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Some advice please

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by brittany, 14 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. brittany

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    I am going on holiday on 2nd June 09, with 3 very slim girls. Thinking about starting celebrity slim, i need to loose at least 2 and a half stone before this and wouldnt be able to start until 25th march when i get paid do you guys think this is possible? I dont want to start it if it's not worth it as to me its quite pricey, all advice is very much appreciated thanks brit x
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  3. mathswiz

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    Hi Brittany,

    What are your current stats? Starting weight and height etc?

    I am in Week 7 of CS and have lost 14lbs (ie: 1 stone) in the first 6 weeks and I'm quite happy with that. I usually have a bar for breakfast, mid-morning snack, shake for lunch, mid-afternoon snack and then a low carb meal and fruit afterwards. So my losses have been quite steady each week and I'm happy losing about 2 lbs per week cos I get to eat real food and I am never hungry! :)

    I know Charlotte is doing CS on Sole Source which means she doesn't eat solid food (please correct me if I am wrong, Charlotte). She has seen bigger losses because she is doing SS. I applaud her for her determination because I know I couldn't do it.

    Are you planning on doing CS with a low carb meal or doing it Sole Source?

    You have about 9 weeks from 25th March to 2nd June so even if you were to lose about 2 lbs per week - you would be able to lose 18 lbs! So you will be most of the way there before you go on holiday....

    I actually don't think CS is that expensive compared to CD and LL and other similar diets. One box of 14 shakes retails for about £25 which covers you for breakfast and lunch for 7 days. It costs about £3.57 per day for breakfast and lunch which I think is reasonable. My weekly shopping definitely used to cost more than that!

    It's up to yourself at the end of the day. I personally love this diet and would recommend it. The shakes taste lovely! And after getting past the 1st few days, the hunger goes! And we get to eat 6 times a day!

    Where are you going on holiday btw?

    Hope some of that ramble above helped. :)
    Please let us know if you have any more questions on CS.

    Love Lisa :)
  4. brittany

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    Yeah i think these diets are good too but i have limited will power! tried lipotrim last year and it was awful. Can you eat as much veg and fruit as u lyk or is that classed as a snack? i love tomatoes so would manage if i could snack on them when ever. I wouldnt do soul search dont think i could live on liquids that was the main down fall of lipotrim. All reviews of this diet i have read have been good so far hope this works. I am going to malia in crete this year, was big on my last hol and went with 11 other thin girls and it was a night mare, was saying ever since i got back i would loose weight and have once again left it too late! Thanks for your advice any way xx
  5. JustForMe

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    its reccommended that for "snacks" you have a small orange/apple etc...or half of a big one. but for an evening meal it says 1/4 meat 3/4 veg. I tend to pile my plate full if veggies and im in my second week. i had a quick sneaky mid week weigh in and iv lost another 4lbs which is 11lbs in 1 and a half weeks =D
    it works for me and all the others so it may be worth giving a shot!
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