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Soooooo Much Water !!!

:wave_cry: OMG am i the only person struggling to drink so much water, :eek: :waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle::waterbottle:, there doesn't seem to be any end to it, sometimes i cant manage to drink it all during the day so am worrying about it at night :zz: and if i drink it in the night, i am up all night weeing !! I am guzzling that much down my neck, it often makes me feel sick :9529:. How much does everyone else drink ???????? :help2:
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I drink 2 litres of water a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
I have about 4 mugs of peppermint tea over the day and make my shakes up with half a pint of water.
I couldn't manage anymore than that but i know i am safely over the minimum amount.
I never realised how important it was until i joined on here.
Thanks Kate, no i didn't realise its importance either but i'v noticed the people that drink the most, lose the most. Some people drink more than 4 litres. impossible !! I swear i would drowned !!!!
Kate if you don't mind me asking, what happened on the weeks that you gained weight ?? If it was because you came off LT, did you just go straight back on it ? x
Yes it was because i crashed off in big style, it was nothing to do with the diet.
I lost my way a bit but managed to get my backside back in gear and get going again. I had a load of support from people on here and it's all going well again now.
I don't want to be putting anymore plus weeks on my signature again that's for sure :( x
I really struggle with the water and im sure I don't drink enough
How much do you drink CurvygirlClair, i try to have two 1.5litre bottles throughout the day but its soooo hard x Karen x
I add an extra 250 mls to every shake, 2 cups of coffee a day and about 5 glasses of water, not added it up yet lol


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I find it easiest to get a jug and measure it out and you can see it going down throughout the day. I have a jug that measures just over one litre so i have one jug in the morning and one in the afternoon but try and get it finished by 4pm, then anything after that is a bonus... as i dont like drinking loads just before bed time either.
Try not to think about it too much, just sip it all the time and you will notice it going down!!
I drink about 5 ltrs, add extra to my shakes and have 2 cups of tea in between......i know that they say dont drink more that 4 ltrs, but if i drink any less i feel so ill! i had 3.5 ltrs the other day and woke up with a sore throat about 3am....had to drink from the tap! lol

P.S I wee for england though....had to plan long journeys around service stations this week, as last week i was nearly bursting!!


Sensibly losing :)
OMG 5 litres - good on you!!! I would love to be able to drink that much but I cant physically get it in without feeling really sick..! I am drinking more this end of this week than I first did so maybe you have to build yourself up a bit and you can drink more as the time goes on? Is this what you found??

I probably drink about 3lites or so,maybe slightly less when I am out and about but I always have water with me so I dont forget. I always make up my shakes in a pint glass too, I use a pint of water for my shakes and by the time they are frothed up they fill the glass and then some more... I find this helps hugely as I seem to have a problem with the water rather than the shakes...I prefer them diluted a bit too and find being bigger I am fuller for longer. Seems to work, but I have had a bad day today!

Hope thats of some help!!

I have always drank alot of water, usually about 2 ltrs a day before this diet. I use a bottle, and i always keep at least 2 spares in the fridge. Before LT i was a drip feeder, i would just sit and graze all the time. Never went 30 mins without something. Now i substitue it for water, i take little sips from my bottle every couple mins and in no time its gone and im on to the next one. has to be freezing cold (sometimes i just stick it in freezer and have an iced wate slush!) i cant drink out of a glass...id have to use a straw, makes me gag drinking straight from a glass for some odd reason!!


Sensibly losing :)
I have found straws easier too - it doesnt seem to touch the sides and i dont know I am drinking it if that makes sense?? LOL! I have to do that with the shakes too really....!! I too have to have mind icy cold, especially when it comes to shakes.. I find my blender warms them up a bit which I dont like!!! eww!!
Yes i think thats right, that the more you try to drink, the easier it gets. i can definately drink more at the end of this week than i could at the beginning !!
I'm drinking the max 4l of water a day and sometimes dont find it enough lol.
I used to detest water! and now im drinking anywhere between 3-4litres a day....best thing i've found is putting 2x2litre bottles of water in the fridge a night...my OH said something about that if its cold it makes your body work that extra bit harder or whatever, i just find it makes it more drinkable....also for some reason i find it really easy to drink out of those water bottles with the sports caps. drinking out of glasses i used to feel like i was having to force myself to drink it. xx
I usually just put my water in a 2litre bottle, carry it around with me, and once ive drank that, i know ive got my 2litres, anything more is a plus.
Also, quick question to anyone, do you put more weight on when your on your period? I have a weigh in on friday, and i came on yesterday...just wondered if it effected the weigh in at all? It hasnt for me so far, but i have noticed for a lot of people it does...is it true? any advice? Cheers, Liv.

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Week 3: 5lbs
Week 4: 10lbs
Week 5: 5lbs!

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I was never a water drinker at all, so for me it was really hard at first. I find drinking from a sports bottle and taking a gulp or two every 10 or 15 minutes works for me. I'm nearly at 3l a day when at first I could barely stand the minimum of 2l. Plus with the sport bottle, I just refill it and once I know I've had so many I know I've covered what's needed. :)

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