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someone slap me



wants a new body
i try not to stand on mine lol they lie
LOL new addiction... Limit yourself to one wi per day... except WI day. Although for my OH it works to do multiple WIs then not eat the 'naughty' stuff! lol.... I personally get completly obsessed and thats bad. Theres a really nice thread somewhere on why scales weigh differently- well worth a read.
oh i know to well about scales weighting differently last week went to boots b4 wi (dont know my logic for that) well i d lost 3lb since my sw wi then went to class and it was only 1.5lb i would have been over the moon had i not expected it to be 3 lol

Debs x
Theres a really nice thread somewhere on why scales weigh differently- well worth a read.
I'm addicted to this too. I've even reached the point where I now keep the scales out in my bedroom at the bottom of my bed... then every time I walk past I step on for a minute... Bad news! :(

It amazes me how much they jump around... sometimes there's a 3lb difference in ONE day!

Amm - do you know where that thread is? I think it would be good for me to read that and then put the scales away in a cupboard and only get weighed at SW!

Hey Debz some of us are the same! I weigh at home before class so I don't get a shock. Best friend also comes round on a Monday for weigh in. Then its decisions as to what clothes to wear for maximum loss ... lol. I even wore my hair down last night.... I am such a muppett sometimes. Scales can be good so long as they don't run your life..... must confess just nipped upstairs and jumped on mine after reading this post. I think I am trying to convince myself lol
i m waiting for the not thinking about food all the time to come to lol. i eat brekkie and plan lunch and even tho i know it wont make any difference what i eat b4 wi i wont eat after 1pm on wi day and wont eat anything that feels heavy regardless of wether its free. I'm a FRUIT LOOP lol

debs x
I only get weighed on a friday because it can easily take over your life. The funniest thing is I get weighed at work in our store cupboard and one day someone walked in on our Boss who was stood on the scales with only her knickers, bra and tights on. How embarressing for both people.

I do try and wear the same clothes on a friday, but I dont go to the extremes of taking off all of my jewellery. Mind you if I was a chav, maybe I would. I know some people who could easily add half a stone to their weight with their earings alone:D:D
my ones i bought last diet say Over Load when i step on i turned the volume off after that. got industrial ones this time lol

Debs x
Hey Ste,

been searching can't find it what I remember its about fluid retention and glycogen.... basically we all need to drink lots of water to flush it all through and if we dont get enough we retain fluid which makes the scales weigh heavier. Personally I have been known to bounce 7llbs in one day - its get so depressing..... its the one part of wii fit I hate.... being weighed!

Debz on weigh in days I live on Melon and eggs until 2pm. Don't go anywhere near diet drinks. I don't think it really matters but how alike we are!

PS Avoid scales in tescos Unless you are into public embarassment.... they call out your weight quite loudly!
oh my god i will definately make sure i never weigh myself in tescos i would be mortified thats awful

thanks for the tip.

its crazy isnt it i ve ate one mugshot today so far will have a feast after wi. i really dont want to stay at class cos its boring and last week there were even ppl telling the consultant to hurry up and talking when it was sumone elses turn (they had enough to say on there turn) i was livid how rude. and why cos the football was on...... and that was the women
plus i m mean dont wanna pay £4.50 to get weighed then leave grrrr
I hear ya... been to three meetings having sworn would never do them. The consultant has been off ill for the past two. Its a really large group perhaps 40 people last night I think ten stayed so boring. feel bad though one of my friends is known as pizza girl and we went to pizzeria after WI ( I felt very virtuous as didnt order anything) But last night one of the girls had a pizza blowout because of our slagging each other...

But if meetings keeps me on track i'm in. £4.25 a week (student rate) is a lot cheaper than buying new fat suits for work. Cant do next two though and a bit gutted, so will be logging in here frequently.
i know what you mean i ve fallen into the trap of thinking oh i just weigh at home to save money within a few days without someone to weigh me i m eating chocolate and white bread with inch thinck butter i must have ate some amount cos we r only 1/4 a way through a tub of marg in three weeks since i started we normally go through about two or three a month
lol amazing how for so many of us white bread and butter was the killer....
more embarassing than Tescos ! im hoping they edit whatever they were filming in my local shopping centre this week because i got on the 50p scales then saw my weight did a kind of happy dance then i spotted the camera !! arrrgh my mid week weigh in and happy dance may end up in the background on corrie or something else I didnt see what they were filming i just did a runner very quickly!

As for why we weigh different at different times of the day its all down to glycogen and water, if you dont drink enough water your body retains whatever it can get hold of waterwise in food so you weigh more .

You should weigh yourself once a week (twice tops) at the same time of the day and if possible on the same day and definatley should only ever go off the readings on one set of scales . Any other weigh ins should just be a kind of rough idea . Scales have a certain degree of accuracy for home scales because of wonky floors etc so they could be out up to 3%! so if you think someone who weighs 20stone could technically weigh in on home scales at 8lbs lighter or heavier than they are in reality which is why you should just go off your class leaders or whatever scales you used on your first weigh in :)

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