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So who has a claim to fame??


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Just read woodslous post on my GMTV thread about knowing Kevin Adams who is doing their beach body challenge and wondered who else has a claim to fame?

My only one is that the childrens pet rabbit was used in a childrens tv programme years ago...

Oh and my mum backed into Cliff Richards car when I was a kid!
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Errr me and hubbie got cut up in our car by Davy Jones from the Monkees about 10 years ago.. he wasn't a very nice person at ALL and gave us the 'finger' :(

When doing my 'BTEC in Hotel and Recreaton Reception' I checked in Peirce Bronson at the Hilton Gatwick... I liked that one!

Su Pollard came to my Great Uncles Funeral and inductioned herself and said "now I know who you are", aparantly my Great Uncles Step-son's best friend was Su Pollard!

I've hugged Richard Hammond at the recording of Top Gear last June and he isn't that tiny, he's about 5ft 7in. and gorgeous....lol Ohh and James May nicked my autograph pen and never gave it back....lol.


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Al Worden the moon astronaut phoned me last year, well my son rang and then handed him the phone, he called me mom!


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I met Darius lol how sad!


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My dad is the cousin of actor Phil Daniels they grew up together, I have never met him though.

I only found out recently but have always liked him since watching him on "Time Gentleman please with Al murray" :D


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I've met loads of people when I used to work on the trains - one of my fave 'regulars' was Ainley Harriot as he was always so polite. Not-so-nice customers included Jasper Carrott (who put on a ridiculous posh voice - or maybe he's not really a Brummie?!), and Sophie Grigson who were both very rude. Claudia Winkleman was very, very drunk on the little vodkas we gave away in First Class!


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I'm a dog groomer and have groomed a couple of famous peoples dogs. 1 was an actress in Corrie and the other played football for Leeds United :)


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I have turned both Alan Shearer (actually spoke to him and he was lovely) and Sinatta (spoke to one of her minions) for ins quotes

Also I have sung "ooooo I could crush a grape" to Stu Francis on his Crackerjack tour

I have waved to Lucy Robinson (Neighbours) in Torquay high street thinking she was someone I knew then only realising an hour or so later when I saw the panto billboard who she was lol

And I have snogged the brother of the blonde guy in S Club 7 :)

some truly FANTASTIC claim to fames I think you will agree



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I once said 'hello' to Hermione Norris (Spooks, Cold Feet) in Boots before realising I didn't actually know her :wave_cry:


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i actually have lots! i used to live with Katie Price (aka Jordan) and her gladiator Boyfriend Warren (aka Ace!)

I met Quinten Tarantino in a pub once! i think that's mega cool!!

there are many more but they get a bit boring! those are my favourite two! haha!


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They could never get boring, I love reading things like that lol

how come you have so many and get posting them :)


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i dunno, i think im just a z lister (Quinten aside) magnet! hahaha!

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Errrm...I have made Prince William a cup of tea! (He came to the base that I work at)
I used to play the guitar with James (lead singer) from the Manic Street Preachers (my mum used to play darts with his Mum).
I have spoken to numerous sports celebrities when I was an Event Manager which was great fun too.


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I spent my 21st birthday with Stevie Wonder(do you younger ones know him?) and his entourage at Tramps night club in London. I was working at the Royal Garen Hotel at the time and they were all staying there. That was cool had a fab night/day!!!
After that i worked at the BBC and met many a famous person but i have never been one to be impressed by anyone famous, they were just people to me, some nice and some not so nice.


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Both my children have met Robbie Williams at different times, and he was in a Leeds nightclub once (where my DS was a student) DS rang me and said someone wants to say hello to you - it was Robbie Williams and he called me Mom.......we had quite a chat, needless to say I had always been a fan and DS had told him this.

Even my DS was 'starstruck' because he had a drink and a chat with Robbie Williams in a nightclub.


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When I was at secondary school, I edited the school magazine and so got to interview Francis Rossi (from Status Quo) at his house. I managed to spill tea on his white carpet - oops!

And, more recently, a couple of years ago, DH booked a special lunch at the Ivy one lunchtime in London. What a star studded Tuesday it was! In the restaurant (dining separately) were Michael Parkinson, Noel Edmunds, Gordon Ramsey and (the late) Stephen Gately. However, when I went upstairs to the loo, I bumped into Madonna (eeeeeeeeeeeep! complete childhood mega hero) drying her hands - I managed a 'hi' but was basically pathetic :eek:
I was on television last week! Well, for a few seconds anyway - if you had blinked you would have missed me.

David Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman, Huw Edwards and Nick Robinson are all very nice and work incredibly hard.


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I got stuck in a lift with JOhn Barnes,and often see Frank Bruno in Tesco. I work with Adenbuyer (however you spell it, Arsenal) 's uncle. My mate has Nigel Winterburn as her landlord. I couldn't believe it when I saw her tenancy agreement.


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