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started diet

had oat bran for b fast with coconut milk and a tsp syrup. had potatoes carrots and salmon for dinner with a biscotti.
looking to have a veg chilli with rice for t. one yogurt one orange and fermented banana. 18/12/18
S: 11st2lb C: 9st2lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 2st0lb(17.95%)
Welcome to Minimins.:)

Which plan are you following?
Welcome to Minimins.:)

Which plan are you following?
don't have a plan, just trying to cut down, thought even if no one was reading I would still post.
sort of a slimming world come gluten free as I have MS with a lot of symptoms.
I had a veg chilli for t and have just had a banana smoothie with coconut milk, cheated with g free home made biscotti and 2 x gin oops
bit of a rubbish time to try and start diet...so...
will drink water, and have prepared a breakfast of 0% fat yogurt and oats with raspberries for breakfast.
I have some ham and looking to make a 2 egg omelette for dinner.
maybe a banana for mid afternoon and I will make a baked potato for tea. I need to use this forum every day to talk things through even if it is just myself.
So tomorrow...tomorrow starts and i need to stick...maybe weigh myself just once a week but record the food..
had my oat breakfast rather scrummy. had apple and 0% fat yogurt. made baked potato with chilli.. (low at mince tomato, veg, rice. A small bowl. Had chilli without potato for t.
had glass kefir before bed. and as a treat a very small piece of home made cake.
lets see what tomorrow brings. x
so keeping to my food regime...breakfast oats and 0% fat yogurt. dinner yesterday's leftover dinner mince chilli and rice. tea pea and ham soup...so low calorie i think i just ate water with a spoon....no bread...
kefir yogurt home made with a touch of calorie free hartleys jelly crystals (tastes like sherbet) 6 very large red grapes.
2 coffee's 1 tea and water...
I want chocolate!!!
I am trying to lose weight as I have MS and fatigue and walking issues i'm hoping will get better if i weigh less, lets see.
keeping it going

oats and almond milk for breakfast,
chicken without skin for dinner and celery...mmm lovely
fish (haddock, swordfish and salmon in stir fry, (quark and lemon juice to taste, peppers celery ...again... and carrot.) and a teeny weeny little shortbread biscuit that tasted of heaven.
I'm having gin at 10 lb mark as a treat...can't wait...violet gin.


destination .... SLIMSVILLE!
S: 83kg C: 80.9kg G: 70kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.1kg(2.51%)
Welcome and HNY!

The food logging daily keeps you accountable, good luck.
not doing too good. I have had my MS meds changed and a major side effect is weight gain. really strugglng.
what can I do.
50g oats and 100mls coconut milk. 2 biscuits,
home made soup
home made bread bun
stir fry and home made gammon.
afraid to eat anything for fear of putting weight on, either that or stop taking meds
Not doing well at all. starting again tomorrow, lets see how I can do...
smaller meals , make sure to write them down , water to drink, herbal teas, got to start focussing. does anyone want to start with me and help motivate?

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