so pleased with peoples comments


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i just wanted to say how chuffed i am peoples comments i have seen a few friends and family over the last week or so that i havnt seen for a few weeks or even a year and it was great to see their reaction to me. my daughters godfather hasnt seen me for about 6weeks and i was sat down when he forst cam in he looked at me and was like stand up so i did he was like oh my god i cant beleive it oyu look amazing im so proud of you.

it really made me smile

what things have made you happy this week?
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Percy greenfingers

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Well done you. Keeps you on the straight and narrow doesn't it? Keep going your almost halfway.....


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Thats fab, must be great when someone notices all that hard work you're putting in :).

Emma xXx


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It is a great thing when that happens!

I saw my uncle for the first time since my Grandads funeral in August at the weekend. And being a North Eastern hard bloke(!), he's not really one to mention if you look nice or anything. First thing he says to me was "Holy crap! What happened to the rest of you!" He thought I'd had surgery!!

Made me giggle!

B x


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It's nice when people start to notice


nearly there!! :)
awh well done :)
i too this week have been getting comments from people saying its really starting to show!! was even asked would i be taken off it soon cause im nearly there...i still have at least a stone ta go haha

oh and i got a size 12 jeans and a size 10 jeans fits on legs woooohooo!!! :)