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so frustrating

Im so frustrated at the moment...did low carb ages ago and was great ...but just not doing so well this time:sigh:
Have been on it for about 15 days.

For some reason hubby is loosing but Im not...
By the way we dont eat much meat..mainly fish..
anyway hubby has lost about 13.2 lbs so far and I am staggering at a 5.5 lbs lost:cry:

So my question is why Im not loosing weight like hubby! I thought maybe I am getting too many calories..any ideas?

I average abotu 1,100-1,400 calories a day
Usually more around 1,100 mark.
Stay within the range of 20 carbs...a few times went up to 22 though.

So for an example of what we usually eat each day, I have listed what I ate yesterday...breakfast and lunch are usually very simular, dinner is always a veggie, and a protein sorce (eggs, fish or tofu)

Breakfast: (protein shake with milk and 75 gram of frozen berries)

Lunch: 100g fried halloumi cheese with 1 slice of smoked salmon

Snack: Latte (made at home with 150ml whole milk and a little splenda)

Dinner: Portabello mushroom stuffed with salmon salad (salmon, eggs, mayo,permesian cheese)
curry fried tofu
I only ate half of the mushroom and about three peices of tofu

Dessert: wipped cream with 75g frozen fruit and about 100g milk blended together

I track my intake on caloriecounter and yesterday was about 1,165 and 22 carbs

Anyway hope someone has some suggestions or tips for me.:wave_cry:
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Hi, are you sad because you've lost 5.5lbs in 15 days?:confused: That's fantastic! Men always lose quicker anyhow (boo, hiss boo lol) and i think you should be proud of yourself and what you've achieved.:D

On the lc front, berries are usually omitted at the beginning so maybe thats something to do with it?
ahh thanks..Im sad because it is all I have lost!! yeah Im not sure what the issue is..I cut down on the frozen fruit..to almost none..and started to drink more water....will see how next week goes..only lost 1lb this week

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