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Soup crisps

OH my god guys, I made curry soup crisps tonight, only with half the pack mind as I was worried that it might go wrong, but they are amazing. Why I'm so excited I don't know, as they taste just like the soup but obviously different texture, a crunch, they are just divine, thanks for the advice a few weeks back girls, how I lived without them i don't know!!!! If u haven't made them you must!
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They're great aren't they! I used to do chicken ones but I've been told that LL says you're not supposed to cook them any more(even though they used to say you could) as they lose their nutritional value. I don't think the odd pack will hurt but so long as you don't cook every single pack it's a nice treat!!
God they were yummy, I almost felt normal again!!!!
It's funny how different llc's say conflicting things, a colleague at work says hers teaches them what recipes to make with the packs in class!!!! Mine is so crap her answer to everything is 'i don't know', thank god my fellow class mates are so supportive and knowledgeable
all i did was make up the soup with only a little water - so it looks like thick toothpaste consistency, then smeared it on some greaseproof paper and microwaved for 2 minutes, i know some people do little splodges but i just did one big one!
it came out all crispy - i broke it into little pieces and ate them with the remaining half of my pack made up into soup - yum yum x
You are not supposed to make anything with them. In the green book (my journey) given to me when I joined 5 weeks on page 20 it says:

Ready steady dont cook

Whilst our porridge and chilli are specially formulated to withstand cooking according to the insstructions, don't cook any other foodpacks - which means no baking, making muffins, grilling, microwaving, boiling, barbecuing, toasting flambeing, deep fat frying or making crisps. Heating them could compromise some of the nutrients they contain. which means reducing the quality of your daily nutrients. In the longer term, this could be detrimental to your health. So even if you are given a "black market" recipe sheet, just say no.

However it does seem you can heat the shakes to make a hot drink.

However I shouldn't think the odd occasion would make much difference, not just every day.
Well that's me told!!!!!
Whilst I'm all for following the rules, they seem to vary between LLC's! When I was doing this in 2009, it was fine!

So long as only one of your daily food packs is "compromised" (heated or frozen) then it should be fine!! I've never had a problem! Xxx
I did it first time round and my LLC even gave us tips. I had two packs a days as 'crisps'. It's now strictly against the rules though. They're not allowed to recommend anything for constipation apart from their fibre mix either! They've got so many rules and changes to keep up with it's no wonder there are so many mixed messages abaout!

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