn't have been as nice as it looked.

I also gave the ice cream van a miss and polished my halo while they stuffed their faces :).

Back to work tomorrow which should be OK as I tend to be busy so no time to think about food. If the weather remains nice I will sit in Regents park with my choccie tetra come lunch time and quite honestly I prefer my shake to those boring Pret sandwiches anyway!!

Night all!


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it is hard during those family days out but i am starting to get a buzz from saying no

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