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Some advice for restarter? :0)


Crawling to the finish!
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Hi there! I did this wonderful diet before my wedding last year and managed to shed an amazing 4 stone!! Lots of social events and quite a few holidays ha left me 2 stone up since last summer!!! I am determined as ever toshift this weight through TFR but I need advice! I have had my first shake 2 hours ago at 7am and I am absolutly starving already!! I've been drinking water an peppermint tea! What can I do to help myself to lunch at 1pm and even still tonight when I find it hardest? Advice is very welcome please? Thanks alot :0) xxx
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Hi YumyMumy - I am the same as you - lost a load of weight last year and due to assorted problems put some back on again. I have restarted again and like you take my first shake around 7am, the second at 1pm and the third in the evening. I too am starving this morning :) I find that sipping lots of water and being very busy helps. Coming on here for advice and inspiration as much as possible. Also a hot very sweet black coffee tastes very naughty and seems to hold off the hunger pangs for a while. As for evenings - I tend to go to bed early most nights and sleep my way to thinness. Its a case of taking this one day at a time initially but before you know it the time passes and you will be losing loads.


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Hey guys! I'm a restarter too. I remember you guys from last year! You can always try splitting up your shakes for the first few days? That way you can have mini "meals" through out the day.

I've also been making green iced tea, it's sooo nice! And the switch to either sparkling or soda water is nice as well. Sometimes the bubbles feel like they are filling you up. Good luck to all of us :D


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Hey guys guess what? Im a restarter too!! On day three and found that splitting up the shakes very useful- Ive my phone set to go off when it's time to have a shake so I keep the sugar balance right- so far so good


Crawling to the finish!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.33%)
thank you for replies :0) im so please with myself ive managed today so easily! Thanks for the tips. I wonder if day 2 will be so easy to. I like the idea of setting the alarm. It saves me looking at the clock every 5 minutes anticipating my next "meal" :p xx
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Hey guys-

I remember you all too. I tell you what... restarting is made a lot easier by knowing that there are others out there who have slipped but who are back! Good on us I say!!

I don't know what to say, other than the obvious 'drink lots' mantra. I did discover the twinings raspberry, strawberry and loganberry tea which is exactly the same as peppermint tea for cals/carbs so I ASSUME is ok to drink. It is GORGEOUS! Really fruity and tasty. Maybe give that a whirl?

I think second time round has been a bit easier for me because I know what to expect (good and bad). Just keep in mind that first WI. It will be SUCH an elating experience to see you've lost a stack of weight. Take each day as it comes for this first week and then you'll be flying!

Big hugs hun x

irish molly

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Well done all of you for getting through your tough initial days. It is hard but just keep focussed on that first weigh in. Keep sipping water/tea/coffee and if all else fails, do like Liz Hurley, and off to bed to avoid eating!!!! lol

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