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Stalled stalled stalled



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Don't panic - I used to stall every month for 10 - and once 12 - days. Every month the scales would report no loss at all, day after day after day - it was nerve wracking.

And then it would all come off in one 36 hour period.

So I know you will be chewing your nails with frustration, but try not to panic and don't be tempted to throw in the towel.
Have you already 'stalled' before while dieting? If so, then maybe it's just the way your body loses weight.

If not, I think Dr D advises a small galette 3 times a day, extra walking and 2 litres of water. I can't remember anything else, although do keep the tolerated items to a minimum and maybe limit dairy and citric acid, both of which can stall.

Also, only weigh in after a PP day - false water weight can be discouraging.

Good luck!
Found the above tips really interesting ... Especially only weighing after PP days


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I found it reassuring to keep a note of the "average" weight loss per day/week - because that showed that I lost on average 0.33lbs a day, every single day. Which means that for everyday that I didn't lose anything, there must be another day where I lost 0.66lbs.

It kept me sane when I stalled every month


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Claire - 5 PPs to 2 PVs is not recommended!

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