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Something about yourself

Hi there,

I know we all post when we start and keep each other updated, but wondered if we could have a little catch up.

Started 4/1/11
Lost 25lb since.
droped from 22-almost an 18 :D
and best part - friends are really noticing the difference.

Anyone else?
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I am a newbie to the diet but..
Started 19/03/2011
First WI tomorrow
Currently a size 14-16 but would like to get back to a 10
Best part... hmmm... feeling like i am me again :)
Started four weeks ago.
Starting weight was 11 stone 13.
Lost half a stone in the first 3 weeks - the next weigh in is tomorrow.
My first target is 11 stone; I haven't set any other targets beyond that, but need to get down to roughly 9.5 stone.


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Well I started Calorie counting on 4/01/11

I started at 224 pounds
Today I am at 204
My first target was 1 stone which I have passed the second target is to get into the ones and then 2 stone.

I would love to loose another 20 pounds before I go on holiday in June but we will see how that goes.

Another target is to get into a red dress which wouldn't of fitted at the start of this year I can nearly fit it now it doesnt quite do up!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
struggled to keep my weight down for years it drove me insane started rc 16 months ago lost a stone , maintaining now still got a stone and a half to go but as i mentioned before i am just enjying not panicing about putting weight on, i'm a size fourteen but would like to be a 12.
Hi, I started RC last night at 15st 11.8lbs. Have 4st to lose. Want to be a healthy weight and wear nice clothes :)
Welcome to the boards. keep us updated with how you get on.
Thanks Rebecca, I will do. I'm finding that I'm rather hungry today :-(
I promise you that will pass. It will be hard the first few days, but if you can get through that then it gets eaiser.

If i can do it anyone can. spent the last two years trying Slimming World and got to almost 1.5 stone after the first year, then slowly put it all back on (while do the diet!). 2 stone in 3 months, and I have had bad days and eaten rubbish.
Keep up the good work.


addicted to minimins
I started last summer but have been terribly inconsistent. In the past few weeks I have tried very hard to eat smaller portions and cut out fat, sugar and starches while upping protien, fiber and whole grains.

In early January I was 186 lbs.
For weeks I have been very afraid to weigh myself because I have done very little exercise because my school, homework and work schedule have prevented this. This morning I weighed myself.
April 4, 2011: 178 pounds.

Happy me, eating right has made a difference! :)
Well done missfortissimo that's great news
Well done missfotissimo.

I think the reason I've been so hungry is because I've been eating too few calories!! I've been using a website to calculate them and on looking at the RC stuff, some of my calculations have been way too high. Need to look at it properly today and sort it out.

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