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Squidge's Fitness Diary

I'm hoping by keeping this diary I'll be able to track my progress, and BOY do I need to make progress!

Tonight's was cardio night. 5 minute steady pace on the stationary bike folowed by 30 minutes HIIT and 5 minutes of stretching. OUCH!!! :(

My right leg isn't very strong, I've damaged my hip and knee on that leg, the knee several times. So old righty didn't like it at all. To be honest, my legs were like jelly afterwards. Still are!

Workout music:
Only by the Night by Kings of Leon
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I was really fed up last night and so didn't feel like doing anything when I got in from work. Then an old exercise video (!) caught my eye in my room-'Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge.' It's the first exercise video I ever bought, many many moons ago, and it's the reason why I loved excercise all those years ago. So I bobbed it in the video.

I'm in agaony today but I absolutely loved it! And I earned 3 exercise points!


i really don't know life
there are some great yoga and pilates moves for poorly knees - you can do them without a resistance band at first and then build up your strength gradually. i use yogalates dvd. got them from amazon. just a thought :)
Had a rest day yesterday (day 3) because the DOMS really kicked in!

Didn't feel like doing much today but I stuck the Cindy Crawford video in again and thoroughly enjoyed it again! Still got a weird creaking noise in my good knee.

Perhaps I should get this looked at...:confused:
Tonight's session was a short one, just 30 minutes cardio. As usual I started with 5 minutes steady state to warm up, then 25 minutes of HIIT.

The knees didn't hurt half as much tonight but I'm definitely going to get them looked at. Better safe than sorry...
Bobbed the Cindy Crawford vid in again yesterday. I'm still enjoying it, and I'm not brave enough to try anything else yet.

I'd planned on 5 exercise sessions this week and I've managed it, I'm so pleased with myself. Even if I have DOMS in muscles I didn't know existed! :character00115:
Sqidge do you have a knee support for your knee?

If not try one even if your knee doesnt hurt during the exercise without your notice the difference after exercise wearing one thats for sure.

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