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spyro's exante diary - LOOK WHO'S BACK


I will never give up
hi everyone most of you know me ive been around but just having got round to doing my own diary thread. ive just done 4 weeks on lipotrim and lost 21lbs and decided to switch to exante as i prefer the flavours and love the bars. im now on day 12 but i did have a little cheat tuesday so am hoping it wont affect this weeks weight loss.
im hoping to get to my goal by christmas which is 73kgs. so heres to jan 2011.
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I will never give up
Thanks hun ive found it so hard last 2 days and its so freezing today i just wanna eat hot food.but have resisted. The problem is im still not in ketosis after my blip and its the end of day 4 i think its taking longer as silly me had 2 bars yesterday and didnt think that it would affect ketosis but i think it has. Whoops wont be doing that again


I will never give up
ketosis finally kicked in

hi everyone just to let you know ketosis is here, im in the pink, got that lovely metal taste and am finally not hungry. il be a fool to cheat again. lets hope i can be as strong as i was the previous 4 weeks october challenge here i come.


I will never give up
hey everyone ive lost another 3lbs this week which makes it 2 stone in 6 weeks hooray. also im in the hundreds i weigh 199lbs which sounds so much lighter than 200 lol. roll on october challenge


I will never give up
and ive just got into my next size 16 ribbed/velvet hipsters. yay


I will never give up
oh no - im shrinking

ive just discovered that im actually 5ft 7 and not 5ft 8 how annoying ive always been 5ft8 do you really shrink after having kids? that also means my bmi is 31 and not 30 i thought i was nearly in my 20's ih well life goes on.


I will never give up

Week 7 weigh in and i lost 3.5lbs this week. :D
Very well done Spyro great loss ! X


I will never give up
bad morning

thanks ive had the worst morning ever i woke up and cant even open my right eye, theres either something in it that just wont come out or a sty, on top of that i feel sick and my glands are up so my oh goes and buys a fresh french stick and asks me to do him a tuna and tomato sandwich which i done but then it just kept calling me so i went and made myself one came in the front room and was about to sit down and eat it then my oh came over to take it off me so i was running around the room trying to keep hold of my roll but he then got it and was trying to to tell me not to do it to which i replied i dont care im depressed and want to eat then sorry for too much info he spat on it so i couldnt eat it. so with that i went upstairs in a mood and laid on the bed and told him not yo worry i would eat all the choc thats in the cupboard when hes gone. not my intention really. anyway have spoken to my mum who told me to imagine that french stick middle rolled up in a ball then topped with water yuk so am feeling much better and have just had my bar and am gonna have a cuppa green tea and hopefully get my mind back on track.
Oh Spyro sorry to feel you not feeling well just
finishing a course of Antibiotics myself so I really
can empathize with the want to eat the roll!
What a great Oh you have he is right you will get
over the craving and feel better well done for resisting
You have done really well so far Bravo !
oh spyro sending you a great big hug! But cheering for OH TBH hehe.

sorry your feeling rubbish. Think about your great loss this week and how much you have lost so far! 31lbs is amazing xx


Padlocking the cookie jar
Sorry to hear that you are having a rough day today :(

Well done for resisting!

Your OH sounds pretty cool and pretty brave - but I doubt that was what you were thinking at the time!!!

Anyway - hang in there, you are doing great and it will all be worth it in the end.



I will never give up
thanks everyone i dont know about resisting i had a veg soup i had from diet chef plus my packs and picked on some tuna and cucumber and i still want more lol. i am trying so hard not to break my ketosis with carbs but just keep going to the kitchen and coming back empty handed. i just feel so hormonal and wanna cry. what is wrong with me i need to get a grip.
How are you feeling today Spyro?

I had to confess I hd a chuckle at the image of you running round the room with a roll with your husband chasing you! But I also sympathise with your depression and desire for food :sigh:

I hope you feel better today, both healthwise and diet wise.

S x

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