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Snacking problems?!?!

Just thought i would share my new found snack solution!! I keep going to the fridge to find things to munch on and i need to stop cos although i am picking things like fat free yoghurts or a handful of grapes etc every now and then, they are eating up my points. So today i bought a HUGE punnet of mushrooms and i have to say they do the trick just nicely!! Of course you have to love raw mushrooms for this to be of any use to you!

Also, i have found that an Options hot choc for about 1.5 points in the evenings tends to curb my sweet tooth... lasts longer than a biscuit or a choc bar as well so you're getting longer satisfaction for your pints hehe! :D
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I love options too! I like the new ones they have brought out, a little bit creamier (I think they work out at 2 points though), the chocolate brownie one is my favourite.

As a savoury snack I like raw carrot dipped in this thing I got from sainsbury's called "very lazy chilli", which is basically chopped red cherries pickled in vinegar.

I wish I did like mushrooms, they are such a good bulking food!
I haven't calculated but the ingredients are literally chopped red chillies and vinegar, so I imagine it is free. Plus, it's so spicy you only need a tiny amount so the calories must be negligible! It's supposed to be used during cooking rather than for dipping but I like to try and make my food versatile :D. When i buy fresh chillies I never use them all and they tend to shrivel up and look sad, so this is a bit more economical.

It's something of an acquired taste but I have a fetish for this kind of thing. Weirdly, I don't like very spicy food though. It tastes a bit like if you mix a Flaming Hot Monster Munch with a Pickled Onion Monster Munch.
I love mushrooms but not raw hehe!! i keep carrots cucumber peppers and very lean ham in the fridge that normally keeps me going!! :D
I quite like raw mushrooms, although i do prefer them cooked. Ive been known to snack on them before lol.
I love options too. esp the white choccy one :) have to add a sweetner to it tho x

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