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Sooooo ccoolllddd

When of the big downsides I suffer from on Lipotrim is I feel cold all the time. My Body etc is fine it is just my hands and my feet.

Currently have 3 pairs of socks on and my toes are like ICE.

Is anyone else suffering from this or other syptoms that we can share with people so everyone knows "you are not alone"
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Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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I definitely hear you!!! :clap:

Out of all the side effects/symptoms of LT this is the one I feel the most!! My hands are always soooooooo cold, at work I always have cup of tea/coffee to keep them warm. They are like ice and never ever heat up!! (luckily I'm not a doctor)

I invested in really warm gloves which I wear both inside and outside the house at home plus for the last week I've been wearing 2 jumpers!!!

[this is all with the heating up high!]


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This is definately normal......even through the summer my extremities were cold...though if you think all the time you feel cold you are burning fat........this will help you to cope with it.....also wrap up as you are doing.
I've been freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezin..................... can't feel my hands and feet and I type all day!

At least we can all try and keep each other warm so to speak!

Sarah Lou

Deb G

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Same on LL!! I've got so many clothes on, I look the same size as when I started the diet!!!


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i tell you what i do..if im particularly cold at night i wear a pair of bedsocks..not sexy i know but it definately makes for a better nights sleep..well other than having to get up a couple times for a week hehe

h xx


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that was supposed to say get up for a wee!!!
I simply use my partner as a hot water bottle haha. Not that he appreciates it! Feels lovely putting your ice cold feet on something or somebody toasty warm lol xx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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that was supposed to say get up for a wee!!!
And as a result of freezin my ass of every night on the many trips to the loo I'm headin' into Pennys after work 2day to buy the fleeciest, wooly pj's I can find!!

And a nice pair of bed socks, with big wooly monkeys on them r something for extra warmth. :) - super sexy
Wee willy winkie

I shall imagine us all heading off to bed looking fab!! I'm going to get my tartan ones out with my pussy cat socks, thank god I'm alone - what a nightmare all those trips are to the loo :party0038:


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Definitely time to invest in those heated floors....... Mmmmmm heated floors.....

We'll have to start a campaign bout how warmer women are sexier......


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I'm on CD , and yes my feet and hands get cold , but we can't wait to start this Diet in the summer sorry to say , i am sitting here with my beany that i have just heated up , feet are like toast
:cool::cool::cool:Hi I was just reading the different forums and thought to myself, MAN I'm cold this is new for me cause Im normally the one saying its too hot!! I am freezing. I'm on my 3rd day of LT and enjoying it apart from the cold. Don't know if I'm in ketosis. How will I know?? Anyone??


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb

Hey Mary, I'm on Day 4 of CD, and definitely in ketosis but I haven't felt cold at all. When does it tend to start?
I started to feel cold on Day 2. I think its the water that's makin us cold>

:cool::cool::cool:Don't know if I'm in ketosis. How will I know?? Anyone??
Hey Sola, there are three main things.

1) Stinky breath, 2) Really furry tongue, 3)won't feel hungry.

You can sheck with ketosis sticks, ask your pharmacy for them. U can pee on them first thing in the morning and they will turn pink.

Don't worry too much tho cos ur gauranteed to go into ketosis, usually the longest it takes is 5 days. Just depends on the person if you start earlier. Took me 4 days.
:) Thanks Yuna!! Feeling a bit hungry now, just got back from picking up the children from school, time to cook dinner. I will preserver:girlpower:

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