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smiling from ear to ear

well over a month ago I bought a pair of size 18 trousers (no elastic in sight) I was a 22-24 when I bought them as motivation and had them hanging on my wardrobe I tried them on 2 weeks ago and I couldn't fasten the button. Today I thought I'll try them on and see how far I have to go before they fit, thinking they would still have an inch or so to go before they could fasten.

well...... they are on and fastened without having to squeeze, tuck or lie down to fasten them, I am delighted and just wanted to share with u all,

Going to go and buy a size 16 now and do the same thing :D
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aw brilliant,,fantastic feeling isnt it!!
Congratulations michelle :D that is brilliant news and its such a great feeling isnt it!! xx


Overweight or undertall?!
that's great news, i hope you buy cheap trousers though or it'll cost you a fortune as you keep shrinking lol x


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Great feeling moving down the sizes!:happy036:

Well done:happy096:
A big well done to ya :)

now your in the size 18 it might be worth getting your trews in primark like smirnoff said! that way if they only last a month or so youve only spent a fiver or so.

Keep up the great work.
Thanks guys, yes I have been in primark and peacocks got my trousers in peacocks, don't want to buy too much new stuff YET my wardrobe is looking very bare at the moment but I had to get rid of all the bigger clothes as they weren't doing me any justice at all

Thanks for all the lovely comments :D
I bought a size 18 dress (evans size 18 but an 18 nontheless) and I'm a size 24. Nearly getting into my 22's so hopefully it wont be long! :D
I been doing weight watchers 12 wks and I swear the time has flown by, actually thinking about it wi day seems to get closer and closer every wk. I was surprised that I could wear a size 18 as I only lost 0.5lbs last wk and 1lb week before, seeing is believing and now I KNOW I am losing inches, so not too bothered what I see at the scales as long as I keep shrinking.

Before long you will be getting into those trousers :D

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