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Sparkles Diary - Back

Well I hada big long talk with my mum last night, we were both trying to work out why we couldn't stick to the plan. We kept coming up with all these reasons, then we played with the idea of trying CD again... But if we can't cut down on food how are we going to cut it out?

We were trying to work out all these ways to help us lose weight, and I said that at the end of the day it's common sense - you burn more calories then you consume! That's it, it's that simple!

Now I played with the idea of doing something like 'instictive eating' or PM, but at the end of the day I don't stop eating when I'm full - I just don't!

I actually grew fed up with myself moaning about it all the time. Why am I fat? Why am I overweight? Simple answer, because I eat more then I burn up!

So I wrote out my 'main meal' menu for the rest of the week, although it looks like that's going to change as I was talking to a couple of people at work today about food, and they mentioned things like Knorr Sizzle and Stir, and I remembered using a Homepride BBQ sauce which was lovely - we had it with chicken, and then baked a potatoe each, and then cut them into quarters and sprayed them with some more fat and cooked them for a further 20 minutes - Lovely potatoes wedges.

Then I remembered that the first time I lost weight I used to eat stir fry veg (with chicken), not every day but it's a meal I haven't had in years. And we came up with a few ideas for pasta - I'm not a big fan of the sauces, but we came up with ideas for cold pasta salads which I enjoy.

I'm out for a meal next Wednesday, but I can still stick to the plan for 5 days (including today) before then. I'm not going to worry about saving points, and on the day I'm just going to have my usual breakfast, a small but filling lunch (soup and a roll) and then whatever I want for the meal. But this time I'm going to stop before I'm bloated, before I feel like I need to roll home because I can't move. Not to help lose weight, but because I know that I'll enjoy it more then!

Also, I'm only going to weigh myself once a month, I weighed myself at the beginning of this week, but I've probably put on some weight since then, so I'm setting my starting weight at 14st. From now on my weigh day is going to be the 1st of every month. My weight flutuates so much over the weeks (fluid etc) that getting weighed monthly will give a better picture, and it means I don't think that a whole week is ruined simply because I've been out for one meal!

I used to get weighed every morning and it decided for me what mood I was going to be in and how good I was going to be on the diet or if I even followed it that day. Getting weighed once a month, as long as I'm sticking to the plan I'm guaranteed a weight loss, whether I've had a meal out that month or not!

I feel really positive, and think I may have had the click again - although only time will tell.
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Welcome back!!

Its good to hear you so positive again.

I totally agree with you about WW being the way to go, I know I couldnt remove food from my life so CD would be no use. I think PMcK may be good for maintainance WHEN I get to goal but like you, feeling full just isnt going to stop me eating ;)

I found the 4 week wait for a weigh in excrutiating lol Although Ive found the leaving the scales at my mum and dads house has helped. That way I CANT hop on them more than once a week.

Im sure we heard that click earlier today ;)

Thank goodness youre back! I cant tell you the trouble Ive had trying to keep Marie and Clair in check ;)
Difficulty waiting the month for a weigh in? Yeah I can see that, luckily I only have to wait 2 weeks until my next one, but I think that I need to focus more on how I feel and how my clothes feel. When the scales don't say what I want them to say I get so disheartened - Better safe then sorry, I really don't want to fall off the wagon again!

Oh Starlight, I'm so sorry - I didn't think about the fact that I was leaving you to deal with Marie and Clair! Can you ever forgive me?? It must have been torture for you you poor thing! ;)
Oh Starlight, I'm so sorry - I didn't think about the fact that I was leaving you to deal with Marie and Clair! Can you ever forgive me?? It must have been torture for you you poor thing! ;)
Well it puts 12 hour shifts into perspective. Give me a ton of unactioned calls and a shift of overworked grumpy cops any day lol ;)
I have had an absolutely fantastic day today. Usually at the weekend I lay in until about 10.30am, then I get up and about 2 hours later I have a shower... Then all I have left is the afternoon!

Well my dad is painting my bedroom this weekend, so I had to be out of it by 9am so he could get started on todays coat of paint. I was planning on getting up just after 8am, but when I wake up first thing in the morning, if I can go back to sleep I do! So I didn't actually get up until about 8.30am. I went, had my breakfast and whilst dad was painting my room I had a shower and came on the internet for a little while (I have two rooms).

Then I got some lunch, and decided to sit in the back garden with my coffee. I ended up putting my hair back (those hair bands that keep it off your face, not tying it back), and going between listening to some music on my MP3 Player and reading. I was out there for nearly an hour, it was bliss! I was drinking a good amount of water too.

My mum got home from work just after 2pm, when I was doing my hair and makeup, and we went to Sainsburys to buy some food! We got a couple of bags of salad (they do the 'Eat me/Save me' types), a bag of fresh stir fry vegetables, a Sainsburys stir fry sauce that was near the fresh veg, some strawberries, meringue nests, tin of Homepride BBQ sauce, a Knorr sizzle and stir texan bbq sauce thingy, mini pittas and Helmans Extra Light Mayo (0.5 points for 2 tablespoons!).

We came back, had a coffee, put bets on the Grand National. Watched Grand National. Lost Grand National! How bizarre is it that I considered Silver Birch simply because of his name, but then didn't bet on him because I thought a 33-1 horse would never win! There's a lesson for me to trust my instincts more!

Then we cooked dinner! Mum had boiled potatoes, and prawn salad. Dad and I had something different - mainly because we had just planned to have simple meals, but I changed my mind earlier today - unfortunately mum had already defrosted her prawns etc. Anyway I cooked some Jacket Potatoes, then quarted them and made wedges, and then cooked BBQ Chicken (with the Homepride BBQ sauce). Absolutely delicious!! For dessert we all had a small meringue nest with strawberries and ice cream! Again, I felt completely spoilt and enjoyed every mouthful!

I have made one mistake today, I didn't write out what I was eating until just now (after I've eaten it all) and I only have 1.5 points left for this evening - Usually I have cereal for supper. Usually at this point I would be kicking myself and worrying about feeling hungry in a bit. Usually. However today I've had food that I've enjoyed and has really filled me up. If I need something to eat this evening I'm sure I'll think of something, if not I might just have a nice hot chocolate. I'm not worrying about it though, I'm completel relaxed.

I've also written a list of different main meals and teas that I can have, so I don't keep having the same thing every day and get completely bored.

Best part is, I've got another day tomorrow to enjoy! Again I'm having to get up early, so I can clear the room and dad can do the second coat... But in this weather I really don't mind, I think I might go for a walk or something! :D

I hope everyone else has had a nice day today!


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Glad you've had a good day sparkle and sounds like you've enjoyed some scrummy food. You too sound really positive and positive people get good results - always.

Isn't it wierd how a sunny day can make everyone feel a lot more cheerful.

I know what you mean about sitting and enjoying the sun. I had about an hour this morning just chillin - listening to the radio and reading my book (Jonathan Ross biog). It was bliss..
Oh Starlight, I'm so sorry - I didn't think about the fact that I was leaving you to deal with Marie and Clair! Can you ever forgive me?? It must have been torture for you you poor thing! ;)
I honestly don't know what you mean! :whistle:

You sound like you're well back into the swing of things, that's great to see!

If you can wait a month to weigh yourself then I think that's a great idea! I personally couldn't do it because I need that weekly kick up the bum to keep me on track, BUT, weighing in every week does mean you can have a bad week and that can (and does for me!) knock you completely off course - it's so disheartening.

So, I totally support your decision to just do a monthly weigh in - it means you'll always have a loss to see and you don't have to panic completely if you have a meal/drinks out on the odd occasion. So good luck! It's great to see you back with us ;)
I have no idea what you are refering to sparkle. Me and Marie are no bother at all...lol snigger snigger.

I do definately agree with this monthly weighin which means that you will definately see a loss and dont have to worry about weekly points and things.

I dont think I would be able to manage that though as I need someone to kick my bum everyweek to keep me on track lol.

Mind you I have Marie gearing me up most of the time with the challenge we have got going and then there is starlight who will tell me off and now you so I now have no chance....lol

Good luck x
Well I've had such a lovely weekend! In fact so lovely that I'm going to be making notes of my mood because since the sun suddenly appeared and I started spending time in it I'm a lot happier, which makes me wonder if I suffer from SAD in the winter months! If so, it looks like I'll have to infest in one of those special lamp thingys!

Sunday was another lovely day, I was up early again and ended up popping to Morrisons with my mum to get some food (chicken for my stir fry today, WW Oval Pizza for dinner on Sunday and WW bread) and then we wandered into town to look for some shoes for me. Basically I've received about £80 in vouchers for the Dotty Ps/Evans/Top Shop places over xmas and easter! I didn't really want to spend any until I'm down to my goal weight or until I go to College in September, whichever comes first. But I desperately needed shoes, we looked around a few shops and I ended up getting a pair I love in Evans. They're basically slip on trainers and were only £20!

Then I spent the day either in the sun, cooking preparing dinner (with parents, I just had pizza and salad, mum had something similar, dad had a chop which mum prepared). Dad finished painting my room, mum and I decided we deserved to be pampered, so I gave myself a nice foot bath, pedicure and polished both my toe nails (lovely dark dark reddy purple) and finger nails (I'm redoing them in a clear varnish this evening). Mum did hers as well. Then I watched the rest of Happy Feet (started it the other day), read some of my book, listened to some music etc.

Today I was at work (still having to take a sleeping tablet of a Sunday night to be able to sleep) and it wasn't all that bad. I was in a pretty good mood, had my three month review in which I told the manager I was considering going to College/Uni (they can't make me leave, I'm doing my job!). She's not going to tell the area manager until I get accepted, and then we've discussed the possibility of me staying on part time (I know I don't like it, but 2 days a week 'better the devil you know'. It's either that or 2 nights in a care home). She also said she could keep an eye out for part time perm work or I could do some temping when I'm at College.

Came home at lunch to be told by my mum that the College rang to give me a date for an interview, when I went back to work I discussed it with my manager and I've made it an hour later so I can still go into work in the morning. Also she's going to tell the area manager that I have a hospital appointment so that I don't have to take it out of my holiday entitlement.

Anyway, had my lunch when I was at home, and spent 20 minutes sitting in the garden reading a Maths (GCSE) revision book - when I go for the interview I have to take a literacy and a numeracy test. I'm pretty confident about the literacy but it's been a while since I worried about Maths. Looking through the book I can't believe how much I must have known when I took my GCSEs!

This evening I went for a 20 minute stroll/walk and spent some time just standing in a field to the side of our house looking across at the views. I really do love living here.

Oh and my dad put the blind up in my bedroom today (the past two nights I've had to tuck towels into the windows) and the room is really coming together. I can't wait for the new bed to be delivered.

Anyway, all in all I'm very relaxed and positive! Oh and excited and nervous about the interview - which is Thursday 26th April at 3pm, so good luck vibes please.

Plan wise, I've been chugging down the water, had a lovely chicken stir fry for lunch, and ham roll and plate of salad for tea and have saved 3.5 points today (going out for a meal on Wednesday). Part of me really wants to weigh myself, but I know I need to wait until 1st May because I just get really obsessive over it.

Blimey, I really do go on don't I!? lol Sorry if I've bored you, and well done if you've got this far! I hope you're all enjoying the weather, it should be cooling down as the week goes on which will be nice. :D
Sparkle you sound so relaxed and happy, its great. I really admire you waiting til 1st May to weigh yourself. Although as we know the scales ARE the tool of the devil ;)

Sounds like youre having a really productive time just now, Id love to do up my bedroom, I really should motivate myself a bit more lol

Youre not boring anyone either!! Its great to hear how youre doing.
Okay, so I kinda gave into temptation and I weighed myself this morning. It did give me a lift though as I was back into the 13s, and I'm over half way there again so I feel very positive.

Definately not going to weigh myself now until the 1st, especially as I am going for a meal out tomorrow evening. Okay, there is a possibility that I will weigh myself next Monday, but I'm going to try really really hard not too! lol

Today hasn't been too bad. Nothing special - oh wait, I got the letter inviting me to the interview at the college. I'm so nervous. It says they will want to discuss my long term ambitions etc. I'm so awful talking about things like that, I always think about what I would love to do, and am never pragmatic. I'm definately going to have to write down answers and read them through so that I know what I'm going to say and have a basic outline in my head.

I washed my car when I got home from work, usually the first thing I do is get something to eat, but I wasn't hungry so I washed my car instead - got soaking wet in the process but it's lovely and clean. Not for long though, the yard where I have to park is so dusty, and with trucks driving past all the time it just keeps covering the cars in sheets of dust. The guys that work in the yard have to wear mouth mask thingys, bless them.

When I was getting my tea in the evening I really fancied one of my dads ginger snap biscuits - So I had one, but just one! Usually I'd binge on a handful of those, then a handful of different ones, then chocolate and popcorn and cakes etc... But I stopped at one biscuit. No, I tell a lie, a bit later on I had a mini Time Out. But it's all within my points so it's okay! I'm feeling quite positive as I was so close to slipping off this evening, but I didn't!

I don't know why I was close, but at the moment it doesn't matter! I was strong and I resisted! Yay me! :bliss: Anyway, I'm off to bed now, very tired. Night everyone! :D
Well done you for not caving in! Its such a good feeling.

Im not surprised you gave in and weighed yourself lol Having gone for a month without a weigh in I know I just couldnt do it again, Im way to impatient for that lol

Im glad things are going so well just now for you *HUGS*

You do better than me washing your own car too lol I just hand over £3 to the handwash car wash guys and have them do it for me. I should really do it myself, it costs a bomb since I wash the car at least twice a week on average lol
Thanks Kate10 - it makes me feel so much better!

Starlight - well I've broken my little weighing rule again!!! I've weighed myself today. I've lost another 2lbs which is good!! But I haven't stuck to it 100%, which I feel quite bad about. I haven't binged, but I've gone over by about 2 - 4 points a day, since Wednesday when we had the meal out - Which by the way was awful!! I'm as common as muck when it comes to food and this was all posh nosh, not nice.

Anyway yesterday I was going to get weighed on Monday but still stick to it today, but I woke up this morning and realised that I'm more likely to stick to it if I weigh myself this morning - kinda signifies a new start!

Went for a nice long walk into town yesterday, and going for another one today. I'd really like to get some fruit but I'm broke, and all the money I have is being spent on going across to the main land next week! Have my interview at the college on Thursday at 3pm for this Foundation Year in the degree. If anyone can offer any tips or advice I'd really appreciate it! I need to take a literacy and numeracy test as well which I'm very nervous about! :(

Anyway, I had best go as I've got to do my hair and make up before we go out. Will pop on later! :D


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Hi Sparkle,

Tips for your interview on Thursday:

1. Decide what you are going to wear - once youve done this you can visualise how well you are going to present yourself.

2. Believe in yourself. Have confidence in the fact that you have been chosen for interview - they believe that you are a suitable candidate - youve just got to convince them they were right.

3. Try and prepare some answers to questions they may ask. Practice giving the answers out loud to your mum, You may feel silly but this one is REALLY effective.

4. Prepare a list of questions for them.

What and where are you studying?
Horrible horrible day today. Within about 5 minutes of getting into work I was in a bad mood, and then everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Having said that I did get a chance to talk to the two lads downstairs - and they stopped to talk to me (One called me away from talking to the other lol), I didn't have to make much of an effort. The second one did make a comment about how my top shows off my curves (the good ones! lol) so that cheered me up no end.

Anyway, I do have a long post in me, but I'm so tired I can't type it all up tonight. I will post it tomorrow.

Diet wise I've stuck to it 100% today, and used all my daily points - Usually I try to save a couple a day, but having read on here that you're meant to eat them all I thought I would try it and see how it goes!

I'll catch up properly tomorrow! Goodnight! xxx
Hi Sparkle,

Tips for your interview on Thursday:

1. Decide what you are going to wear - once youve done this you can visualise how well you are going to present yourself.

2. Believe in yourself. Have confidence in the fact that you have been chosen for interview - they believe that you are a suitable candidate - youve just got to convince them they were right.

3. Try and prepare some answers to questions they may ask. Practice giving the answers out loud to your mum, You may feel silly but this one is REALLY effective.

4. Prepare a list of questions for them.

What and where are you studying?
Thanks ever so much for the advice Kate. I've typed up some answers that they may ask, and I keep reading them out to myself - and practice explaining them to a complete strange (if my parents have heard me talking to myself they're going to think I'm completely mad). I'll prepare a list of questions for them tomorrow, I didn't even consider that! lol

I'm hoping to study Oceanography at Southampton University. Although I'm applying for the Foundation Year (as I don't have any A Levels) which will mainly be at Eastleigh College which is where my interview is on Thursday.

Aww thanks Starlight, I really appreciate it - Looking forward to joining the May challenge next week! :D

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