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So disappointed in myself

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by sarah5, 5 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Well it's only just over a week in and already I've gone wrong :break_diet: I have just eaten 5 of those HiFi bars, what a pig, I am disgusted with myself.

    Now of course I have that evil head thing kicking in saying "well now you might as well go for it and stuff your face", "no point getting weighed this week", etc etc, you know the one!

    So disappointed in myself :cry:
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  3. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Lol - dont mean to laugh at you, but Ive been there before! -not with high fi bars but along those lines......... and afterwards I remember thinking why didnt I break the diet properly, why did I have bloody special kay mini bites rather than a galaxy. The key is dont let one small set back ruin your diet (it could've been worse lets face it) also think bout why you did it then if you feel like it again you can see it coming and have something within your allowance xxx
  4. monkeys bunny

    monkeys bunny need 2get my head into it

    been there too. i won the fruit at class for being slimmer of the week and some evil cows had put their hi 5 bars in instead of fruit. here were 6 of them, id never had them before and sat that night, telling myself it was ok cos i was slimmer of the week, and ate them all in about 10 minutes! and they are not even that nice , may be thats why those flavours were in the fruit basket ha ha

    as my friend Bren says.

    thats just one slip, get straight back on it with the next meal, the day isnt done yet!

  5. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Lol thanks you made me giggle with your message! I did it because I feel miserable, we're having such a busy weekend which I hate. I have no time to plan my food properly and also we have nothing in the house I fancy for tea yet I can't be bothered to do the weekly food shop on a Saturday night!

    RAAAAGH so cross!

    And now the bars have kicked off my IBS so my tummy is agonising!

    AAAARGH again!

    Right off to bake a jacket potato or something!
  6. emski

    emski Gold Member

    Ahhhh we all been there .. done it.. ate the cake, and went back for seconds... but this is life! Dont beat yourself up, and most importantly dont be disgusted.. hey it was Hi fi bars.. not like half a 15" pizza garlic bread, coleslaw and half a tub of Ben and Jerrys Phish food like someone I know!! (Emski you naughty girl). And you can always compensate for them in the week.. cut back on your syn allowance a bit .. make sure you still have some tho or the trigger make come again.
  7. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Oh thanks so much guys, you've made me feel much much better. Plus OUCHOUCHOUCHOUCH my tummy is hurting SOOOO much I'm not likely to do that again - god those things really are full of fibre aren't they!!!!!

    monkeysbunny I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has binged on those bloody things (scuse language) I KNEW it was a bad idea to buy them but I truly thought I could control myself with them - wrong! I won't buy them again, they are definitely a binge trigger for me.

    emski you're right it could have been worse.. thing is that you don't think like that straight after do you? It just feels like you have a horrendous dark cloud over you and it all feels like it's the end of the world.

    Right onwards and upwards.. that didn't last long did it! I'm so glad you're here, thanks everyone.

  8. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Poor you with IBS - my boyfs got it (well thats what they think it is) and he suffers with his tummy everday, so can go some whay to knowing how you're feeling.

    Thats the spirit its just a blip, you're back on track now, enjoy your spud. Im having salmon stir fry for tea and am looking forward to it yummy xxx
  9. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    oooh stir fry I hadn't thought of that one - would supplement the salmon for chicken (or just veggie) as I don't eat fish sadly - mmmmmm thanks for the tip. I do get a bit bored and uninspired as I tend to eat the same things day in day out, must look at the recipes at the top of this forum and get some ideas.

    Enjoy your stir fry hun xx
  10. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Thanks Sarah - I too had got into a bit of a rut of eating the same things over and over again (namely scrambled egg and tuna steaks - not had either for ages!) I used to have chicken stir fry but gave it a whirl with salmon a few weeks ago and its yummy xxx
  11. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    ........ wasnt saying you'd find it yummy though - as obv you wont if you dont like fish xxx
  12. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    *giggles again* i know what you meant, no problem!
  13. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    lol i think the 'Fi' in 'Hi-Fi' gives a bit of a clue to that one. i think you may poo them out before your body has time to take the calorie content out of them! lol

    just stick to the plan for the rest of the week and you'll still lose :)
  14. Doughnut

    Doughnut Full Member

    And I am disappointed in you- what kind of a binge do you call Hi Fi bars?! Not exactly 'naughty'! I want to hear of chips, Chinese, curry, pizza! lol!:eatdrink051:

    (I hope this comes across as it's intended!)

    Dust yourself off, draw a line under it and start afresh tomorrow. We all have days like this - hey, at least you didn't spend last weekend living off pies and lager and cider at Glastonbury like someone did!! :wave_cry: :party0051:You can either put it down to a bad day or let it ruin your week - what's it to be?
  15. Lindam

    Lindam Silver Member

    Sarah - a tip for you not to get sucked into eating the same things all the time, write your food diary each day and try not to have the same free foods from the previous 2 days.

    As others have written we have all been there, done that! It is the big picture that is important, what you do 99% of the time that counts. Good luck this week I am sure you will be great and it will all fall into place.
  16. tenbars

    tenbars Full Member

    Sarah if we all hadnt done the same none of us would need slimming world - for myself I know that it will take at least 18 months to get to my target weight and during that time there will be binges - if I was too strict I would never get there x
    Dont be too hard on yourself and may I congratulate you on such a healthy binge - I would have had a french loaf and butter if I was going off it xx
  17. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Aww thanks everyone for your lovely messages.

    Mod-Karen hahahaha yes I did indeed probably lose the majority of those hi-fi bars to the toilet (sorry TMI) that was a weight off my mind hahaha!!

    Doughnut your message definitely came across as intended, made me chuckle!! You're right, it could have been a lot worse. I hope you had a brilliant time at Glastonbury.. I went once but our tent got washed out with the rain so we had to cut the trip short but it was still a blooming great trip!

    Thanks Lindam for the tip about not eating the same as the previous 2 days, great idea. I am definitely one for getting stuck in a rut and eating the same things so will try that tip. Will have a good look through my SW mag and the recipes on here and work out some new things to eat.

    And tenbars you're right of course, it's not all going to be plain sailing, there will be times of eating the wrong things. I'll have to realise that because I really do get myself down when I've gone a bit wrong.

    Anyway thanks everyone, I hope I've said thanks to everyone personally as I really do appreciate your help and support xx
  18. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Gold Member

    Well, can you use 1 or 2 of your HEX Bs to make up for it? If not, then all you've done is eaten 36 syns in one day instead of over 3 or 4 days. If I were you, I'd just lower my syns until weigh in maybe to 5 a day to counteract it but it's all fine! If you've got the syns to spare then it's not a problem.

    This week I started with 105 syns on my whiteboard and because I knew I'd be going out and using a lot of syns this weekend I just counted down from 105 instead of thinking 'ooh, I'm using 50 in one day and I've ruined everything'. Does that make sense? It's really helped me as, although I had about 30 syns yesterday, I've still got about 55 left til Wed.
  19. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Oh.. that seems like a good idea. I could quite easily go a few days without any syns and I do tend to use my syns up on a weekend for example we've just been out for a carvery roast and I know I've used a fair amount on gravy/stuffing/etc.

    Thanks for a great idea x
  20. Elz

    Elz Full Member

    At least Hifi bars should rush through your system pretty quickly!!! ;) Its my birthday weekend and I spent £35 for 3 of us to pig out at our hearts content at Pizza Hut...Ate like a horse! But hey, its once a year and I am human and I ENJOYED MYSELF!!! And its diet again tomorrow ;) and I will have put on but I am happy it will come off again. Chin up and smile!
  21. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    Thanks Elz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you enjoyed your Pizza Hut - YUM!

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