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Total Solution Something has finally clicked :)

First of all I would like to say hello to everyone. I have been browsing around in here for the last week and it really nice to see that people are all supporting each other and offering advise.

Well here goes...

I picked up a leaflet for LT about 9 days ago it was while checking into the whole VLCD shake thing that I heard about Exante. I trawled the internet and hey ho I am now on day 1.

Admittedly I was so impatient to get my Exante that I picked it up from the delivery depot to save time and proceeded to have my first shake at 9:30am this morning as soon as I got to work.

In all honesty I found it took away the hungry feeling I had and before I knew it lunchtime was upon me. so I thought it would be a good idea to say hello to you all and use MM to log the end of the old me.

I am hoping to post at least once a day at first and then maybe a couple of time a week when you guy/girls get sick of my drivvle lol!

Thanks for your interest and Good luck to you all.


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Hi Clockworx!

I have just ordered my first batch of Exante meal replacements so will be starting as soon as they arrive.

I have previously lost 5 stone on Lighter Life (all back on now :-( ) so I know I can do this. If I can go all the way, I have about 8 stone to lose......

I will watch your progress with interest :)
(am still getting to grips with Minimins so please forgive any blunders!)

Hi Sarah,

Great news on starting Exante, especially as it will be at the same time as myself. Hopefully we can spur each other on and use each other as a reference to how well we are doing.

Good luck



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tink82 said:
Hi Clockworx and Sarah,

Welcome! The support on here is really really great.

The first few days can be a bit icky but I am on day 5 now and the rumbly tummy hungry feeling has gone completely :eek:

The results will be worth it. Good luck!
Sounds great, thanks. Can't wait to get started but don't think my sachets will arrive til Monday :-(

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Well day 2 is going great... I didn't have me first shake until 10 simply becausei wasn't hungry... I have had my second at 2:30 and I have to say I was definitely ready for it.

Also I was just wondering if anyone knows what reading I should be getting from my Ketostix?


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So far so good then, sounds like you are doing really well!
Not sure about ketostix but I'm sure someone on here will know.
I'm frustrated coz I can't wait to get started now!

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I feel your pain Scoop.... but Monday will soon be upon us :)

Just a note: I found myself frantically searching around the shops today looking for a decent bottle to mix my shakes up. The protein shake bottles are good but they are huge so it make your meal look a little measly lol.
Lol... loving the ice idea tinkering, especially on the banana. I managed to find one of thelose screw top aluminium camping bottle (something manly lol)...

Well day three has been one of the easiest, apart from a moment when I almost started drewling about a tin of ravioli (something I haven't eaten for years) I don't seem to be thinking about food at all.

Good luck everyone!

G :)
Hi Clockworx
My food arrived this morn, thank goodness. Luckily it came at 9.30 ish so was able to have my first shake for breakfast - had vanilla with instant coffee in it. Was quite tasty!
Am putting off lunch for as long as poss, otherwise it could be a l-o-n-g day!
How's it going with you on day 4?

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Hi Scoop,
The long wait is finally over then lol.

Day 4 is great and in honesty I am finding it really easy which is all I am focussing on (Positive Mental Attitude).
I have had the odd craving to chew on something which sounds weird but it passes after a couple of second, so I think this a knee-jerk reaction coming from years impulse eating.

My timing have been roughly:
1st: 09:30
3rd: 18:30 (Later if poss to stop the late night cravings lol!)

Well I am glad your on the plan and cant wait to see how you feel and see what results you get.

Good Luck!!!


Vanilla coffee sounds **Delicious**
Thanks G!

Have just had the tomato & basil soup - was OK but got a bit sickly towards the end. Still, I was starving so it was welcomed.
Your meal times are similar to what I am going to aim for - should fit in with my daily routine I think.

Now, more water I think.....!

I was going to get some soups but oped for the shakes only... how are they as i might go for the mixed bundle next for my next cycle.

Oh the water and the water and the water and the water. lol! A few have said it's ok to have coke zero but I really don't want to risk it.

How did your first day go? I am intrigued to here how you found it!

Hi Gareth

Well, day one under my belt and I think I need to go to bed coz I am starving! Have had vanilla with coffee, tomato soup and banana shake.

I am liking the shakes best of all so far. I ordered the mixed bundle and am now thinking I still have 6 more tomato soups to get through! Will try more flavours tomorrow and prob a bar too.
What are your favourite shakes so far?

Tomorrow will be interesting because it's a work day and there are endless rounds of coffee and biscuits to refuse, but I will be strong!

Well done on your progress so far. When did the hunger stop for you ?

My hunger & I are off to bed!

Hi Sarah,

Congrats on your first day!

I enjoy all the shakes although the strawberry can sometimes leave a savory after taste, and I have discovered that if you use lots of ice and a little water (Making upto about 250ml) and blend it you get ice cream.

In terms of hunger I don't know if its me subconsciously ignoring it or if I am lucky but it hasn't been really bad. Saying that, I know what you mean by an early night as its the late night picking and poking that your head really notices.

At work I have simply been asking for water on the drinks rounds and even though someone decided to bring in flapjack and millionaires cake, I just neglected to look at it and it slipped my mind.

I have only told one person at work what I am doing and that has really helped, as you don't get a load of different opinions thrown at you, and that one person who knows is always aware and there to help.

*oh and lets face it my head would explode if I didn't tell at least one person lol!*

Well Congratulations on Day One... You have done the hard bit so keep busy and notice the little things so the big things can surprise you.

Oh and I don't know if I was having myself on, but my shirt felt a little looser today! and I feel like I have more energy now (maybe even more than before I started)

Have a good night Sarah and speak to you tomorrow.

Hi Clockworx, just found your diary - welcome! Sounds like you've got through the first few days with no problems... personally I have found it gets even easier in the second week as I don't feel so odd about not having meals to chew (and also have found I've got the time and energy to do things in the even other than just cook and stuff my face!)
Scoop - the hunger will go soon, you're nearly there!
Good luck both!
Day 5 Done!!!

I am over the moon because I can feel myself mentally and physically changing even to the extent that I forgot I was on the plan and was contently working away lol.

Good Luck everyone :)

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