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Snuggles Food diary.....

Can someone Just check if this is okay please as its my first day.

Green Day

Half of cantaloupe melon.
4 Ryvita wholegrain, 15gms flora light marg 2.5, 2 eggs.

Pkt of lite super noodles

Salad jkt spud with vlf cottage cheese, 2 quorn burgers, ketchup 2. Butter bud .5

Mullerlight with a small bag of malteasers 5 syns.
Alpen light bar.

2 pears, satsuma, alpen light bar, mullerlight yougart and a mug shot.

350ml skimmed milk.

Syns and Hex's highlighted....i've only had 1 hex a though, does that matter?
And i know it looks like i will be eating loads but i work nights and monday night is a very long day....up at 8am and dont get to bed till 7am the following day.

Thank you xxx
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Right...no, you are not eating loads! Thats a good amount, although try not to eat too many Muller lites in one day as some people have found that they can slow weight loss down.
You dont have to have 2 HeA's Hun if you dont want to. On an Red and a Green Day, I always have 1 HeA and 2HeB. The only one that you do need to make sure that you have the 2 of is the HeB's as this is your fibre.
Everything else looks good to me, so just enjoy!!!
Thank you for looking at it Mrs V and thanks about the muller info, i didn't know that! :)
No probs Hun...it may not affect you, but sometimes you just dont want to risk it! Lol
Tuesday-RED DAY

Breakfast-Half of cantaloupe melon, 2 slices of WW bread (440gm loaf)6.5, 10gms of flora light 2.5, 1 egg, bacon. Brown sauce 2.5

Snack-Slice of WW bread 3 with Flora light

Tea-Mash potato (made with skins left on) Butter bud .5 Stewing steak casarole, mang tout.

Dinner-Mullerlight, 2 pears, 2 Alpen lights.

Snack- 2eggs, 350ml skimmed, 3 babybel light cheese.
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Wednesday-Red Day

Breakfast- Half of cantaloupe melon. Bacon-egg.

Tea- Salad. 227gms of potato wedges cajaun seasoned. Chicken goujons (half of slice of bread 2) Mince meat burgers. Ketchup 4 Bacon flavourings 5.

Dinner- 2 pears. Satsumer. Mullerlight. WW bread. Marg 2.5. Ham. 3 babybel light. 350ml skimmed milk
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Thursday-Green Day

Breakfast-Half cantaloupe melon.

Snack-Super Noodles.

Tea-2 fried eggs, SW chips, Beans, 2xWW bread.

Snack-Mullerlight frozen

Dinner-2 pears, satsuma, muller light, mug shot.

350ml skimmed.
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Friday-Red day

Breakfast-3 Sausages, Ketchup 2.5

Tea- Chicken breast, veg, Roast spuds (skins on), gravy 3

Dinner-WW bread, Ham, 3 babybel lights, Muller light, grapes.
Saturday-Bad day?? Night out.....

Grapes, banana.

Garlic bread, Pasta with a tomato sauce and prawns, Chocolate slice and i didn't eat every bit of each course :)

1 glass of white wine. 1 lge glass of rose, half a bottle of rose and 1 pint of carling! (classy bird me :p).

thats it thats all i had yesterday.....!!!
Sunday-Green Day.

Breakfast-2 slices of WW bread. 2 Fried eggs. Beans. .Brown sauce 2.5

Tea- Mash potato, mushy peas, Quorn burgers. Gravy 3

Melon. Muller light. small bag of malteasers 5

2xWW bread, 3babybel lights, 10gms flora 3
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Is a crunchy mama!
Hiya, just wanted to let you know that its 250ml semi skimmed milk we are to have as a healthy extra not 350ml.

350ml skimmed milk
250ml semi skimmed milk OR
175ml whole milk

Do i keep writing semi skimmed?? I have skimmed....DOH!!
But thank you lol
Monday-Red Day

Breakfast-Banana, grapes. 2 sausage, ketchup 1.

Tea-Potato wedges hexb, Homemade burgers, salad. Ketchup 2, 3x babybel lights.

Dinner-2 satsuma's, 2 pears, mullerlight, 2 wwbread, ham.

Sugar free jelly 1.5, 350ml skimmed milk
Tuesday-Green day

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, 2 ryvita, 10gms marg light 2.5

Tea- jkt spud .5, prawns 12.5 salad

Dinner- 4 ryvita, muller light, 2 pears, 2 satsuma's mug shot.

350ml skimmed milk, 5 laughing cow light
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Wednesday-Green Day

Breakfast-2 eggs, 2 ww bread, brown sauce 3

Tea- mushy pea curry, rice, SW chips.

Dinner- 2 Alpen lights, mullerlight, pear, satsuma, pineapple

350ml semi skimmed, light super noodles
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Thursday-Red day

Breakfast-3 egg omlette, bacon, 3 babybel light.

Dinner-Chicken breast, SW roast potatos, veg, gravy 3

Tea-2 WW bread, Ham, muller light, pineapple, satsuma, pear.

350ml skimmed.
Friday-Red day

Breakfast- Bacon, 2 WW bread, Flora light 10gms 2.5, Brown sauce 3

Tea- Homemade tomato soup, prawns, Salad, homemade burger.

Dinner- 2 satsuma, 2 pears, 4 ryvita, 5 laughing cow light, mullerlight.
Had a really bad weekend and was right off plan :(
My own fault but i'm here to tell the tale.

Back on plan!
Well.......I've not followed plan for over a week :O

So im back and ready to go!!!


Breakfast-2 fried eggs, half tin of toms, 1 piece of toast. Brown sauce.

Tea-Chicken goujons, Potatoe wedges, Salad. 1 piece of bread.

Dinner- Pear, satsumer, mullerlight, Mug shot.

350ml skimmed.

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