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SS+ Meal Ideas


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flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Mushroom omlette. Chicken and rocket with balsamic vinegar. " large boiled eggs and lettuce. My top 3 meals

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
no oil non stick pan. could do a spinach omlette broccoli etc etc


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I made chicken with loads of spices on, then cooked with some mushrooms and spinach, bit of stock and water and was like a curry, pretty nice!


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I mixed curry powder in with water to make a paste and spread all over chicken breast and slow cooked it. Served with lettuce and cucumber and was lovely. Melted in the mouth x
Hi I'm following SS but having friends over tomorrow and will be eating...so was going to have a SS+ meal. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? What are you favourite SS+ meals? Thanks x
Nette, sorry this is off subject.. Just saw your first loss AMAZING!! I'm so shocked! Usually you see a loss like that you expect someone to be 300lb at least! You must be so happy!!! X
Okay, do you want the official meals or the ones I enjoy?? ;)

My favourites are cheese, mushroom and spring onion omelette, or smoked salmon slices and scrambled egg. I also eat egg mayo or ham slices with cheese rolled inside (tastes like cheese and ham sandwiches if you close your eyes!) ;)

Otherwise, if you want to stick to the book exactly, any of the above from previous posters! LOL!!
Well Nette, I just sprinkle a bit of mature cheddar in the middle of my omelette, loads of taste - no problems with my weight loss! ;)
Oh, and make sure it's the full fat variety!! ;) Prob about 10 times the amount of carbs in fat free cheddar as opposed to full fat, if I remember correctly!
Pssst...there are no carbs in olive oil either....;)
Poppysparkle, you are full of little facts that are music to my ears! x
Poppysparkle, you are full of little facts that are music to my ears! x
LOL!! Maybe you should put in earplugs?!! I only have these things in small amounts, but it makes my Cambridge life worth living! ;) Please use this information carefully, I cannot be held responsible....hee hee!!
Ha ha, if you jeopardise my weight loss I will hunt you down!!
(Just to clarify that was a joke, my jokes don't always translate well in the written word.....).
Keep those little tips coming, to scaredy cat newbies like me its essential information x

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