Start of the weight loss race

Just been for my first weigh in today- not a pleasant experience I must say.

So had an idea I was about 15.7st and although my clothes were getting tighter, I hadn't realised how much I actually was. Weighed in at 16.8 which is the biggest I have ever been - had I have a fight ahead of me but gotta tackle it instead of sticking my head in the sand in denial.

So let the fun begin........

Weight: 16.8
Waist: 42"
Hips: 53"
Bust: 47"
Fitness: shocking!!!!!
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Today's food diary:

cup of tea
Original oats so simple porridge ( he b)
Milk for he a

Homemade chicken salad with low fat dressing

Haddock with spinach & breadcrumb crust
Sw chips
Steam fresh veg

Dessert: muller light

Pepper sticks
3 cups of tea

Plus a mile brisk walk!

Don't think I have had many syns today