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Start SF tomorrow!


overworked underpaid mum!
I'm doing one week of sf and have the banana and vanilla shakes :) chocolate is nasty! Good luck!

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Hey guys =)

Not really been following sf that well lately so gonna get back into it from tomorrow! Holiday is only 3 months away now so deffo need to get my butt into gear!

Was thinking of doing sf for a few weeks and then start ww as i don't think i could follow sf all the time and i really like ww.

Howz everyone else getting on? Xxx


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Hey, I started today!

Good luck on ur restart



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Will so :) in hoping for 4lbs in week 1 :)
How you getting on Carly?
This forum is so quiet, somebody talk please!! :)
Very true! There are a lot on WW and SW but I'm sure we have more members that are doing SF too, come on peeps where are ya! We all want support and to share the weight loss journey of highs and lows :sign0163:
before i became a member of this forum i used to read all the posts and everything for probs a few months and it was always dead busy, but now ive joined theres probs only you and two others ive spoke too:(..
but ill keep coming on though even if it gets to me talking to myself lol, hope your mondays going good xx
Sorry i haven't replied i've been so busy lately!

I'm getting on ok ta, weighed myself monday and i've lost 2lbs which i'm happy with :) Finding the shakes a bit mingin but can't really afford the bottles atm so still using the powder.

How is everyone else getting on? Xxx
Hi Carley, well done on the 2lb!!! Bet u can't wait for your hol, how far along to your end target are u?
HI guys! Im starting today although im using tesco shakes as there half the price! Im Vicki and had twins 4 weeks ago. Im actually 11lbs lighter than I was before I fell pregnant but still need to shift a few stone. Put xmas as my goal but hoping to lose it before then as I do tend to lose weight quite quickly.

What meals are everyone having for their tea? Or are people using the meals from the SF site?

Hi Vicki! Congrats on becoming a mum,hope all is well :) I basically eat anything that totals about 500-600
cals for tea, making sure I have plenty of veg! Don't forget u get 3x100 snacks per day too. These can
be anything you like!
hiya congrats our your new arrival's!
im also on the tesco ultraslims basially cause there alot tastier & cheaper and im just not that keen on slimfast,
im hoping to get a 2 stone loss by xmas,
looking forward to following you on your journey to slim - ness! x

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