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Soozy's Diary

Well, I thought I would be starting conso this week but alas not!! For some reason I am a couple of pounds heavier than this time last week. It has been totm so that accounts for a small gain but not 4lb!! (deep sigh). I know what I need to do..... Exercise big time! But I just don't seem to get the time!! Up at 6am and get ready for work, juggle kids around and take to school before driving to work. Leave work at 4pm and back to do tea, tidy up, ironing, washing etc etc - sure alot of you identify with this!! I suppose I do have time, I'm just always so preoccupied with daily chores to actually MAKE time! Anyway, whinge over! Today I weigh 9st 9lb. I want to get to 9st 4lb before I start conso. Seems these last few pounds are taking their time!! My goal date keeps moving but ideally I want to have reached goal within the next two weeks. So far today I have had:-
B- oat bran porridge made with light soya milk (love it!)
L-several slices of roast chicken
A fair amount of diet coke and not much water - I will, I promise!!
Does anyone have any tips on how to make the last few pounds melt away super quick??

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Goat herder(ess)
I always found that upping the exercise level helped, but it sounds as though that might be difficult for you. I have a feeling, though, that you might get a nice surprise when you weigh yourself after TOTM's over. You'd be surprised by how much water weight you can retain during that time.


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Some say "eat more"! But of the pure protein sort, rather than dairy... Mouse here always used to say that the days she ate a whole chicken (over the day), she lost more weight!

oh and water... lotsa ;)
Oh what have I done?? I was angelic all weekend and yesterday too and when I weighed this morning I had put a blooming pound on!!! I had been angelic all day today until about an hour ago when I felt really fed up (son being bullied at school) so I ate 2 bags of crisps, 2 rolo desserts and a bowl of ice cream!!! I didn't savour any of it, I gobbled it down!! Why oh WHY did I do that!??? Feel like I've really let myself down! Am terrified of putting weight on and yet sabotage my day so badly!!! Please help me to feel better!!! X
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aaah Soozy - new day, new STRICT PP today... and probably tomorrow too. Take control again. Try to push Conso out of your mind, stay off the scales if you can, and drink plenty of water. Get active, if you're not, and do plenty of exercise. It'll make you feel good too...

I'd also advise not having those foods around - or if you must for the kids (why?!) - keep them in one place and don't go there yourself!

and KEEP POSTING! Particularly when tempted. There's usually someone around to say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Goat herder(ess)
Comfort eating, I know it well.

Firstly, I'm very sorry to hear that your son's being bullied and hope things can be sorted out for him soon, poor thing. No wonder you're worried.

Secondly, remember how bad you felt after resorting to all of that forbidden food in order to comfort yourself - and use that memory to stop you in your tracks if you ever feel tempted to do the same again. The guilt afterwards (and, as you say, it's not even always particularly enjoyable) is not worth it. And it's not worth sabotaging all of your hard work.

Try alternative stress relievers in future. Jo's suggestion of exercise is an excellent one. Or try punching some cushions, or even doing some imaginary boxing (sounds weird, but is a great emotional outlet).

The other very important thing is to get back on plan as quickly as you can. You've had a blip, but you can recover from it if you try.

Good news is that, if you follow the diet correctly, it can re-educated you and cut down on those bad habits. For instance, I immediately turned to bingeing chocolate every TOTM, and I absolutely loved my carbs and cheese - often overdoing them. Now that I'm on Conso, I no longer feel those cravings. It's like a weight has been lifted off me, in more ways than one. I control my food these days; it doesn't control me.

You'll be okay. Don't panic, just hop back on to the Dukan wagon.
Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words of encouragement!! I'm really grateful! I have had a good day diet wise today, stuck to PP all day and about to have my oatbran porridge for tea! I will update in a while! Thank you again! Xx

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Good evening all!!

Well, after my TERRIBLE day yesterday:tear_drop: I am happy and relieved to confirm that I have had a GOOD day today! Firstly I DID NOT get on the scales this morning - I decided that after last nights blip, it would be far too disheartening to let the scales reinforce last nights mood onto this mornings! A wise move I think ;)

So... I started the day off with two lovely boiled eggs, very filling and tasty! Then, for lunch I made myself a two egg omelette with a small amount of ham, followed by a pot of sugar free jelly. Then, for tea, I enjoyed a lovely hot bowl of oatbran porridge. I did have slightly more than the recommended amount, I actually made it with 3tbsp oatbran and 300ml of light soya milk, and added some powdered sweetener. It was lovely and filling and although I had more than I should, I figured that it was better than risking a binge later on this evening! Method in my madness!

A short while ago I had another pot of sugar free jelly and a muller light yoghurt. I feel full and satisfied and better for not going off track!:whistle:

I started following the Dukan diet on 3 August 2010. It took me just under three months to lose 2 stone. I put a couple of pounds back on and I hovered around at 9st 9lb. Last time I weighed myself (Monday) I weighed 9st 11lb. I want to get to my goal weight of 9st 4lb asap. I am quite looking forward to getting on the scales tomorrow morning even though I suspect they won't say I weigh any less! Still, I am motivated once more and ready to get these last few pounds off! :)

I am so pleased I have discovered this site! I am grateful for the helpful comments and encouragement and really looking forward to making some dukan friends! Good luck wishes to all for tomorrows weigh in!!
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Thank you DD!! I value your encouragement!! In fact, I have to say, the kind words and encouragement that followed last nights miserable post that I made, really did make a difference! Thank you! :bunnydance:
Aw, Soozy, that's really lovely to hear. I know that the help and encouragement which I've received from others on this forum has made a huge difference to me.

I reckon it won't be too long now before you join me on Conso. :)


** Chief WITCH **
Us witches have our moments ;)

<love it Tan!>
hang in there and you will get there
Glad u are back in control soozy! And very encouraging to hear how well u did in such short space on ur first attempt- ur ideal weight is the similar to mine and I have about 2 stone or thereabouts to get there it's encouraging to hear it works!

U can do it hon xxxxxxxxx
Good evening to all Dukaneers!!! I am happy to confirm that another good day has passed :D! I am SO motivated after my rather distressing binge the other day! Todays food intake is as follows!

Breakfast: Oatbran porridge (made with 2tbsp oatbran & 200ml light soya milk).

Lunch: One egg ham omelette. Couple of slices of chicken. One pot of sugar free jelly.

Tea: 2 pieces of fresh Salmon - (divine!!!)

In addition I have had 1 litre of water (not enough I know:confused::confused:), approx ten cups of tea, pepsi max (addicted) so my fluid intake has been plentiful if not totally pure!

I am shattered now, but have had a good amount of energy all day. I weighed myself this morning and my weight is 9st 10lb. This is tickety boo with me after my binge the other day. I am really hoping for a loss of at least a pound by the morning!;)

I am feeling so back on track now and am finding that this site is helping me SO much! I love the fact that I am making new friends on a daily basis that are in the same position as I am. The support we can all offer one another really is invaluable!!

I really must depart now, my eyes are closing as I type this....

Goodnight, and heres to another good Dukan day!!!



** Chief WITCH **
Hope you had a good night, Soozy. Lovely to read you're so motivated...

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