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Some body types will never be thin?

Hi forum. I'm new here so please be gentle. lol.

After 10+ years now of solid yo-yo dieting and a gradual weight change from just under 10st to 13st with major up and downs in between I cant help but wonder if whether the umpteen diets I have done in that time have made the slightest difference to what my body wants to do with the way it looks (fat).

Unfortuantely I have a body that clings to the calories and fat for dear life and sends diet regimes packing with a stubborn resistance to weight loss.

My body type is an apple. Big boobs, sticking out tummy, big arms and chubby chin, but below the waist a smaller bum, hips and thighs. I carry it all up top. I read this is an endomorph and worst of all I have read that endomorphs try as they might will always be the barrel chested blobs that I see myself to be.

Does anyone else think our body shapes are set for life? Anyone else out there rounded like a womanly apple like me who feels their body is set for a lifetime of blobiness? Sorry for such a downer but Im not feeling euphroric with life today!
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I am an endomorph as well (classic apple shape) and will never be 'thin' - and that's OK because what I want to be is healthy. I don't think being thin is a healthy state as it implies being underweight and since I know I will never have a model body I refuse to aim for some mythical body shape that the media has decided is the current 'sexy'.

Hopefully, by the end of next year I will have a healthy body (being an apple shape it's even more important to lose the weight as we carry alot of fat internally, which puts added pressure on our organs) and the confidence to do what I want, wearing what I want. Thin I'll never be, but healthy and confident is a definitely achievable!
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I know that i will never be a size 8/10, not healthily anyway. I have a bigish frame and if i ever did become a size 8 it would not look right! I think everyone has a different healthy weight! Dont let your shape get you down, just embrace it and make the most of it! :)
think i'm that same shape too cos i'm broad and even when i'm fit as a fiddle i'm still overweight in the bmi charts. as for never being skinny i'm not being disrespectful but everyone can be skin and bone if they starve themselves but its just not worth it. learn to love the body you're in:)
Hi, Snack Queen, I'm a newbie too. :wavey:

I don't think you can change your body shape. I'm a pear - all my weight accumulates on my hips and thighs. In the very dim and distant past when I was a young thing and weighed just over 8 stones, (can't believe I ever weighed that?!!!) I still had fat thighs!

I suppose the secret is to eat a healthy diet and learn to accept our shape, whatever it may be. I remember going to a 'bums and tums' fitness class a while ago and the thing that struck me were the different shapes of the woman there. There are very few people with perfect figures. Let's face it even the models in magazines are airbrushed!

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