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Smokes- starting again.

Hi all,
I'm kinda starting again.
My story -
I started slimming world for the first time in November 2009. I really enjoyed the plan and did really well, loosing nearly 2 stone and getting my club 10. :p
Then it all kinda stopped. I spent between Feb - June gaining and loosing the same 5lbs. I knew why, I was cheating, I wasn't counting syns and I wasn't sticking to plan. I'd have one good week then a bad week and was struggling to loose for more than 2 weeks. :(
I then decided to stop going to class as I was short of money and was very busy and felt like I was wasting money when I wasn't loosing weight. The motivation of weighing in at group seemed to have worn off!
But since not going to class I have put on about 7lbs. :mad:
I feel really crap about it, but I want to get back onto track. I've been told I need to be more positive and a diary was suggested to help me.
I'm hoping I'll be completely honest in this diary about what I've eaten and how I am feeling. No more sneaky eating for me as I am only kidding myself.
So advice, a telling off, suggestions, anything is welcome!

Today hasn't been such a good day! Had lunch at Frankie and Bennies so completely off plan! Nevermind.I have made myself a SW quiche with turkey, broccoli and bacon in for my lunch tomorrow and Thursday which I will have at work with some salad.
So I think I'm ready for this, and I hope I can do something. I really need to do something about my weight.
I'm not sure if I can get on here everyday but I will write everything down and update her as much as possible.
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Hi Smokes

I know its not always easy -but I have found that keeping a positive attitude has really helped me -that and keeping a diary on here.
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and Im sure you will do it.... come on -lets start with positive thoughts ;)
Thanks Capricorn!
I think I do need a more positive attitude and focus on good things and not too much on the bad things. I tended to make excuses and think "Oh this day will be hard to stick to plan so I'll start again the day after" But trouble is the day after never came!!
Think I need to accept that there will be occasions where I may be a little off plan but that doesn't mean I need to throw the whole week out of the window.
Good Luck

I have read your post recently where people gave you a lot of support & :help2: so good on you that you are now ready and about to start loosing weight and keeping it off. Thats my problem the keeping it off probably like all of us but we are all working towards the same goals so
"Together we are stronger and will be slimmer" :D

I look forward to reading your 1st wks diary and seeing your fantastic weight loss at the end.

Good Luck Smokes! I'm starting again too and what you wrote earlier in this post sounds just like me, I need to take your advice and accept that things that seem to get in the way of "being good" needn't be another excuse to start again tomorrow.
Just wanted to say best of look, I'll be peeking at your diary too!
Thank you everybody! And good luck to you guys too!
Today has been a good day. :)
Was prepared for work, had made a SW quiche. Started the day with a bowl full of strawberries and cherries and a Muller yoghurt. Had an alpen light at break time (half HEXB). For lunch had the quiche with some crunchy salad and cherry tomatoes and had a satsuma. For afternoon snack had an apple and some carrot sticks. Had a roast for tea, so I will need to syn the roast potatoes (2 medium roast potatoes = 5syns) and the gravy (about 3syns). I resisted pudding even though my boyfriend offered it! And because I didn't have any he didn't either!!
Have just had a muller and another Alpen light for the other part of HEXB. I have used my HEXA on semi-skimmed milk in tea today and think I will have a hot chocolate in a bit to use the rest of it! (Is it 2.5syns for highlights? Oh no just looked and its only 2syns!) :p
So that makes it 10 syns for whole day. :)
Nearly had a problem at work earlier though as we had a visit from a rep who had brought in some cakes! During my afternoon tea break I saw them on the side and thought shall I or shan't I?! I was proper arguing with myself in my head - how sad!! :sigh: I'd just given in to myself but by time I'd made my tea and sat down the doctor was tucking into the last one!!! At first I thought damn but she did me a favour really!! It wouldn't have been too bad if I'd known how many syns it was but I haven't a clue! How many syns are in a Mr Kippling apple pie?!
So a day on track (thanks to the doctor!) Hopefully tomorrow will be too! Actually no hoping it Will be!!
Well 2 days on track!
Strawberries and cherries and a muller for breakfast again today. A hiFi light bar for my morning snack. For lunch was the quiche and salad and I had an apple. For tea I had a turkey stir-fry with noodles and soy sauce. Was really feeling like something sweet and the boyfriend had donuts so I've had some pink and whites! Lots of pink and whites! They are 2 syns each aren't they? Cos I've had 4 already and the last 2 are calling me to go with my hot chocolate! So if I do eat the last 2 that will be 14 syns all day, so within my allowance!
Bit worried about tomorrow and the weekend, its my last day in theatres so I'm taking in some goodies for them so will have to resist them myself! Also going away for weekend and will be eating out so need to be sensible with choices and stick to plan as much as possible.
Hi Smokes. Glad you are feeling more positive and ready to start again :happy096:

Like you this isn't my first time at the party and I gave up last time because of cost. Since then I've gained another 2 stone :eek: When days got difficult I would "treat" myself to something naughty, but now realised the treat would be not to have to carry around 10 extra stones :doh:

I hope your diary helps you keep focussed. I started mine last night with the same ambition. How about we try to encourage each other?

Best of luck, JJ
Hi JJ.
Yes its definitely a good idea to encourage each other!
My weekend wasn't so good, but I wasn't really expecting it to be.
Went to stay with my parents at their holiday home which involves lots of eating out and a bit of alcohol! Was sensible with the alcohol and stuck to either malibu or vodka with diet coke. I tried to be sensible with food but know I wasn't on plan, but I didn't pig out.
Will try to get back on track tomorrow but we are having a party at college where we are all bringing food. I am taking celery and carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes but it'd obviously be nice to have some of the other goodies! I think again I'll allow myself a treat but try not to pig out.
I do love slimming world as you can eat lots but it always needs so much planning and nights out/weekends away can be so hard.
Hi Smokes,
Hope it's all going well and the diary looks good :)
Just to say, I think pink and whites are 2 1/2 x
Hi Smokes,
Hope it's all going well and the diary looks good :)
Just to say, I think pink and whites are 2 1/2 x
Ooo thanks Giblet! I had it in my head that pink and whites were 2syns and the jammie ones were 2.5! Whoops maybe its 2.5 for normal pink and whites and 3 for the jammie ones! :d'oh:
Ooooo I am now an official Smokes cheerleader :party0011: Gooooo Smokes:wee:

You are right. SW does take a lot of forward planning to follow it properly. I've struggled with weekends, birthdays and special occasions.... and evenings, daytimes, middle of the night times ...........:roofles: What I do try to remember is it is usually only 1 day out of the week so I compensate on the other 6.

Now I'm only human so don't always stick to this, but I try to not let a bad day ruin all my efforts. Even if I fail for half the week it's still better than I used to do. :giggle:

Chin up girlie I'm sure you can do this. Gimme an S........Gimme an M...........:rolleyes:
I've put 1lbs on. :sigh:
Got onto wii fit and it said +1lbs.
I guess it was because I was off plan over the weekend but was kinda hoping for a stay the same.
I am now 7lbs heavier than when I stopped going to group at beginning of June.
Still debating about whether or not to go back to group but looks like I need to.
Went shopping today and bought some salad and some fish so going to try and be 100% this week. Can't think of anything to get in my way at the moment. :sigh:
Off to prepare some pineapple and melon now.
Hey Smokes - sorry you're disappointed. The Wii fit isn't all that accurate though, so it may not actually be 1 on.
I know there's a financial implication, but I couldn't stick to SW as well if I didn't go to group. It's not just the weigh in, but the support from the group that I find invaluable. If you are able to, i'd suggest you do go back at least for a while....no slur meant to the brilliant support on here btw, I just find I'm more accountable to a weekly group. Loads of luck whatever and have a great evening x
Oh Smokes, so sorry honey. I agree with Giblet though. I've heard that the wii scales aren't the most accurate. Have you always weighed on them? Having said that I gained 1lb last week and was convinced I should have lost 2 or more. Just shows you never know :confused: The scale is a fickle thing my friend. Sending some positive vibes your way :vibes:

If you can manage to get to a group I would suggest you do. I find being accountable to someone helps keep me on track. It is quite expensive just to have someone weigh you, but you can't put a price on the support you get from the other members and consultant. I always stay to group and usually come away having learnt something or with a new recipe.

I'm sure next week you'll :whoopass:Keep posting my lovely and we'll help all we can, JJ
You're very quiet Smokes. Hope you're Ok honey :bestwishes:
Oh honey - don't get so down on yourself. Is it really that bad? What's done is done. Just forget about it, pick up your books and start again. You know you want to :rolleyes:

Sending you :grouphugg:and :copon:. Use whichever gets you motivated ;)

Keep posting and I'll be here to help you as much as I can.

Take care of you, JJ


Full Member
Thinking of you Smokes and here if you need any support. I'm sure you haven't been as bad as I have been in the past!! xx

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